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About GeneXiS_X

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    Not Telling
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    Laptops, PC hardware, Gaming, F1, Aviation, Coldplay & JJ Lin songs
  • Biography
    The emo+introvert guy

    Also known as ZM Fong


  • CPU
    Intel i5-8300H (4.0GHz 1C, 3.9GHz 4C)
  • Motherboard
    HM370 (extra cooling on PCH: thermal pad)
  • RAM
    16GB 2666MHz DDR4 (2x8GB)
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX1050TI 2GB (budget restrains, otherwise I'll get 4GB)
  • Case
    Black plastic chassis (white grey decals applied)
  • Storage
    Samsung PM981 256GB NVMe SSD (extra cooling: copper heatsink), Seagate ST1000LM035 1TB 5400RPM HDD (spare)
  • PSU
    Liteon 135W Adapter
  • Display(s)
    15.6 inch 72% NTSC 144Hz IPS LGD05CF (LP156WFG-SPB2), calibrated via Windows and Intel Graphics Control Center
  • Cooling
    2 heatpipes (1 shared) with 2 fans (repasted, lapped and re-padded)
  • Keyboard
    CM Masterkeys Pro M TKL - Cherry MX Red, white backlit
  • Mouse
    Steelseries Rival 110 (Black)
  • Sound
    Edifier K800 Headset (Black)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home Single Language 64 bit
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  1. GeneXiS_X

    Asus Mothership or else

    It's not really a laptop imo Budget? Usage? Any preference on weight and battery life? Any links of online stores?
  2. Taking off from LTT forum until Monday due to exams. If you want me to take a look on any threads, please tag me.

    1. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Good luck on the exam!

    2. LukeSavenije


      Good luck!

  3. Preferred max weight and min battery life? Need Quadro? Mind non-upgradable 8GB RAM and low sRGB display?
  4. GeneXiS_X

    Light gamedev laptop

    Which country? Any links of online stores? Any preference on battery life?
  5. Will get back to you soon, busy preparing for exams lately
  6. Any idea on how to undervolt Ryzen mobile?


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. GeneXiS_X


      Is there a way to undervolt? Coz what I can see is VRM current only

    3. Silentprototipe


      Oh, Honestly no. Not until Ryzen master supports Ryzen Mobile :( 

    4. GeneXiS_X
  7. That's why I don't like sponsored reviews...see how 'stunning' is Asus FX505D:



    Want me to criticize?

    -Cheap feeling plastic, despite sturdy build

    -Below average score for 3750H in CB15 multi core

    -Below average Time Spy score (I have benchmark score in hand)

    -"Great cooling"? A 35W TDP CPU hits 90C in games? No info on clock speeds?

    -"Excellent battery life"? ~5 hrs battery life is average for 48Wh battery

    -Didn't mention that the 120Hz panel has 250 nits rated brightness, 45% NTSC (seriously?) and 25ms rated response times (what's the point of high refresh rate then?)

    -One of the best touchpad? I tried it before, feels cheap


    R7-3750H isn't bottlenecking, it's the issue with Vega iGPU - poor optimization resulting in high iGPU usage, causing lower FPS in games compared to Intel CFL-H/CFL-HR with 1660TI

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Jurrunio


      Just asking since their MSI GE75 review doesn't seem off.

    3. 2SidedPolygon


      It's a damn shame when even reviews become biased. I hope people/companies doing this get a lot of backlash for it.

    4. GeneXiS_X


      @Jurrunio "cooling should be better"...yeah I understand that many 8th/9th gen MSI laptops can only cool 45W of CPU heat, but this can be solved with undervolt+repaste (only thing that cannot be solved - tripod heatsink...). GPU cooling is excellent. There are many other models with worse cooling that this

  8. GeneXiS_X

    PC or laptop for collage

    Definitely desktop. The question is do you need the extra portability of laptop.
  9. GeneXiS_X

    Should i buy ASUS F570ZD laptop?

    Any links of online stores? Budget in your country currency?
  10. Rugged laptop with RGB backlit keyboard? What?

    1. Minibois


      Robust on the outside, party on the inside (keyboard).

    2. Jurrunio


      RMA for schizophrenia

  11. GeneXiS_X

    Laptop for an eGPU

    Most of them comes with 4c8t ULV
  12. GeneXiS_X

    PC or laptop for collage

    There are a few models here with issues but I will not list out again, tired of it
  13. GeneXiS_X

    Laptop for Web Development

    Bad cooling, even the new one Will get back to you soon
  14. Bad cooling, many quality issues, no one can guarantee on reliability