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About DarkBlade2117

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    I guess my setup is good enough

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    Computers and Nature


  • CPU
    i7-6700k @ Stock
  • Motherboard
    AsRock Z170 Extreme4
  • RAM
    1x8 Corsai LPX and 1x8 Avexir Core Series
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1080Ti FTW3
  • Case
    Phanteks P400s TGE
  • Storage
    Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 240GB SanDisk SSDPlus, 480GB OCZ Trion 150
  • PSU
    EVGA GQ+ 850w
  • Display(s)
    Pixo PX329 165Hz 1440p 32", Dell ST2210,1080p 23" AOC IPS Monitor
  • Cooling
    Deepcool Captain 240EX White
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G413 Carbon (Spilt water on my Masterkeys Pro S but will ook into really nice keyboard i a few months)
  • Mouse
    Mionix QC
  • Sound
    AKG 7XX's + Blue Snowball iCE
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. DarkBlade2117

    GTA V: Real money for fake gambling

    I quit playing after months of just having a hacked client and slowly spawning money in and forgetting to disable my client on a new update so they banned me I spent my 6 or 7 months actually grinding.. I mean with groups of often 5 or 6 people to do things and got no where so we all started duping cars which when that became to difficult most of us quit playing. Then came PC, got a hacked client and only ever spawned money in because the only thing I ever liked doing in GTA V was dicking around with buddies with the new content. I'll stick to modded servers on FiveM from now on.. still on edge about RPing in GTA V, modern RP is not quite what I find fun in RP without any twist such as what DayZ offers.
  2. DarkBlade2117

    Honda "Urban" EV - nearly done, new info

    Either properly detail it or spend the $200 every 5-7 months to detail it typical before winter and around mid-spring and you'll be fine.
  3. DarkBlade2117

    Honda "Urban" EV - nearly done, new info

    Kind of hope it does good enough to give incentive to other manufactures to potentially attempt more old school designs. Living in the U.S. I fucking hate the era of SUVs and Crossovers. I mean "some" crossovers aren't to bad, generally it's just a hatch lifted with some minor changed with no extra room but they can alow for more off-roading compared to the hatches. I mean look at the Impreza hatch vs. Crosstrek. I'm one of the biggest dudes in my family but I drive the smallest car so I welcome the attempt from Honda on this.
  4. Ya, until you understand that games published on steam have to be equal to lowest price. If it is 10% off on EG, it has to be 10% off on steam. If it however is 20% off on steam, it doesn't have to be 20% off on EG launcher (unless they're doing that BS) EG is also offering less fees for publishers.
  5. WAHH STEAM IS THE BEST WAHH Just buy the damn game on the epic game launcher and quit your damn bitching. The launcher itself isn't even bad and it's a damn singleplayer game anyways so who gives two shits about your damn trading cards and achievements. Steam needs a big ass whooping anyways to get in gear.
  6. He's reset CMOS, he's re-seating CPU now.
  7. DarkBlade2117

    RAM Speed difference

    Depends, more times than not it won't be an change but it depends on your CPU and what applications you are seeking improvement on.
  8. lmao just close steam It's being lazy at this point because you don't want to close or open a different program sometimes. Steam is a pile of absolute shit that needs a firm kick in the ass because right now they have absolute 0 motivation to better their program. It feels like patch after patch old features get left behind or are never revised and refined. The amount of silly bugs or how sluggish Steam is sometimes is a joke. Oh boo hoo, you cannot collect trading cards or show off your measly achievements to what little friends the majority of the user base has. Oh, I'm sorry, you don't want to open Steam and have to 3 times to close the EG store? Or 3 clicks for any program with games on it for that matter? You rather have Steam become more and more of a joke? Either way with your PC you act as if the EG launcher being open is going to drop your FPS by 50%. Yeah, no thanks. Rather not have a monopoly on an already shit program that many people just kind of agree to being the "best".
  9. Rake it in while you can, he went from 500k subs a month to 5 mill in the past 30 days
  10. Technically they've yet to surpass him... They got close, within 16,000 Subs iirc and then Markiplier streamed for 48 minutes telling people to sub to him and Jacksepticeye put up a tweet along with a lot of other smaller Youtubers. Thing is it'll probably take for them to get that close again for them to take him over as burst such as those seem to keep coming. And either way at this rate I see them sub botting, when Youtube was down worldwide they gained a shit load of subs and around the same time every day seem to gain a lot of subs at once.
  11. DarkBlade2117

    Someone hacked printers to advertise for Pewdiepie

    I just subbed to go along with the meme
  12. DarkBlade2117

    Bottlenecking help

    A 4790k in no way should be slowing down a 2070 and if it is, it's in very few games or scenarios. Have you completed uninstalled old drivers and reinstalled them? Changing out parts, even from a 1070 to a 2070 can cause some odd issues sometimes.
  13. DarkBlade2117

    Ryzen 3700U w/ Vega 10 spotted

    R7 2700U w/ Vega 10 laptops are already pretty good for the price considering in my opinion the target user base, if the prices for these can be really good it may be something I consider to look into. Lightweight laptop with fairly good keyboard is what a lot of Uni kids are looking for and Vega 10 has just enough juice to run some games for what time someone may have in between classes. Curious see what price manufacturers can get around for future releases.
  14. DarkBlade2117

    [Old News] Minecraft spin-off game announced with 2019 PC release

    I'm pretty sure more people than ever are playing it... just because you outgrew it, does not mean it is dead. You and I just grew up when it was peak for content creators. Though maybe not the majority are on PC, there are still thousands of people that play Hypixel and plenty of other servers. I personally still enjoy small and or private modded servers.
  15. DarkBlade2117

    Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode 'delayed' until March 2019

    It's not dying anytime soon