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  1. At minimum I'd suggest the Z490 TUF or Z490 Tomahawk, the MSI-A Pro doesn't have a terrific VRM and would likely thermal throttle when under high loads. The boards I suggested are only about 20-30 dollars more anyhow.
  2. I would expect close to a 5% performance increase over the next 6 months to a year as drivers mature, typical of AMD cards.
  3. Zen 3 actually has some of the best scaling out of all iterations of zen when it comes to all core overclocking, of course it depends on what it's being used for, but they have some decent headroom and can consistently hit 4.6-4.8 without too many issues.
  4. If you're within the US then those are not legally enforceable anyhow, for instance, imagine you're getting high gpu temperatures and you know the thermal paste just needs to be changed out, why the hell should you have to send it in just to have something so simple done with mediocre paste that probably won't last a year anyhow? I've had to fight with reps before about it when sending in stuff for repairs, but they always concede to me when I bring that up since I've never broken anything that needed to be repaired anyhow.
  5. That doesn't really add up to 4k though since you're not using your secondary monitor for games and such along with your primary, overall you're closer to 1440p than you are to 4k
  6. Asus X570 TUF and X570 Aorus Elite are perfectly capable of handling a 5900x while being cheaper and having any feature that you could really want. You do lose PCIE lanes on B550, so if you wanted more than 1 NVME drive, you'd not be getting gen 4 speeds, and they'd be going slower from the chipset to the cpu.
  7. It needs to be crystal clear to consumers that they do not own the movie, and that needs to be reflected before a purchase is ever made since people cannot be expected to read an entire terms of service document. That should be the standard for ALL platforms, but they're afraid that making that apparent will lose them customers, and rightfully so, people should be more concerned about actually owning what they use.
  8. Disney is definitely a big part of the problem, especially so since they are one of such companies that lobbies for the public domain to be pushed back just so they can keep that chokehold on mickey mouse, ironic since they made their fortune by animating movies based on books written well before their time. Last time I checked, public domain has only moved forward like 4 years in the past 40, or some ridiculous shit like that.
  9. This is why I don't have an ounce of respect for current copyright law, 50 years ago it was used to protect smaller creators from large companies, but it just seems that has even been flipped on its back by the mega corporations that we see today.
  10. Might be an awfully binned gpu that can't sustain boost clocks, might try lowering core clocks by like 30mhz and seeing how it works. That also seems like a possible VRAM issue, so lowering clocks on that by about 300mhz and trying that out as well should be a good course of action. If it's the VRAM then the card is probably on it's way to the bin unless you can repair it yourself.
  11. A 3070 will blow a 2080 super out of the water, it's about 25% better to be exact and should be great for a 4k 60 fps experience, as long as the 8gb of VRAM holds up.
  12. If it doesn't give me the option to disable all of the unneeded processes that exist within Windows 10 then it doesn't interest me at all. Honestly thinking about switching to LTSC so my OS isn't as bloated as an elderly persons XP with too many toolbars.
  13. 5700 was $350 but could typically be found for a bit less before the 5600 XT came out, I'm pretty much expecting the 6800 to be in a similar boat as I think it's too close to the price of the 6800 XT to be considered.
  14. Bait post, but I'll respond for the sake of education AMD is providing a card that is 2x the performance of an RX 5700 while only boosting power consumption by a small margin, all on the same node. Despite this, they are charging much less than double the price of an RX 5700 at $579, not to mention that the 6800 XT provides an even better deal with the higher tier card performing about 5-10% better than a 3080 at $50 less. Raytracing was obviously going to be a staple feature on these newer cards, but AMD is not tacking on exorbitant prices to these cards, in fact the 6800 XT is pr
  15. 3060 Ti or 6700XT will probably fit the bill pretty nicely when they come out, otherwise maybe a 5700XT, 2060 super is honestly a bad deal.