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  2. What are you referring to when you mention the CSM?
  3. The_Q42

    Help me buy a gaming mouse (looking at g903)

    I think I'm going to grab the 903 after going hands on tonight (been a while since I've checked these things out in person). Thanks again for the input, guys!
  4. Ever been typing a word and mess up a letter, so you go back, but you hit backspace 2 times then you instinctively type just that one letter even though you know you now need 2 extra letters and you progressively keep messing up worse and worse trying to fix it until you don't even remember and can't tell by looking at it what you were trying to type? Then you just have to delete the whole sentence to restore your ability to produce rational thought?

  5. How does blocking adds make you interent experience a waist? Hardly anyone has 100s of logings. And why on Earth would you let your browsers remember your login Why would you want that? True. All of witch can be changed/removed
  6. ChrisZH

    Air pockets in loop

    It seems like the conquer really allows vibrations everywhere lol. How would you suggest stopping them?
  7. Smackaroy

    get new monitor or not?

    my current monitor is a acer xf270hu and im thinking of getting a acer x35p do you think i should save up and get it or stick with my current monitor?
  8. for each infraction? or thats the upper limit for the entire year?
  9. So far I've had a brand new AIO for 3 weeks and have been checking every morning when I power things on to see if its not leaking. There are some risks involved, but I have to admit I really enjoy the aesthetics of it and how quiet it is. Going back 6 years ago it was the first time I had an AIO it lasted about 2 years, but I think my brother had it for 2 years before me. It leaked on a GTX 860 and ruined the graphics card. I was lucky it was the only component that was damaged. I'm hoping my current AIO will last me 3 to 5 years
  10. Fines dont work... All these regulators from <insert country> are either just using their weight to get free $ out of Googlebook, or are absolute mongoloids who dont understand that the indiscriminate collection and sale of user data is what gets these companies all their money in the first place. The only true solution is to give them an ultimatum: comply to the absolute degree, or get ISPs to block Googlebook at the DNS and IP level across the entire country. Establish a country-wide stance that anyone who finds workarounds to access the offending services, are no longer protected by regulation if shit happens.
  11. Revenue split. That’s about it. What baffles me is that Epic usually has some good software guys on there. So why does it have to take quite a while to program a shopping cart in, especially since even smaller websites with far less people working on software already does so.
  12. In my experience it always gives a new Ip aside from with spectrum or twc Super cookies are usoly removed when wiping you interent session in most modern browsers. Not that it really matters. These tracking things have almost no effect on the user and what effect they do have isn't negative
  13. This is basically standard procedure for any large company. Most have a social media policy that you agree to upon accepting a job offer. The typical rules are "Don't say anything stupid that will embarrass the company" - and that includes things that are overly offensive. People can say stupid or offensive things, as long as they do so anonymously. But if your employer finds out - don't be upset if they fire you over it.
  14. givingtnt

    New universal codec, Basis, may replace JPEG

    Please make the extension .bs because I want to save Final.bs and upload Final.bs
  15. My NVME drive got little problem and wanted to sent for repair, before that, I need a working OS for the time being. Unfortunately I am out of drives... I have a htpc in following config: win10 500gb OS 80% full 500gb+ 1tb in software raid 70% full what if I format the OS drive for fresh windows(for temp main rig), will I lose my raid data when it goes back? Edit: I think I will just shrink the OS for new partition for another install~this should do
  16. SlimyPython

    New universal codec, Basis, may replace JPEG

    JPEG to BASIS converter. Contains ads you won't want to see
  17. Binomial has been working on a universal compressed texture format and is partnering with Google to open source it as a Khronos standard. "The Basis Universal texture format is 6-8 times smaller than JPEG on the GPU, yet is a similar storage size as JPEG". Having a universal standard is a huge boon to developers because they can take advantage of GPU performance without the overhead of all the different GPU formats. Honestly I don't understand enough of it but it looks like this is possibly the successor to JPEG down the road. Sources: Binomial Twitter - Lots of news posts related to the release being reshared here Google Open Source Blog Post Hacker news comment on the benefits of compressed textures
  18. So break me down if it makes you feel right,

    And hate me now if it keeps you alright.



  19. Why does this feels so familiar???



    1. CUDAcores89


      I read books before bed. Then I'm not exposed to a bunch of blue light before bed.

    2. wkdpaul


      Wish I could do the same, in the middle of a new app version roll out for a client. Been at it for the last 2 hours (it's now 11PM), something's wrong and one of the team is trying to figure out what's wrong ... so yeah ... :(

  20. If someone feels like they were acted upon in such a fashion while they were innocent, they should pursue court action against their former employee in the form of wrongful termination. However, if the company conducts an investigation, and has reasonably strong suspicions that said employee was a bad actor (for example, conducting sexist actions against another coworker), then that person needs to be terminated from employment. These are all very hypothetical numbers. I draw the line at action against systemic issues. Action needs to take place. We cannot let these issues continue. If an innocent person gets caught up? That's horrible. And that person should use the full extent of the law to punish their employer for acting inappropriately and firing an innocent person. I'd suggest that's a somewhat romanticized view of the American Revolutionary War. The British combatants were definitely soldiers, for the most part. The Americans mobilized thousands of soldiers - but many were not soldiers until the day they decided to fight for their country. And civilian casualties definitely still occurred. As a Canadian, I must interject. As much as I'm an extremely patriotic Canadian, who not only loves his country, but also his Monarch, the Queen Elizabeth II - I'm not a fool. I fully understand that Canada - as it exists today - likely wouldn't exist as an independent sovereign nation, had the American War for Independence not happened. Had the British Empire kept it's hold over the US, and her resources (both natural resources as well as people), the world would be a very different place. Would it be a bad world to live in? Hell if I know. But one of the reasons why former colonies like Canada and Australia could have a peaceful transition to independence was because of what happened in America. Would Canada eventually still become independent? Perhaps. But it likely would have taken far longer to happen, and it might not have been so much in Canada's favour.
  21. The Strange

    core i5 3470 + RX570 + RAM 8GB ?

    Sorry for late reply to this, but in my own perspective i totally agree with you, but the main problem here is that my friend has a very very tight budget, he just hope to have some gaming with no troubles, and get the best rig his money can afford. He has a budget between 250-400$ while prices here in our country are expensive even with used stuff, at this moment he will get the following stuff: core i5 3470 (used) RAM 8GB (used) RX 570 4GB(NEW) HDD WD Blue 2TB 5400 RPM (NEW) That will make an average price = 350$ maybe, plus he needs some good quality power supply, and some monitor too, he's not sure if he can get a higher budget for this, however as i said you're totally right, thanks for that and i will keep this in mind too. Also thanks to all other people, all replies are really so appreciated.
  22. No. GDPR came into effect 1 year ago, and the only large fine so far has been the €50 million one against Google.
  23. Well James D'amore is no longer employed by Google...
  24. spent all day setting up my website, currently its 5.50am and I just corrupted mysql db. 

  25. None of that works to stop online tracking, even if it worked (DHCP usually gives you the same IP address, for example). People may remember the tech stories long ago about the "super cookie", and how it hid in everything…that still happens, though fortunately less people have flash/java/silverlight/etc installed and active than before. However, even more importantly, impressions are fingerprinted, so even after you wipe cookies and log out of everything, they still know it is you and just put it all back. You can test yours and read more about it here: https://panopticlick.eff.org and scrolling down to the fingerprint section.
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