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    I guess my setup is good enough

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    Computers and Nature


  • CPU
    R5 5600x
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte X560
  • RAM
    16x4 Corsair Vengeance RGB @3200Mhz
  • GPU
    MSI 6800 XT
  • Case
    Phanteks P400s TGE
  • Storage
    Seagate 1TB 7200RPM 240GB SanDisk SSDPlus, 480GB OCZ Trion 150, 1TB Crucial NVMe P1
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    EVGA GQ+ 850w
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    Pixo PX329 165Hz 1440p 32", Dell ST2210,1080p 23" AOC IPS Monitor
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    Deepcool Captain 240EX White
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    Massdrop CTRL High-Profile with Kalih Box Whites
  • Mouse
    Mionix QC
  • Sound
    AKG 7XX's + Blue Snowball iCE
    JDS Atom Amp and Ol Dac combo
    Sennheiser PXC 550 ii's
    Some random soundcore wireless earbuds I got from Target
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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    Samsung Galaxy S8

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  1. Hoooly shit I might finally and I mean finally have a job to stick to long term and make into a career. At minimum, I am 100% finishing my one degree to be able to transfer uni's and not have to retake a bunch of classes. I believe the one I am waiting on a background check to clear before they confirm an offer. I have an interview for another dealer tomorrow, on top of potentially a few others as I just recently applied to about 6 others.

    1. BuckGup


      That's dope as hell. Good job dude

  2. Potential job opportunity in sales.. I have a bit of sales experience and the idea of a sales position isn't what entirely worries me. I guess what does is seeing a big paycheck and wanting that again and again and again and ending up creating a not good work-life balance. The first 6-8 weeks will probably suck because I'd not make a whole lot since it's almost entirely commission based. Depending on how it could work out, I'm hoping I'll either be able to stay at my current job for a few more weeks to offset the temporary decrease in pay or potentially get approval to work part time hours until I fully transition into the new job. I'll have to see what ends up working out in the end


  3. My Micro Center got 200 5600x's in lmao
    Might go and exchange the 3800x for one.

    1. DarkBlade2117


      I'm also super tempted to get a 6900 XT.. I'll have essentially paid nothing for the 5600x once I sell my 6700k and old mobo... so $160 for the new mobo and I could probably get $450 for my 1080Ti which I mean in theory means I'd get a 6900 XT for MSRP...

    2. Letgomyleghoe


      there's like no reason to get a 6900xt over the 6800 for almost every workload I can think of, it's a decent waste of money.

  4. Considering I got $700 off Dogecoin I am now again tempted to buy a 6800 XT


    1. Letgomyleghoe


      lmao, GL finding someone who will buy your dogecoin, or trade you a 6800xt for it.

    2. DarkBlade2117
  5. We heading out to Micro Center in an ~hour. Mine isn't super big and usually have their trucks unloaded by 11 so we'll see.

    1. Moonzy


      Glhf, sniping new GPU?

  6. Well we start a new job tomorrow..  I walked out, found a FT position not 2 hours later and a start date was confirmed the next day.. at the end of it I'll come out with ~30% increase in pay with 2.5 hours less per week. If I get any OT I'll make more in a week than I did in 2 weeks at my old job.

  7. As messed up as it is, my job has lost all respect from me and any hope of receiving more than a day notice of my leaving. It's quite nice hearing the people making 3-5x what you make being disrespectful towards you instead of directly coming to you to deal with issues and the overall toxicness of the job. I have an in to a traveling position that pays well, travel is paid for on top of 2/3 of your meals etc so going to see how that works out. Going to try and save up as much money as I can and start budgeting myself to pay off my car, the rest of my schooling and go on some adventures for the next 1-2 years to really narrow down what I want to do for 30-45 years as a career.

  8. Man I feel lost at what I want to pursue for as a degree.. I think I want to switch but at the same time I don't entirely know. Like I honestly can't see myself doing what I am going for. It's not too late now, I'd be dumb not to finish my classes considering I am getting it paid for by my company whether I pursue the degree or not.

    1. TopHatProductions115


      Take the next few days to consider what you want to do most for the next few years.

    2. Levent


      I finished a degree that I didnt like just purely to have a diploma. I dont suggest you to continue further if you are certain you wont be enjoying your job or the outcome of your degree. I realized I didnt like my degree at my second year but decided to make the best of it and recover my grades to graduate with a respectable GPA, I dont think I would have managed to study 2 more extra years even if I managed to get into a degree that I liked.

    3. dizmo


      Think about it, research what careers are likely to be replaced in the next few years, and that should help narrow it down.

  9. Almost done redoing my cars audio :)

    Alpine iLX-W650 Head Unit
    Kicker 46CSS654 (Front Doors)

    Kicker 46CSC674 (Rear Doors)
    Kicker 43VC123 with Kicker DXA250.1 Amp (Got for $100 for both)
    I installed the door speakers myself and had someone else install the head unit and sub/amp cause I don't really have a day to give up to do it. Only thing I gotta do is upgrade the stock tweeters on my dash and add an AMP to hopefully get rid of distortion at higher volumes. Other than that I super happy with what I've picked up :D


  10. This is the only place no one I know, know's about..
    But it's so disheartening to get to know people over the past year or year and a half and when you start to open up a bit about your life some of the fade away. It's showing some peoples true selves but at the same time I also feel a little betrayed

    1. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      I've always learned a lot about someone when they tell me things. I've always learned more when they legitimately opened themselves up. 
      People are strange. Sometimes, people are shitty. I've always had to live and learn with that.

  11. I think the next generation of GPUs/CPUs will be when I upgrade.

  12. Hm.. anyone got suggestions for a wifi router for 400 down/up for a fairly big house? ~3500 sq ft.

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. TopHatProductions115


      You'll need help planning that out. Hire someone with computer networking experience to plan and implement that.

    3. kameshss


      Ubiquiti UAP AC Pro.


      It works really well. We use it at my work. Though we have around 5 of them in a 4000 sq. ft.

    4. TopHatProductions115



      Though we have around 5 of them in a 4000 sq. ft.

      You'll definitely need to plan out where the APs will go. Also not sure if you'll be able to pull of wireless 400Mbps Up/Down consistently/practically without breaking the bank 🤔 @Den-Fi What do you think?

  13. Moved the setup to the other side of the room and cleaned literally everything of dust down to the micro USB cables :)

    I was a little worried as I didn't know if the plug I was using was on the same breaker as the A/C in the room but all good.