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    PC hardware, cars from 1980-1999, culture from 1980-1989, anything Ford Probe.
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    Intel Core i5 2400 @3.1GHZ
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    Acer MB.GAU07.001
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    14GB DDR3 (1x8GB, 3x2GB)
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    MSi GTX 1050Ti 4GT OC
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    Gateway DX4860
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    2xWDCG 1TB HDD
    1x Sandisk 240GB SSD
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    EVGA 600W Bronze
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    Aftermarket Gateway CPU Cooler
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    Corsair K55 RGB
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    Corsair M55 RGB
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    Logitech Z625
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  1. I currently have 2 phones, an old Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse 16gb, and a Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB, and both are on the way out (S4 is my main phone to text/call). I have found a good deal on an iPhone 6S on Amazon for $130, and I was wondering if those phones are of any good, and if it would be reasonable for me to keep it for around 2 years with minimum problems. I was also wondering if it would be a major upgrade from my S4, as finding comparisons is fairly hard. I mostly use my phones to text people, take pictures, watch videos, and stream music. On the occasion I will play light games
  2. I will try those last 2, as the first one disabled my keyboard from working when I tried it this morning. The problem I have is that I have over 1.5TB worth of stuff, and I only need to use the SSD as a boot drive, maybe thats my problem? Finding any information to set this up the right way has been impossible
  3. I finally decided to pull the trigger on an SSD for my old rig, as my 2 1TB drives were getting very slow. I installed Windows to it using a thumb drive, and it had me create a new account. Getting into the desktop, I realize I can no longer access the account thats on my old drive. Is there a way to fix this? That account has over 4 years of files that are needed to be kept, and losing them would be very tragic. It also includes all my passwords, and the such. Another point, I cannot access my BIOS/UEFI, as when I boot up my machine, I mash both the F12 key, and the Del key which are both
  4. So, I have had this monitor for several years, and it has always been my favorite monitor I have ever owned. My old, and trusty Westinghouse L2210NW 16:10, 1050p monitor. Well, within the past few days it has recently gained a problem. When I turn my computer off for the night, and return to it the next morning, and turn everything on, my monitor will not work unless unplugged, and re-plugging the power cable back in it in several times. Here is a short list of what it does: Upon first turn on of day, it will be just plan black, or grey, but the light on the bottom will be on, and
  5. The only problem I have with running 5.1 systems is that I have no room, and nowhere to put the extra speakers. Probably should've put that I can only really use 2.1 systems. And yes, I know the subwoofers make the bass, lol. I'm currently running 2 Kicker C12s on a JL JX1000W amp in my Suburban, so I know a little bit about subwoofers and how to get the best bass out of them, its just that my current audio system is crap
  6. How is the high tones? And is the subwoofer on the Promedia very powerful? I need something with meaty bass that carries, and doesn't kick very hard, with not very prevalent high end notes due to sensitive hearing
  7. My budget is anything below $200. Not much, but its better than nothing
  8. That is the route I have been wanting to go down for quite a while, but the only problem I have is space. My desk is shoved inside of a corner, with very little room for my legs to fit, and my PC tower. Although I am going to be building a wider desk here sometime soon, I still will run into the problem of space. I have some 6x9s I can use, but I would need to make a shelf for them. I have a spare Kicker C12 and a 500W amp leftover from a friend that I could use, but I mocked everything up and it would take up over 25% of my floor space
  9. It is time that I start trying to upgrade my sound system. I currently use the Logitech Z523, and the aux jack that plugs into the computer is quite finnicky. To the point where only the left or right speaker will work, or I just get static. But this isn't my only problem. I need more bass. I want a bigger, more powerful, and even a ported box would be amazing to have in my home setup. I really like the look of the Logitech Z5500, but that is still pretty expensive, and I don't have the room for surround sound. What does everyone recommend that I get? Or, should I just say screw it, and ghetto
  10. Honestly, get a GTX 1060 6GB, or a GTX 1050 Ti. I have had my 1050 Ti for over 2 years now, and I can run just about everything I throw at it that is relatively new, at 1080p, and medium-high settings. Then, with the saved money, spend it on other areas. SSD, Memory, or save up for a new Mobo/CPU
  11. Another good thing to do to ensure that the issue would be the GPU is to disable the on board graphics, reinstall drivers for the GPU, and try different cables. Good to hear that it looks like the issue has been fixed! I have the same card, and have since January (bout a year now) and have not seen this issue. Hope I don't lol
  12. Timbs


    UPDATE:: ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED I was able to boot through my extra hard drive that had nothing on it which was able to overthrow something in my broken Hard drive and was able to boot into Windows. Immediately I backedup all of my files. Lets see how long this lasts.
  13. Timbs


    It doesnt. I've tried literally everything. I'm going to see if I cant borrow a hard drive with Win10 installed on it to atleast get into my pc so I can backup all of my stuff and reinstall Windows
  14. Timbs


    Nope. I wish I did I've tried to but F8 or Shift+F8 doesnt do jack I don't have external drive. Nor do I have friends with computers. However I will be bringing in my PC to my Tech teacher on Monday and see if he cant get me a copy of Windows
  15. Timbs


    Not really urgent. However, my PC failed a Windows 10 update. Now it just boots up, shows "GATEWAY" (My PC is an old Gateway Btw), shows the Windows 10 logo with a loading circle, goes to a black screen, then restarts. This is very annoying, and has been doing it for hours. I do not have another PC to use, so I must find a way to fix it ASAP. Any help is appreciated.