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    Professional Computer Bricker

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    I melted a stick of ram once
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    I am an undetermined age, tech junky, I also live in a toaster
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    professional computer bricker


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    i7 6800k
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    Asus Taichi x99
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    32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum
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    Asus GTX 1060 Dual 6GB
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    NZXT s340 Elite White
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    2 TB WD Caviar Black - Samsung 850 Pro
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    750 watt EVGA supernova G2
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    3 asus 24 inch monitors
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    NZXT kraken x62
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    Massdrop CTRL
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10

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  1. well it's not me... just for work - but yeah I see what you mean. I mean obviously just two of these and a Tesla unit would be a lot - but the more the merrier
  2. would the GPU specs/limits be found in the software description? I'm also wondering about VRAM overflow - because I can get 8 of these bad boys along with a Nvidia Tesla (the Tesla would help performance dramatically right?) but I'm not sure if I could even run that many on any software
  3. just CAD, Fusion 360, basically the autodesk suite, as well as graphic design, Blender, stuff like that
  4. yeah - cost is no issue since this is for work - they're just looking for literally anything under 80k that has the highest graphical computing power possible
  5. what about just multiple Quadro GV100s? If I'm not putting them in SLI can't I just stack them onto the motherboard?
  6. ok - so I guess the more appropriate question (I've really only ever worked with gaming systems so I'm not too sure about content creation) is for graphical applications - I literally just need the most powerful setup possible. 8 way SLI, 12 way SLI - I don't really mind - as long as it's extremely powerful
  7. Graphics design, CAD, simulations, etc. I literally just need the most computing power possible in one (or more) GPU - cost really isn't an issue as this is for work and they can afford it. I was thinking just shoving a few of the most expensive Quadros in would work - what do you think? BTW (I'm going with a dual socket AMD Epyc set up, so I only have 12 PCIE slots available (through expansion cards) so maybe one slot for a Tesla and the other 8 for quadros/titan Vs?)
  8. I literally just need the most processing power possible. I was thinking a Tesla V100 unit, and then a few other cards in SLI or something like that Would having 8 Titan Vs in SLI (along with a Tesla) be better than just 2 GV100s and a Tesla?
  9. Just wondering if it's possible to put the new Quadro GV100 into 4 way SLI or more (8 way, etc) or if it's even possible to put it in SLI I'm just looking for something with overkill graphics capabilities - the max amount of SLI I could do is like 12 way (don't even know if that supported but whatever) So if somehow 8 Quadro GV100s can't work together in SLI I'd need other recommendations too. Any ideas?
  10. isn't it customary to put your own name at the end of a letter ish thing
  11. I'm in a bit of a bind here, I have a great WP theme, but I don't want to pay for the business plan, how do you guys recommend I do this? Is there another solution thats free? Any other site builder that accepts wordpress themes? Thanks David @deXxterlab97 @ARikozuM @nerdslayer1 @herman mcpootis