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    Gaming, Computer building, Computer fixing.
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    AMD 3800x @ 4.4 Ghz
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    x570 Aorus Master
  • RAM
    32 Gb DDR4 3600 CL 16 Ram
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    1080 ti MSI DUKE 11G
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    500 GB Samsung 850 Evo+ 1 Tb HDD+ 480 GB NVME+ 750 GB Corsair SATA + 500 GB 970 EVO
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    850 G2 Supernova Platinum
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    Acer XB270HU 144hz 2560x1440p + Dell 144hz 2560x1440 27"
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    K65 Corsair Cherry MX Red
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    PCMR Mouse O
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    Astro Gaming a40 TR
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    Windows 10 pro
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  1. Steam wont permaban you on false reports, nor will it ask for money. Youve been scammed and you should learn from this experince, dont give log in details and such to random people no matter what they ask or promise to give. Go the bank or wherever you paid and cancel that payment.
  2. The bios was updated to the latest bios correct? Since x570 Requires a bios update to even use a 5950x
  3. Those TEND to be Binned Ram sticks, they upcharge abit for them too. But its not always the case, and its not always the ram's fault. Could be just a shitty IMC or a bad Motherboard lane for ram. a lot of top OC boards are only 2 sticks for that reason.
  4. The ram sticks arent stable. There will eventually be a Lawsuit against ram Manufacturers that do this. Gskill is notorious for Labelling ram sticks at MUCH higher speeds than what they are actually stable at. TLDR XMP Sucks beyond 3200 mhz and you are always gambling whether or not the ram kit is stable, the IMC (internal memory controller) on the cpu can handle it, and more.
  5. just use the IGPU on the CPU until you can buy one from one of the Online stores, or if you have a microcenter just see if you can get lucky. Otherwise you are SOL
  6. Gonna be straight up and honest with you, Getting into streaming is not the way to go for a full system like this. You need to build an audience and such first before investing such an amount into the system, otherwise youll be overspending for stuff you may not actually use in a few months. otherwise its a decent system, Get rid of the cxorsair Fans, 3 pack of fans for 120$ is way overpriced.
  7. yeah that is quite the rip off. Xeon 4214's are around 750$. If they were the super expensive xeons i could understand. But that system is probably worth maybe 3000$?
  8. just an FYI buying 3600 mhz ram and getting it to run at those speeds are very different things. Your ryzen 2600 is more then likely NOT going to be able to run at those speeds. Id be surprised if it ran at anything above 3200 mhz at best. If you enable DOCP/XMP, just be prepared to Clear Cmos if it fails to boot.
  9. NEVER use front panel audio, it is horrible lol. 75$ headphones its had to say whats great around that range, there are tradeoffs and such with each one. HyperX makes Okay headsets for around that range, but its quite limiting.
  10. Sounds like the GPU driver is crashing
  11. If im honest, you ordered something and got the wrong item and its obvious its been tampered with. I would put in a request for replacement to get the item you ordered.
  12. You can try to clean it like that, but it always comes with its own set of risks and time investment. The bearings are more then likely shot after dust/hair got into them, so you will probably just be better to get a 120mm Fan.
  13. You pretty much have to get a barebones Cheap Used PC. Individual parts are not likely to be obtainable at that price range
  14. Just because you think it should handle it doesnt mean it will handle it. Set the ram to 3200 mhz and see if you have any issues. Really you shouldnt have bought anything beyond 3600 mhz for ryzen 3000/5000, it just doesnt boot well, epecially into windows. First problem: You need to configure your drives in the proper order in the bootloader. Find the drive in which windows is on and make sure it has priority. Second problem, Do you have any privacy or permission toggles not allowing the program to work? It honestly sounds like you may have a corrupted wind