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  1. Depends how you plan to transport it. Car? Bus? Box? Back seat? You haven't really given us much to go off of. Also, bubble wrap can cause a lot of static. I probably wouldn't use it, unless you get anti static bubble wrap.
  2. Ah yes, Razer is pretty well known to have shitty aftercare, as well as products that can have...issues. The only part of the whole thing I'll agree with Razer on, is that if you purchased it from an unauthorized seller, they're not really under any obligation to help you. Having a registration number that works doesn't really mean anything (you could get the same thing by buying from someone used, which is also still not an authorized seller), and thus, the entire warranty is void. Something to keep in mind when buying any product. I do find it
  3. I. Am. Shocked. But I mean, really, this is why you don't cheap out on something as crucial as storage with unknown companies. PSA is appreciated for those that for some reason decide the $20 is worth it to try though.
  4. Double screen for what? You can only game on one. Triple screens don't make a whole lot of sense when you can get something like a 49" ultrawide and forgo the bars in between them.
  5. When you go to pick up your sushi order, and they ask if it's for 3, so that you have enough utensils...



    ...and it's just for you.

  6. Browser, version and OS: Latest version of Firefox, Win10. Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened? Nothing, just browsing. What happened? The button to multi quote is gone. What did you expect to happen? The ability to multi quote. Link to a page where it happened, if applicable: All. Screenshots of the issue, if applicable: Any other relevant details:
  7. I thought that too but I checked and it didn't change anything. I almost think it has to do with overheating. The only things that disconnect are the items transferring or receiving data. Le sigh. Going to be so much more of a pain in the ass to transfer everything over now.
  8. If you package it properly yourself, nothing will happen to it. Shipping companies aren't that bad at their job, otherwise no one would ever ship anything. You don't package it properly? Then yeah, something will happen. You have to understand that they're going to be moving quickly, your package will be tossed, and chances are it'll be placed in an orientation other than what you deem as "right way up." Your best bet is to ship the computer in the box it came in, with the proper materials keeping the cooler and GPU in place. If you don't have the proper materials, take the GPU and cooler
  9. Personally I wouldn't be spending the money on the Samsung Pro drive, the Evo should be fast enough...or there are even cheaper NVME offerings as well. If it's just a gaming machine, or something you're not constantly moving huge files around on, just save some money. Since you're getting an ATX motherboard, you can probably just purchase a WiFi 6 card and add it in, saving a lot of money in the process. ^ also this.
  10. If you use alcohol too often you're going to wear away the oleophobic coating on the display and it's going to be a lot less smooth.
  11. Almost time to see what the new iPhone looks like. More interested to see the watch, but we'll see.

  12. I wonder how many friendly fire incidents this bird has caused when heard out in the wild...



  13. No, they don't. 2060 cards are based on a 12nm process, 3000 series cards are based on an 8nm process. Saying no one wants a 2060 is simply factually incorrect. It's a very strong 1080p card, which is what most people are playing at.
  14. It's like you don't understand lack of supply, or something If they could, they would.