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  1. How do i get to account then cloud? I click on settings and cannot find it. Well is there a way to dismiss this message though? And don't create anymore backup?
  2. Got another question. Is it fine brushing your teeth with the electric toothbrush manually in the meantime? Because people either use an electric toothbrush or use a long toothbrush. It is fine to use the electric toothbrush the not working one manually as is?
  3. So I started to get this message a few weeks ago and it keeps showing up daily. It says IPhone Not Backed Up This iphone hasn't been backed up in two weeks. Backups happen when this iphone is connected to power, locked and on wifi. My issue here is when I try to back it up, I get message This iphone cannot be backed up because there is not enough cloud storage available. Can someone explain to me how this happened? How much gb do you get free on the cloud and why is it during this entire time i had an iphone, i never had this message? Im confused what I have that is
  4. Hey. Well the thing is sometimes when i go to this walmart, I seen pasta bags that are open and on the shelf. Probably a customer dropped it and then put it back there etc. But it doesn't happen that much. Yea I heard about product tampering.... but I don't believe that this happened with it. The pasta looks normal when you look at the color of it. Again its the back of it... the middle part that is opened.... like imagine instead of opening the bag at the top or the bottom, you do it at the middle back of it. But you all agree throw it out right? Ye
  5. So I was at the grocery store recently. I'm also in another country so I don't speak the language. After I bought my groceries from walmart here, I noticed when I was bagging my groceries in the bag... one of the expensive pasta I bought... you see pieces of it coming out. I saw a piece came out when the cashier was ringing up my groceries... then saw another piece come out. I did not say anything because I can't speak the language and it was going to be a hassle. So as I got home, I took a look and the pasta bag is opened... but not like in the top/bottom part but in
  6. I'm from the US but I"m outside the US most of the year. I went back to the US for a bit ... and because of that... the person in charge of the building outside the US said they wanted to fix a few things while I wasn't here such as painting the walls and everything etc. I came back here and noticed that I have white paint on my bed sheets. I knew they were going to paint my place but forgot to just put my bed sheets and everything in a plastic bag. It's white paint and it looks stained already. It looks like wite out so so speak. I also went and hand washed my bed shee
  7. The thing is i have sprayed this throughout my apartment a while back when I had a big roach but could not find out where it was hiding. So i sprayed throughout the corners of the apartment etc. And of course those times when i sprayed right at the roach. But the big difference is all those sprays I did, it was not near my food whether unopened drinks or food so that thought never crossed my mind. This time it hit it directly which has me concerned. Now obviously if i sprayed on open food, then obviously throwing that away. But im surprised not one person here would be
  8. I have an old electric toothbrush I bought many years ago. I replace the small toothblush replacement heads every half year or so. The most important part is of course the bottom part of the electric toothbrush and the part it connects to... to charge it. Few months ago, when i put the long toothbrush into the part to charge it, it would not charge. When it does charge, you would see a flashing green light which indicates it is charging. After like a week or a bit longer, it suddenly charged. I do not know why but I thought it might have been me not putting it correctly
  9. Okay do others here agree that for the drinks... just wash it off with soap/water then? So not one person here would be concerned? So you are saying if you accidentally sprayed your unopened water bottles and drinks in plastic, you wouldn't think much about it at all?
  10. I think I might have used the boiling hot water not long ago. Then put some dish washing liquid on it and rinsed. But since then, I haven't even used the blender. Well I think i might have once. But I haven't used it in a while. But what you mean damage the seals with boiling water? You mean that blade? Not sure what you mean by the seal? Also, would you say its silly to buy a new blender because of this? The one i have works fine still. Other thing I thought was I could just buy just the bottle/container since
  11. Anyone have opinion on this? Others on another forum seem to say if its plastic... such as the unopened water bottles and coconut water... that is fine... but if its in a box... then throw it out. But what if you put all of them in a new trash bag then? I basically put all those things 8 unopened water bottles in its original package... like the one you buy in an 8 pack two coconut water in plastic bottle two pasta thats in plastic... like imagine similar to barilla pasta two bottles of dish washing liquid.... Which do
  12. Want to update on this. I bought a toilet seat... its the elongated one as I was pretty sure my toilet was not round. When i tried to install it...it looked very confusing because the pieces it came with... looked a bit different than what i saw on youtube. Also... it did not help there were no instructions... it was like a picture of it but it didn't really help much. I borrowed a friends screwdriver and it didn't even screw in. But after a while, I got it to work and had to basically keep turning the thing in the underpart of the toilet seat and it seemed to tighten up.
  13. So not long ago, the bottom part of the blender... where you could twist the bottom apart, I do that to sometimes wash it... and where the blade is at... I accidentally dropped it in my tiny garbage bucket inside my apartment. The garbage bucket, if you remove the garbage bag from it, you see its very dirty. I have few times just let the shower water go into the bucket to rinse it but never actually cleaned the garbage bucket. Its a small one like imagine you have one inside your bedroom. Many times when I throw out garbage, I would just carry the entire small garbage b
  14. Spray is Raid Max https://www.homedepot.com.mx/jardin/insecticidas/control-de-plaga-y-repelentes/raid-max-aerosol-400ml-301326 The pasta is not in a box... its in a plastic bag... like imagine like those barilla pasta in the plastic bag... but its a different brand. I only have like two pasta bags so that isn't that big deal. But i do have an 8 pack of unopened bottle water and a few bottles of coconut water... these are all unopened... coconut water bottle is plastic... but its a stronger plastic. Like imagine the bottle is made of texture of like a d
  15. Hi. Just recently I broke my toilet seat cover while using it. Lifted it up a bit hard and it broke. I googled toilet seat repair on google and from what I read, installing a toilet seat is one of the easiest Do it Yourself things out there right? First thing I notice is it ask if you either have a round or eloquent toilet seat. I was at the store not long ago and took a look at toilet seat covers and it looked like there were two different sizes. I see the toilet I have is more like an oval... as oppose to completely round... so that means I would buy the eloquent toilet seat right? O