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  1. I recently discovered that I could connect devices to internet using my mobile data without using my mobile hotspot. I was simply wondering if this is possible with a device such as an Oculus Quest. I understand certain devices aren't compatible due to the limited proxy settings like a Smart TV for example.
  2. I took up the advice of my fellow comrade and purchased a Lenovo T460. It arrives on Saturday. I'm quite surprised however, on the upgradable potential for such portable devices. I didn't Imagine said potential for low end devices like the one previously mentioned.
  3. Hmm the T460 seems like a decent deal even though its a bit above my intended price range. But it does seem worth the extra cost
  4. Greetings gentlemen. I am seriously considering purchasing a Chromebook due to the simplicity of them. however I have been detached from the technology world for a couple years now and have no clue what is best. I'm not entirely sure how they function but I am very drawn to them. My price range would be around $200, $300 if absolutely necessary. I mainly plan on using it for websites and documentation. I would also like it to be able to run Android apps so I have the option to play games on it. Thanks in advance gentlemen. Your shared knowledge is quite a
  5. Recovery mode says its running properly and doesn't need to recover, and well reboot mode I couldnt get it to work because of the wifi thing
  6. I dont know what that is or how to do it Update, just tried it and couldnt download and when I start download I get a Starting WIFI failed!
  7. Phone: Honor 8 Model # FRD-L04 EMUI Version 5.0.1 Android 7.0 I did a factory reset recently and notice that I couldnt type in anything, I could only use text to speech, didnt think much of it so I downloaded google keyboard apk. But I also noticed that I didnt have any apps installed, like any at all. No storage apps or anything like that. Just settings camera and gallery and playstore. I thought this was a good thing so I wouldnt have to uninstall any unwanted apps. But then I noticed that my bluetooth wasnt working, so I knew something was definitely wrong. So far Ive
  8. I did a factory reset and now every time I try to put in the password for wifi the text to speech from google pops up and I cant type it in manually. I tried skipping the wifi part but I also get it in the damn pin code part so I cant even use my phone at all.
  9. OH lol, sorry, Im a techy guy btw
  10. But what are those adapters for if I the cable still has to be set?
  11. Basically my brother playsi on a pc, modem is a few rooms away, Dad doenst want him to drill the walls, so hes stuck playing with a wifi adapter and it really sucks. What can he do in his situation to get better signal?
  12. Yesterday my mic went all sensitive all of a sudden and The level on it was at 100. But Idk what the levels were before the incident!!. I was messing around with fl studio If that helps at all. And these are the levels im referring to!
  13. Basically I have an Akai MPK mini which is a midi controller and was wondering if it could somehow be turned into a controller for functions on obs, pretty much like a stream deck.
    1. minibois


      *Instantly gets flashbacks to "Nvidia Engineer talks about GTX 970 3.5GB"-videos*