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    Fanboy Of: Intel, Nvidia, NZXT, Logitech & Blue....

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    Enginnering, Cycling, Cars, Gaming, Electronics and Computers....
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    I was born, I am currently living and I will die one day...


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    Intel 4790k (Stock Clocks)
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    Asrock Z97 Extreme6
  • RAM
    16gb Hyper-X Fury 1866mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming (+200, +250)
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    NZXT H440 (Black & Blue)
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    1TB Segate Barracuda (Almost Dead!) & Hyper-X 3K 120gb SSD
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    Corsair RM650
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    Benq G2750
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    Custom EK Single 240mm Loop
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    CM Storm Devastator (Ducky One soon!)
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    Logitech G502
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    Dell A125 2.1 / Hyper-X Cloud W&B
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    Windows 10 64bit
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  1. I would recommend using PC Part Picker to put together a list it can help beginners as it shows price and if everything is compatible! And makes it easier to read for us ?
  2. Samsterstorm


    I do think that any attempt to game on it will be a waste of money! And It doesn't matter what GPU u get even if u get a Titan its still always going to be limited by that CPU and the RAM! just wait till you get your new PC man
  3. Having owned this laptop it is definatley not user serviceable, unless you are very experienced! I would not suggest attempting any repair yourself and contact Asus or your retailer. There is a reason parts are not easy to get / dont have pics ?
  4. Samsterstorm


    It will run them yes but not sure about 40-60fps, very lowest settings in CSGO you may get 40fps at 720p
  5. Samsterstorm


    Ahhh okay that makes more sense! When you say eGPU I alway think laptops ?! Any I think that Ansuex is being a little hopeful with the 1080p 60fps, maybe in CSGO if you are very very lucky but as I say the RAM and CPU combo is going to really restrict you in this case to at max 720p 40fps at the lowest settings, especially with (god help me) Fortnite.
  6. Samsterstorm


    The CPU and RAM combo there is really showing its age, a GPU will improve it but those games are quite CPU intensive! Also I highly doubt that laptop has the ports / capability to support an external GPU?
  7. The eBay seller they purchased them from does not seem to sell them anymore! I have seen frosted glass plugs from maybe EK but again that was a while ago, maybe try and find a friend who could machine some for you from acrylic?
  8. I did know of someone that used some a while ago, I will try and contact them and ask if they have a URL
  9. Hi Guys! So recently got a new TV (Sony KD75-XE9405) and I have been trying to use my computer with it before I build another rig for my cinema! And I am aware of TV's having very high response time but with a 4k 60Hz signal this TV should be around 25 ms in game mode everything turned off and it feels like a lot more than that! Now its not terrible but the mouse feels very inaccurate even at 60Hz and playing games it no hope! Tried my Xbone and same issue. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated! My normal monitor is 5ms so I am just wondering if its me
  10. I had a watercooled FX for a while and I think all FX chips use an algorithm to give a temprature sensor out reading which is only ever accurate under medium to high load mine always said I was at like 5-8c at idle until it was underload and then I saw around 45-55c which is much more realistic
  11. 55 is fine idle, FX chips dont have a onboard temprature sensor they use an algorithm to work out temprature! The load tempratures seem good which is when the algorithm is most accurate, 5GHZ for one of those chips is not bad, if u give them enough voltage u can get 5.2 out of one under water! Well at least I used to
  12. Hi, and could be a bad PCI slot! Has happened to me before try another slot if u have got them! Also try to remove and re install your CPU and RAM, good luck! Read the whole post first mate....
  13. Use a different email then bud? I have one I just use for paypal cause its also safer than using your main email for it, harder for people to reset you password if they get in your main account
  14. Gunna have to not recommend these thou, unless u get a good seal they do not work well and can be very loud! Get a decent cooling pad I got one with 4 fans which are adjustable for like £10 on amazon and it works just fine
  15. Thats completely normal... Those temps are actually very good for a laptop! My i7 MSI gaming laptop used to run at 85c on the CPU and 72c on the GPU whenever I was gaming and would idle at like 38-42.. That had a 6700HQ in it. My Asus i7 ultrabook (cant rember the chip) that I just got idles at like 35 and hits 70c on the cpu and gpu when playing like garrys mod! The cooling mats do help a lot and help keep the keyboard clean and get good airflow! I always use mine on the pad when at home or gaming!