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  1. What is more concerning though... the charging cable or the usb plug in? Thing is the charging cable... its one hundred percent the one i lent that person as it is worn out and looks the same. But the usb adapter... or the part where you connect to an outlet... im pretty sure its the same one... but is that a bigger concern? Could someone literally have one that looks identical to the original and make malware/virus out of it?
  2. For the iphone 13 mini, does anyone know how many hours you get out of it on data? But especially while tethering? For example you turn on your cellular data and tether so you could use the data on your laptop. Anyone did a test of how many hours you could get on it?
  3. Anyone know the answer to this? Why is it keep getting damaged within a month or two?
  4. The issue still is occurring at the moment. Those spots are like white chalk etc. Also when im not in the apartment for a while, i have my ceiling fans on all the time. But i do not have the windows open though because its not safe to have it open.
  5. Can anyone tell me what docking station I need to buy right now for my old dell xps 15 9550 if i want to be able to have dual 4k monitors 60 hertz?
  6. I have an iphone SE from many years ago. I have the power adapter from years ago. I also buy a new charging cable every year or so off amazon with very good reviews since my charging cable always gets a bit damaged. Such as instead of the long wiring part being white like brand new, its rusted and you see the color wearing out and its brown. I assume many of you have this issue with these charging cables? Now I heard about malware/virus with usb ports etc. Such as if you plug your iphone into a public outlet, you should get one of those malware usb so you cannot get malware and virus.
  7. What professional would I have to contact for this? Such as the name of it? Also I have to get my walls repainted but I assume they probably wouldn't be able to tell right?
  8. I'm looking to possibly get another monitor. Would getting a tv as a second monitor be good idea? I currently am using Samsung 32' 4k Monitor with another 24 inch monitor.
  9. In the second situation, I still want to be able to use two 4k monitors. I am thinking about buying another 32' 4k monitor or possibly a 27/28' 4k monitor. But maybe... less likely buy a 43' 4k TV to be used as a monitor. Would you say that would be ridiculous to use a 32' 4k monitor along with a 43' 4k TV together though? Thing is my folding table is only 4 foot and I can barely put my 32' 4k monitor alongside with the 24' samsung syncmaster. But not only that... because i put my dell xps 15 9550 laptop on the table, i don't really have that much space. I did read I could
  10. Anyone have insight on this? Again I recently used vinegar on the walls and it is gone for few minutes then it comes back. It literally looks like chalk so to speak.
  11. Anyone have insight on this? Again it doesn't spin within two months at the most. I think it might been broke in a month. If there is a hole in the rotary heads, is that what happens?
  12. Okay so it seem iphone 13 mini is best option if i want something very fast with good battery and small right? Pros vs getting the iphone 12 mini or iphone SE? It would be ridiculous to buy a iphone 13 pro or max right if i am willing to spend the money for it? Again i can buy it... but in a way its like am i serious spending 1000 dollars plus for an iphone? But the max is worst idea since that phone would be ridiculously big right?
  13. Hi. I am using an old iphone SE that is very old... almost 5 years old I believe. When i first got it, it was amazingly fast and I like it. Few years ago I had to get battery replaced at apple store and after that, battery was very good for a while. I got the battery change few years ago. So for the last year or so, my battery has been very bad. I checked my battery health and its 85%. That is really low and I need a new battery or new iphone right? I remember years ago when i had the battery change at apple, I don't think it was even this low. Now i bought this old iphone SE almost 5 y
  14. Okay so few months ago, I bought new rotary heads norelco. These are the official ones and not the cheap/fake ones. After using it for a month or two... the same thing has happened. What I noticed was there is like a hole in like two of the three rotary heads. This is similar to what happened last time as well. So only one of the rotary heads spin. Thus if you use it on your face now, you can't because its like cutting you. Now this is what I believe possibly caused the issue. After im done using it, i no longer put lotion on my skin before i use it... instead of jus