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  1. You're worrying too much about something that, really, shouldn't matter. The statement about her not being the one if she doesn't like gaming is accurate, but only semi-accurate; she doesn't have to partake in it, but it shouldn't be a deal breaker. If she is unwilling to accept that you'll have different hobbies (and, really, that's healthy), then she's not the one. Other things will come up and unless you're completely willing to change who you are to bend to her whim, it won't work out. You're not that old, and compromising on things you enjoy is never a smart move.
  2. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing.

  3. What's the best US news source?

    Most seem to be awfully biased. Fox, CNN, and MSNBC all seem pretty bad (perhaps MSNBC less so).

    Is PBSNews decent?

    1. lewdicrous



      Take the list with a grain of salt and these are international, not just sites in the US.

  4. There's a few choices: Acer XV340CK Pbmiipphzx LG 34GK950F-B Alienware AW3420DW Personally I'd probably go with the Alienware, especially if you have an Nvidia graphics card. You can also check eBay, often it will be on there a couple hundred off. I wouldn't go with the Acer, it's flat instead of curved. You can use PCPartPicker to find regional pricing.
  5. Thanks! I checked out a few reviews of the Forsteni and it seems they don't have much bass; I find as you go higher in price people are after more of a reference sound so they tend to skew suggestions towards those. I like the look of the Ikkos, I remember looking at them before I bought the T20s. So far Fearless Audio S8Fs are looking awfully tempting as well. Price, though. You're looking at at least $1,000 for a set of custom in ears.
  6. Basically what @Middcore said. Not sure if you can get Sennheiser where you are, but if you look online you can get excellent deals on things like the Game Zero. All of the headphones you listed are going to sound like trash in comparison to something more dedicated; you could also look at adding a mic to a pair of audio headphones. I've had several gaming headsets, and the only time I'd ever use them was when I needed to use voice. The sound quality for music was simply pathetic, and they weren't cheap units ($200+).
  7. If you're listening to music, don't buy any of these.
  8. Yeah, the Note5 is ancient; tech has come a lonnnng way since it came out.
  9. Hmmm interesting. I definitely don't have the patience to do that though, and I don't imagine they're overly durable.
  10. Yes and no. Depends how long you plan to keep your phone for, and what kind of fast charging you have. There's a lot of new charging tech coming out all the time, and we're really getting to the point where fast charging isn't that detrimental to the overall battery life. Linus's mentality, while not wrong, is something that he'll probably stick to for longer than needed because it's what he's known for so long that he'll simply overlook newer tech and the improvements that have been made. Depends how it's handled as well. OnePlus, for example, offsets a lot of heat to the charg
  11. What do they need for custom tips? Do you mean the rubber/foam pieces, or an actual custom body? IIRC they're more than $80 so I assume you mean something else. Haha, good to know. I'd never use them for calls so the mics aren't too much of a concern.
  12. Not really, you'd still need to compare to local listings and find a price that way.
  13. Which one did you like more? Honestly I'll probably grab a KZ pair as well, they're so cheap and I hear so many decent things about them it'd be worth a shot. Haha, you need to invest in some decent tips. I got some generic replacements for an older pair years ago, and it would cause my ears to chaff after maybe an hour. It's just cheap silicone. More expensive stuff doesn't do that. Definitely worth spending the extra on something you're essentially inserting into your body. Not too sure how I feel about the styling of the bud itself, but I'll add it to the comparison list
  14. Kind of feel like adding a new pair to my collection this year, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a nice bassy pair of IEMs? I do have a few requirements: Solid build quality. If it's cheap, it won't last. Thick cables, preferably tangle free. Replaceable cables would be a plus. Over-ear cable guides/routing. Not overly bright. Ideally the price would be reasonable, ie. nothing over $600. I currently use a pair of RHA T20's, and I've owned T10i's, as well as AudioFly, Monster, and Shure SE-215s.
  15. If I was a girl...



    And I met Jake based on his LTT forum profile pic.



    I'd feel mad catfished.



  16. Goals for 2021:

    • Get smaller
    • Get huge
    • Buy a new Zegna suit
    • Start eBay jazz

    It'll be nice to finally focus on myself.

    1. wall03


      • Get smaller
      • Get huge

      these contradict each other

    2. dizmo


      Not really 😉 Drop 30lbs of fat, gain a fair bit of muscle.

  17. x2 on the Jabra 75t's. Maybe the 85t's, though they're more expensive. They both have nice, compact cases as well which is a huge plus. The Galaxy Buds Pro might be worth a hard look as well. I've read excellent first impressions. Welcome to the forum. I wish Apple offered their AirPods in other colors...instead of having to go to ColorWare and pay a $200 premium. Might be worth moving this to audio ...*shudder* Audiophiles.
  18. It's not that stupid if it's used by an ever shrinking portion of the user base. Not only from a financial standing (sure, it's not much, but 0.10 over 9 million units still adds up), but also takes out a step in production, simplifies the board a bit, one less thing to potentially break, etc etc. I mean. It's $200 less than they charged last year. A 20% reduction in price is pretty substantial. The lower resolution display but higher refresh rate is right in line with what polled users said they wanted. Smart move IMO. They still have the option for a 1440p, 120hz screen should y
  19. Ahhh nice. I don't really watch many LTT videos, especially build streams.
  20. 8 posts and you choose to make this one of them...interesting Most people are pretty happy when they're getting a very expensive, free PC ;) You're extrapolating an awful lot from very little information. Don't pretend like you know someone because you've seen them on camera. YouTuber's tell people this all the time. There is always a slight degree of pandering going on. You don't really know the person, even after hours upon hours of watching them. It's like Instagram; you see what they want you to see. Pretty sure she can still move to Canada; it's work related, it's
  21. Hiby released an R2? The choices for a new DAP get harder and harder 😐

  22. Heavily modified Ford 32. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-0905-1932-ford-coupe/
  23. Depends entirely how you plan to sell it. Online? Locally? If locally: Go to your local classifieds Compare pricing Price accordingly Local pricing varies far too much region to region. You won't get an accurate idea here. Online? What platform? If eBay, check past sold listings, and price accordingly. If Reddit, they have an area where you can ask current values, from people that use that listing method. Do realize that any suggestion you get here is going to be biased towards the person giving it to you, what they consider
  24. I don't see this as much of an issue; so, so few people actually use the microSD card expansion. Do some? Absolutely. Probably much higher on a tech forum like this. However as an overall group, no, it's not every widely used. So you might as well axe it. Same goes for MST. In order to help push more NFC terminals out, if you take away one of the payment options then it'll help make that push. Though, really, with Apple Pay already using NFC I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. It's not like they do these things on a whim. They do extensive market research before making these dec
  25. https://www.xda-developers.com/compile-twrp-for-your-device/ Your best bet is to head over to XDA Developers, honestly.