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  1. Ahh, all of it works now and GHub has a lot of good changes both visually and technically. I wouldn't have even known that this was a thing so thanks man.
  2. Ok thank you! I'll write again if it doesn't work
  3. Now this one is a weird one. One day my G502 couldn't left or right click at about 10 seconds after boot time. I tried using my G300S but the same thing happened. I then booted in to safe mode because I thought it could be the Logitech gaming software causing it since it happens while my programs are auto-opening themselves and it worked on safe mode so I uninstalled the software in safe mode which made it work normally. I then downloaded the latest version of the software yet it stopped working right when the software got installed and started working. I went in to safe mode and uninstalled i
  4. Gaming Is Not A Concern, But About The Requirements Theres The Schools Minimum Specs And I Wanted To Set A Few Ground Rules to Make Sure The Suggestions Would Fit The Bill
  5. Hi there and thanks for clickin` so im going to start highschool and at m new school everybody must own a decent laptop. The minimum specs are an 7th or 8th Gen i5 CPU, 240 GB SSD (Can be SATA) , 8 GB of DDR4 2133mHz (Really Dont Need 16 GB or faster RAM) , 12" 1920x1080p 60 Hz Display, A Decent Keyboard As I will be Doing Quite A bit O Typing At School But At Home I can Hook It Up To My Cherry MX Blue Keyboard So It Does Not Need To Be Super Good Or Anything, Intel HD 620 Graphics But Would Like An HD 630 Or Better, At Least 6 Hours Of Battery Life In PCMARK Conventional Work Battery Life Tes
  6. Well it doesnt fit my budget but i did think of upgrading to a Msi rx480 Armor 4gb Oc model after i use this for a year
  7. Actually you know what i will be honest,im kinda a Amd fanboy when it comes to gpus and instead of a 4gb rx460 i should probably get a 1050 since that will run csgo very well anyways,and i will also play doom but it shouldnt change fps all that much
  8. Yeah in ov yes but my main game is Cs:Go which Amd cards perform better at
  9. So,i was going to get a system with a Rx460 2gb or maybe even 4gb and i want to play overwatch at 60-90 fps 1080 p low settings.Which one should i get?(and btw im sticking with team red because my secondary game is overwatch while the main is cs:go and i do know amd is better at that) Thanks For Your Help Guys
  10. Some my friends think that its name isnt rgb but its ryb since its like that for irl colors while painting n stuff
  11. I always wear closed back headphone and i do not have any speakers at all(including the monitor)I use Hyper X Cloud II'with the leather pads for better isolation
  12. Im fine with giving 5 dolars for not getting a monstosity+semi modularyty