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  1. I'll assume you know to check prices on Toppreise and Ricardo (where there are people selling used gear). Digitec sells camera gear. Sometimes I buy stuff from the Swiss German side of the country because prices can be a bit lower. Check this store: https://www.lbag.ch and this store: http://www.profotshop.ch and this store: https://www.pc-ostschweiz.ch Migros-Electronics can sometimes have low prices Also check out camera shops (not general electronic shops like Interdiscount or Media Markt) where they have used gear displayed on their storefront. If
  2. Not for a given recording setting, the camera records at lower bit rates if you film lower resolutions.
  3. Where do you live in Switzerland? I know a few places to get good deals and good second hand gear.
  4. 100 mbps is quite a lot, getting an extra 20-60mbps wouldn't make a significant impact at all. All it offers is h.264 in MP4 and AVCHD containers with Interframe compression that doesn't require much more data. Besides, the G7 doesn't have V-Log, so unless you need it for serious color grading there's no point in asking for higher bit rates.
  5. Theoretically any camera capable of outputting a video via HDMI or SDI can be used for live streaming... you simply need a capture card to get the video signal to the live streaming device. For your budget of $300-500, there are handheld camcorders and entry level DSLR cameras available.
  6. There are cheaper cameras that can capture RAW video, like the $1000 Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. Some video cameras are capable of capturing RAW video internally (either in proprietary formats like what RED uses or Cinema DNG like BlackMagic) while others require an external capture device capable of recording RAW (like Atomos Shogun/Ninja devices or Odyssey 7Q+). The Sony FS5 for example is capable of sending a RAW video signal via SDI to an external recorder like the Atomos Shogun Flame and they are saved as Cinema DNG, whilst my FS7 requires an extension unit to be attach
  7. Refresh the page, I misread your post and thought you wanted to do video.
  8. No technology is truly future proof, but if you don’t want to spend money on an new camera system every year or so often, or buy something and only later think it may have been a mistake, my suggestion is to do some more research and figure out how you want to do something. Since you don’t want to focus on video, almost any DSLR or MILC on the market is pretty good. Some are better than others in their own ways, but they can also cost a lot more.
  9. Assuming that there is nothing mechanically or electronically damaged with the camera and lens, such as non-functioniog focus motor, or you've somehow turned off AF and doesn't realize it... If you want to figure out what sort of focusing issues the camera has, print out a test chart like this (or similar you can find on Google). There are also online guides/tutorials on testing focus, or figuring out whether your camera/lens has a back/front focusing issue. Can't judge anything from your photos other than the fact that there is a focusing issue. Unfortunately from wh
  10. You can't get it with just one effect. Look online for some guidance, there are tutorials and people explaining how they do things.
  11. Sigma has improved quality over the past few years, not that they were really bad. They even had some older lenses that outperformed Canon and Nikon stuff.
  12. The Free version has certain limits, like slower or reduced capabilities of noise reduction or usage of multi core CPUs and multi-GPU setups. They make money off their hardware, software isn't their main game.
  13. Interviews, conferences, corporate, commercials, documentaries, etc. Premiere and Adobe Suite, DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Flame.
  14. Yes, but unless you really need one version or the other don't use it. Waste of space on the memory card.