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    Intel i3 4160
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  1. I've always gone with Omron switches, I've never experienced that problem
  2. While it may not be what you're looking for in a garment, the thickness of the shirt is not indicative of the quality. That's simply not how fabric works. I do think that they should list the fabric weight on the site. That would give a far better idea of the thickness. However they're not a clothing company, so growing pains are kind of to be expected. Now that they have someone who's actually in the field, their quality can only improve. There's thousands of people that have bought the shirts without issue. I'd say that trumps a bag of shirts if we're
  3. So I have $300 I need to spend on an Bestbuy gift card, and I've been looking at a Lenovo Smart Clock ($49) or an Alexa Show 5 w/Bluetooth LED bulb ($59). I wouldn't mind having an alarm clock, and the fact that the Alexa comes with a Bluetooth bulb is a plus. I'm basically looking for alarm clock functionality, plus the ability to control the lights. Ideally, it would have the ability to set multiple alarms without having to say each one individually. Has anyone here used both, or one or the other, and have pros/cons to say about them?
  4. I'd definitely buy from B&H and Amazon. Nothing but good things from both of those companies, especially Amazon (if you get screwed over by them, you've done something horribly wrong yourself). I wouldn't touch NewEgg with a 100 foot pole. Horrible customer service, horrible company.
  5. It's kind of hard to say before reviews are out. I'd just hold off and see what those are like. It should also be noted that Memory Express is not accepting back orders on AMD cards, as they don't know when they're receiving stock. Rather telling of just how little stock they have available, and that retailers have far less faith in them coming through than they did Nvidia. Considering the short supply of cards from Nvidia (at most 80 per store as per research by Jayz2cents), AMD is far worse (max of 10 per store)...I wouldn't really expect to get one tbh. Better to just
  6. The emptiness is heavier than you think.



    1. Bombastinator


      Major depression.  It can mess with your head in weird and evil ways.  There are specialists that can help.

  7. Paying for a new card just to sell it a short time later makes no sense.
  8. One of the best songs ever written. Fight me.



  9. I wish Drop was more than headphones and watches. 



    ...though it's a pretty killer place to get the latter. 

    1. FloRolf


      Are you into watches as well? 

      Might wanna join the tiny subforum (or thread actually) and MAKE IT BIG. 

      As for Dorp and their watches, I just went through it and couldn't really find anything interesting. Quite a lot of microbrands and then some Glycine Seiko and Citizen. 



  10. Grab a used card, something in the 2070 range, and then upgrade when card availability gets stronger in a few months. If you're feeling especially adventurous you can probably buy a whole system with a 2070 in it for not a whole lot more, take out the video card, part out the rest and either break even or perhaps even profit.
  11. LOL you really completely failed at your post formatting. Might want to try a little harder next time. This generation seems a little confused. The SPen not being built into the S21 Ultra is a fail, and the fact that it's only 0.1" larger than the S21+ with only a 200mah increase in battery size makes it a really hard sell. Unless that LTPO display really gives some extra battery life (also, IIRC only the Ultra gets this display, the other two don't), and it has some super advanced camera modules, it just doesn't make a lot of sense. The most exciting thing to me about
  12. $5,000 budget. Didn't want to spend $225 on a properly strong Ikea desk. RIP.
  13. If you're trying to ship them, install the CPU into the socket and throw out the box entirely. Same with the RAM. Then you just have 2 boxes to worry about. Either way, as @tikkersaid Amazon is your best bet.