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  1. China has a ton of backdoor's but nsa is an idiot since they could have did the same with nvidia's/ibm's/intels architecture also companies should be allowed to sell but later during a war they should gimp it in such a way that china will collapse to its knee's and surrender.
  2. Evga 960 costs similar to a asus 290.Get 2x290's instead.Or a single 970.
  3. First priority is the xeon and the hard drive,i wont get the z97 mobo mostly i would get a h97 board and not get the 970 for a sli then. Also a ford velicraptor f-150 A new girlfriend.
  4. Incase you dont want to oc why not get a h97 board with a 4460
  5. Its from hynix on mine.In gaming it never crashes but in nai benchmark it goes down like a rabbit in front of a shotgun.
  6. Gigabyte. Corsair. Western Digital due to their rma policy. Valve ofcourse. AMD. Nvidia used to be on it before vramgate.
  7. My friend owns a gigabyte 970,Drivers crashed once it hit the last 0.5 mb and each time a different bandwith was displayed.Same thing happened on my card.Nice work nvidia nice work. EDIT: We used nai benchmark and ran on onboard display.
  8. He got some pretty crazy results.Nvidia Drivers crashed once it hit the last 0.5 mb
  9. Need a nai benchmark link cant find any ? Friend wants to test his gigabyte g1 970.