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  1. i recommend to stick with the 6 until you move out but if thats going to be a while id recommend the s8. i have it with verizon and love it.
  2. thanks for the replies everyone! disabling the power saving settings fixed it
  3. yeah sorry, its 970 not 940. evga 500b power supply, no overclock, temps are always between 53-63 mostly noticable in csgo
  4. AMD fx 8320 r9 280x motherboard: msi 940a-g43 500w power supply it runs smooth for 30 mins, then i get fps drops to 30 for a little while then it goes back to normal. help?
  5. you can run basically anything on that. the witcher 3 also on high for sure
  6. i used to use my mouse on the left and instead of wasd i used IJKL if that helps
  7. Thaaaaaaankkkk Youuuuuuuuuuuu very much I like the case a lot better
  8. i am willing to spend the extra money if this case really is what it seems to be
  9. i cant lie it looks very yummy and tender