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  1. Looking to ship a pair of shorts and t shirt from new jersey to houston. These are worn clothes, though I don't think this matters. Is USPS the best option for this? And if so, what is best option? I heard there is the USPS flat rate box where they give you the box to put it in... but there is no weight limit? As long as i could fit the pair of shorts and t shirt in... that is good? I heard there is US Priority Mail Envelope but that is only one pound right? Im pretty sure the t shirt and pair of shorts would be over one pound though not sure, have n
  2. Okay. Does anyone know if its possible to take a photo of a cover photo on instagram? Example a person's instagram main photo but its very tiny and next to their username. Is there a way to copy that image or view it?
  3. If i take a screenshot, wouldn't that mean i couldn't maximize/minimize the photo though? Also I don't have f5 on my chromebook keyboard
  4. Using a chromebook. I have instagram account and trying to save some photos. I checked online and it seems its much more complicated as compared to right click and save picture. Saw a method of right ciick and inspect... but then it says click on view... but i do not see this. Can someone tell me how i save picture on a computer? Im using chromebook and use google chrome web browser. Want to save picture on computer and not on my iphone.
  5. Well i want to still keep the iphone though. So could i just remove the bloated battery myself safely? Or should i go to repair shop to have them do it? I just want to make sure it doesn't explode etc.
  6. Is there a way to check my wifi connection on this floor such as doing a test to see how stable the wifi is?
  7. We have cable internet. The main modem is in the upper floor of our house and we have two floors. Lately, the internet has been extremely bad on the first floor. I went upstairs to reset the modem/router... by that i mean unplug it from the wall outlet... both of them for a minute or so, then plugged back in. Went back to first floor and wifi seems better. But now internet on the first floor is back to being really slow/bad. For many years, this was rarely the case. We had the modem installed upstairs a while back as oppose to first floor. Netgear router and a cable
  8. Is it easy to remove the bloated battery myself if no experience? The thing is i actually left it in the old iphone box it used for a while and basically put it out in the open in the house. So obviously there was a bit of concern. I don't have any need for this old iphone now.. but i want to make sure its no longer dangerous.
  9. I am currently using an old Iphone SE bought few years ago and still using it now. Before that, I used iphone 4s and i recalled i had to replace the batteries many time at the local repair shop.... that used non genuine batteries. I did this many times because I didn't want to spend whatever the retail price was at the apple store. Thus imagine spending like 20 dollars each time and doing it many times and it probably costing more than had i went to apple. Also back then i think they already had iphone 6 but not sure. But whatever batteries they used, it drained a lot.
  10. Also when i mean hyperpigmentation in this case, I don't mean like a few red or brown marks on their face that is hyperpigmentation they got from acne or the sun. Though... that is still obviously hyperpigmentation. But I mean like their whole inner thigh when they spread their legs... the whole area is dark and has hyperpigmentation.
  11. So over a decade ago, I noticed I developed dark hyperpigmentation in my buttocks area. I believe this came because I use to sit down on a computer a lot all the time. I'm not sure if it just suddenly went like that or it took a bit of time. I also had a pilonidal cyst a while back that got removed so that definitely could have contributed to it. I'm asian male and lighter skin so this dark hyperpigmentation looks really bad and embarrassing. I also noticed my inner thighs were very dark as well. So for example if you google images dark hyperpigmentation buttocks
  12. Well i dont need a new phone right now thats the thing. But the programs i use right now aka the apps... should have no issue 6 months down the line right even if i can't upgrade to the newest IOS? Surely the current IOS would still be good enough right to run almost all the apps i have?
  13. Okay so besides the new SE... would you all recommend any other iphone? Thing is if i get a new phone, i dont mind a bigger screen. But i also dont want to get it so soon without thinking about it such as hey maybe i could have gotten the ll or something? Again, i dont care about the new updated iphone like how everyone gets a new one every year or two years.
  14. Recently not long ago, my flip flops broke and it probably was one of the most comfortable flip flops I ever worn in a long time. They were Dockers brand and I bought them few years ago at JCPenney in NYC. Its also very comfortable and tan color and stylish. Not long ago when I was in NYC, i went to JCPenney trying to look for exact same flip flops but they didn't have it. If they did, it was some type of flip flops that was not comfortable or look horrible etc. Im back here now and looking to get a new pair again. I was recently at a few shops here in NYC like Kohls and
  15. So I found out apparently we have one of these in the closet that has been there for years that are still new and unopened https://www.amazon.com/Interplak-Opti-Clean-Cordless-Rechargeable-Remover/dp/B00C4A4E7Y Would you say use this for now and see how it is? I mean an electric toothbrush is still an electric toothbrush right?