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    new gen skype ?
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    i dont throw money at ea
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    friends acc
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    dont planning to buy that thing
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    i dont use kids network
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    i ain't streaming
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    wtf is that

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    USSR (jk Croatia)
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    Infrastracture, Networking, Building & deploying servers, anime/manga...
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    Half way on RIT and started working alone for tons of money. enough ?
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    Server Configuration & Deployment and Student


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  1. Buy a new one. Problem solved they are cheap as fuck.
  2. Look at their laptops worse can't be (all I can say it is a tiny bit better than Razer's premium junk), look at their boards makes me cry, their gpu omfg don't make start on that one, their prebuilts make me rethink of existence of that company.
  3. That was last card that was sold out. First was Sapphire's then ASUS's and then Powercolors and then rest of them with MSi sitting at bottom. Nobody likes them deal with it.
  4. Neither me. I am too tired to argue with MSi fanboys.
  5. Awwhhhh falled out of chair how bad it looks.
  6. Just watched video. I'll consider picking up one when I am on move for gaming.
  7. 580 and day but not from MSi
  8. That actual material quality And they call that fantastic material + copy paste of Founders Edition but with shitty brand, shitty build materials, shitty thermal solution... I can talk about it day or two
  9. All of them. I do not buy used shit. And if I bought it will be twice more expensive cause of taxes.
  10. I didn't buy used [...]. I bought it in IT shop in capital of my country. I live in village [...].
  11. These were used and sent to scrapyard. I use currently my new rig for work. Soon replacing with Xeon Gold or Platinum. I hope nobody will live like me and my friends through this MSi nightmare (now no offense)
  12. I've got 4 broken motherboards out of the box and 7 dead gpu's out of the box and you call that solid. Re think about your existence. Here is the list : 4 dead mobos out of the box. I will give you list of chipsets cause I don't remember the models : 1. Hudson A75 (Owned and RMA'd with GA-A75M-UD2H) 2. 990FX (My brother built himself PC few years ago, he was so pissed off with mobo quality and that was dead out of the box) 3. H81 (When I built server for company) 4. Z170 (When I upgraded my rig this year) 7 dead GPU out of the box : 1. HD 3650 (O