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  1. oh, I want them to be physically separate, one for game servers (where script kiddies may try to attack), other for media storage for local LAN. so I am open to many more options!
  2. Currently running 11 drives (3.5" Sata III) with a raid card in a "normal" desktop with win10. I really want to move my data to an unraid server. I currently run a poweredge rack with unraid for docker game servers. and ready to add to my rack and free my desktop from my drives! Curious about what you would recommend, probably off Ebay/used market space. I like the 2nd gen xeon series. but open to suggestions.
  3. let me know how it goes, I got to setup 8 desktops tomorrow, I hope it still works tomorrow
  4. Correct, so type Admin into that field. and hit next. It will then ask for a password. type a filler password like "123asd" or the such. It will fail and ask if you'd like to setup offline.
  5. nope. recreate with every big update. Speeds up the update process once installed. just try this: and if it wont let you, send a video because I still don't believe I'm magical
  6. did a windows 10 home on an HP 2000-2bw19wm laptop today. Just wipe the drive and reinstall with USB.
  7. okay. Listen up, I do this literally every day. While installing and configuring Windows10 during the wizard you are going to get the sign into/create a Microsoft account screen, should look like this: Now. If you do NOT have that "offline account" option in the bottom left corner. you will type "Admin" into the email/phone box and hit next. Now type "123" into the password field and hit next once again. It will fail and let you create an offline account. You're welcome
  8. Yeah, Ill tell my customers that are on a tight budget and can't afford the extra $30 on a $75 refurb laptop that they can't buy a computer. /s Seriously, not everyone is loaded with cash for a computer for their kid to do remote learning (as they are in my area) I have plenty of $500 laptops all with SSDs, but some of these I'm just breaking even on to help some people in rough times. Bad business model, but it's my business model.
  9. Alrighty, I think I may go with something like a: And then do like 4 charts for "typical" user types and frame it. so people can see "internet & office user" would want something like - and then a bar graph, along with light gaming, heavy gaming, ect.
  10. You wouldnt have saved this document? This is pretty much perfect I believe
  11. agree, but 6x 1-100 can work which is much like the star chart accomplishes. What are some things you all find important to chart? RAM 2gb - 64gb Storage ssd Storage hdd 240gb - 10tb (I got a few small NAS styled work stations) CPU core 2 - 64 CPU speed 1ghz - 5ghz graphics (how to rank?) battery life Age
  12. I do price it higher, and then spend 10 minutes with every customer explaining the same thing... Just looking to save my time over the long haul. Oh, I really like the direction of this. I also like this too. Yall have some very good ideas for charts!
  13. I like this idea, the downside to this is it doesn't show some performance difference in computers, like a 6gb ram and an 8gb ram computer would both fall under the same category if all other things are equal.
  14. Not really what I meant. I am looking at different ways to show what the computers are able to do. I have around 20 computers at any given time, so a way to show why one computer is $40 more than another is important. My customer base is not tech savvy and dont understand things we think are obvious like an i3-8100 is better than an i5-750.. Even though everyone says an i5 is better than an i3, it isn't obvious to my customer base that the i3 would destroy the i5 in this example.