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  1. Hey all. So what do others here say? Do you agree avoid the TV? Does anyone here get eyestrain or anying like that with a tv? I always thought sitting close to a tv is bad for your eyes. But this isn't true? I would be staring at screen for at least half a day minimum.
  2. Well would you recommend the TV here or the x 32" monitor then? If i get a big tv... i will either use it by itself... or try to pair it with one of my current monitors though im not sure i have space on my four foot wide two foot long desk for that... it would be in the corner in the edges. If i get the 32" monitor, then i would be using it with one of my current monitors. But also... couldn't i use all three monitors... where this monitor i put in middle and my other two monitors i put it diagonally to the left and right of the new monitor? But i read
  3. Hey man. First off, you say you want your eyes to be in the middle of the screen. Is that with TV's only or with monitors as well? I read with monitors... you want your eye level to be at the top part of the monitor... But with a big screen TV as a monitor, your eye level should be at the middle of the screen... is that correct? Well at the moment, i have two monitors and i basically have to look left and right... i have my two monitors together like a reverse letter V.... does that make sense. So looking left and then right isn't that big of an issue. Well if I did
  4. I'm guessing if i could use both the 4K 43' TV and one of my 24' monitors, that would be ideal? Since i have multiple monitors that way? I might be able to do this on my table but i would have it put in a very bad viewing angle. But if you had a two monitor setup, you would choose 32' 4K and the 24' compared to the 4K 43' TV and 24' monitor? Need to decide by tonight because of cybermonday. For some reason, i think think the 32' 4K is a better option... because its actually a monitor. I think i could put 8 tables on it which is ok
  5. Hey. Well any samsung would not have those input lag right? So don't take a chance with a cheaper brand like say hisense or those cheaper name ones right? Well if the mouse lags etc... that would be a huge issue for me. I get what you mean with splitting it to quadrants. That sounds nice... never done it before. How many smaller monitors do you have and what resolution are they? For me, i think the best setup would be having two 32' 4K monitors... because that way... i could put i believe 8 full size tables on each monitor so that wo
  6. Hey. Yea i know that size is big for monitor. But i could put a ton of full size tables on it .. which is why i thought about that. Also... if i had more desk space, i would put one of my monitors i have on it. I think i could still do it but it would be like having it put right in the back of my side wall. So imagine i have big tv on my desk staring at it... but the other monitor is on the right side with the back against the right wall so i have to turn right to look at it... and it would be a very awkward positiion .
  7. Hey all. I like if anyone can give me input on this as I will have to order it by tonight because of cybermonday. I mentioned how i have two 24' l920 x l200 monitors that i use side by side with my dell xps l5 9550 laptop. I play online poker on it so thats why I need at least that resolution. And I read a 4k monitor or tv would allow for even more space to put more tables on it. I wind it down to two options. My 2 options are Samsung 43' 4k TV https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/product/B08FBSZ2LX/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=AVDBXBAVVSXLQ&ps
  8. I checked the site... but cannot find the samsung one. But it shouldn't have any of these issues right?
  9. Anyone have opinion on this? For the TV, you would say 50 inch is way too big right on a desk? Thus 43' should be the absolute biggest?
  10. Hey all. I'm going to buy a 4k TV as a monitor. Will be using it for online poker. I currently use two monitors that are 24' and 1920 x 1200 resolution and thinking of switching to one big TV as a monitor. Im looking at these options right now. Im outside the US at the moment. These are the prices of it roughly in USD. Samsung crystal 43' 4k UN43TU6900FXZX - $375 https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/product/B08FBSZ2LX/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AVDBXBAVVSXLQ&psc=1 Samsung crystal 43' 4k UN43TU7000FXZX - $382 https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/prod
  11. Hey all. So I play poker online. I have two 24 inch 1920 x 1200 monitors that I use side by side. I also play on an old laptop... Dell Xps 15 9550 laptop but its fast enough. It has an i5-6300hq processor and 32gb ram and also 1tb nvme samsung ssd. I recently upgraded both the ram from 8gb to this and a small ssd to this big nvme ssd. Now the reason i need at least 1920 x 1200 resolution is because when i open up the tables, there would be no overlap. And i also don't want to make the tables too small... i keep it regular size so i could get 4 tables on each monitor s
  12. How do i get to account then cloud? I click on settings and cannot find it. Well is there a way to dismiss this message though? And don't create anymore backup?
  13. Got another question. Is it fine brushing your teeth with the electric toothbrush manually in the meantime? Because people either use an electric toothbrush or use a long toothbrush. It is fine to use the electric toothbrush the not working one manually as is?
  14. So I started to get this message a few weeks ago and it keeps showing up daily. It says IPhone Not Backed Up This iphone hasn't been backed up in two weeks. Backups happen when this iphone is connected to power, locked and on wifi. My issue here is when I try to back it up, I get message This iphone cannot be backed up because there is not enough cloud storage available. Can someone explain to me how this happened? How much gb do you get free on the cloud and why is it during this entire time i had an iphone, i never had this message? Im confused what I have that is
  15. Hey. Well the thing is sometimes when i go to this walmart, I seen pasta bags that are open and on the shelf. Probably a customer dropped it and then put it back there etc. But it doesn't happen that much. Yea I heard about product tampering.... but I don't believe that this happened with it. The pasta looks normal when you look at the color of it. Again its the back of it... the middle part that is opened.... like imagine instead of opening the bag at the top or the bottom, you do it at the middle back of it. But you all agree throw it out right? Ye