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    Intel i5 8400
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    Asus Prime H310E
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    Crucial 16GBx1 DIMM 3600mhz
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    EVGA GTX 1070
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    Cooler Master Q300L
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    Silicone Power 256GB NVME
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    LG 29WK500
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    Thermaltake UX100
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    GSkill KM780
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    GSkill MX780
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    Mackie CR5BT
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    Windows 10
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    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

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  1. I feel as though I have sinned a horrible sin. 



    I threw out my fruit cups without drinking the remaining juice. 

  2. It'd be nice if all money was donated to charity, but that's not really the way the world works. He can use it for content, thus it's putting food on his table and the table of his employees. Even if he didn't, people that are well of are allowed to buy nice things for themselves. He's stated that he does donate to charity, and doesn't feel the need to discuss such things with people who's business it really isn't. Not sure why you seem to think his child's college wouldn't already be covered. He likely has education funds already set up. It's his own money, for his own
  3. 2undr's boxer designs are pretty killer. They frequently come out with new styles and there's usually one or two that I want.

  4. Whine at 2,000 fps should be expected from virtually any graphics card. You might just be very sensitive to things like that. I've personally never experienced it.
  5. 8700k really slaughters the 2700x.

  6. Such a thing does not currently exist. Best bet is either to wait, or spend more than you should on a decent GPU. Do you already have a GPU or is it a new build?
  7. It'd help if you listed the rest of your system spec, what slot you have it installed in, etc.
  8. If the OnePlus forums have no answer, I'm not sure what you plan to get here? Unless you're just letting people know.
  9. You don't think leaded fuel is any more harmful? You're wrong. Plain and simple.
  10. Have you tried reinstalling WarZone? Does it only do it when you try playing in Safe Mode?
  11. Highly unlikely that a service like this exists, as it simply wouldn't be worth the fees they'd charge.
  12. Most companies on eBay ship globally, especially companies from China, which is likely where it'd come from. He's correct. It's a proprietary connector, as most Sony products use. Which is why I usually don't buy Sony.
  13. Fans spin and everything? I'd try taking out the drivers, even though they're likely the same. He said he already had the card in the machine...pretty sure he knows how to set it up