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    Hey guys, its me Alex. I am 25, From Harrogate in the North of England. I am into gaming, tech, airsoft, motorbikes and cars, as well as an aspiring photographer/videographer. I have a YouTube channel too.

    I don't take life to seriously and I will pretty much talk to anybody about anything, you will probably see me all over the forum. Don't forget to say hi :D

    Feel free to add me on any of the social networks I have listed, and let me know who you are from the forum

    Oh and finally, I love you <3

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  1. Playing back a 4k video on a 1080p monitor still results in a shaper image, for a start YouTube plays back at a MUCH higher bitrate, and you benefit from supersampling
  2. Sure, but have you seen some of the amazing cinematography on display on youtube? especially when streaming in 4k bitrates... its pretty stunning even if its only YouTube not some shakey blurry crappy go pro footage even then there is go pro hero 4 black and hero 5 footage that looks nicer than his...
  3. Nah im still here
  4. What???? Its also 10000x better and has way more stuff to it
  5. It all depends on what you are intending to film etc not enough information
  6. No, its only within like 14 days of purchase, not like 6 years after you buy it
  7. ISO 100, f5.6, 125th shutter speed..... you need to read up on what the settings do To make a picture brighter: Higher ISO Wider Aperture Longer shutter speed You have neither of these things set on the camera If you have it on a tripod and want to take as till you can try setting your shutter speed You can monitor your exposure on the scale at the bottom
  8. Agreed the 1060 is a great card for the money
  9. WD Reds are not really any more expensive than normal drives (or other brand alternatives) Your data is worth the expense
  10. It runs ok (not perfect) for me, its playable on decent settings
  11. In my new job, its actually the worst Small example, a guy comes in yesterday, he had just bought a go pro hero 5, and was like "can you edit video here"? I am we just do photo printing... you have to edit your video on your PC, tablet,.....he pulls out a £10 samsung "dumb phone" and was like " I dont own a PC" I have no idea what he intends to do with the footage since he cannot view, edit, burn to disc, or upload anything
  12. Same, if I never got a single one playing a game, I would not care, or notice, if anything I wish they didnt exist so they didnt pop up and take me out of my immersion
  13. Honestly, not sure if it will be a purchase from me. Its not cheap, the extra controllers are very expensive, and so far very few games or reasons for me to pick it up It needs more awesome first party games, and needs better third party support before it would be a "must buy" I also worry about the battery life and performance in tablet mode, as thats a major draw to me, and if it cant play the top end games properly or for long, kind of makes that mode pointless region free is nice!