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    AMD 3800x @ 4.4 Ghz
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    x570 Aorus Master
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    32 Gb DDR4 3600 CL 16 Ram
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    1080 ti MSI DUKE 11G
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    500 GB Samsung 850 Evo+ 1 Tb HDD+ 480 GB NVME+ 750 GB Corsair SATA + 500 GB 970 EVO
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    850 G2 Supernova Platinum
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    Acer XB270HU 144hz 2560x1440p + Dell 144hz 2560x1440 27"
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    K65 Corsair Cherry MX Red
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    PCMR Mouse O
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    Astro Gaming a40 TR
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    Windows 10 pro
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  1. honestly anything beyond 3200 mhz is pretty lucky on ryzen 3000/5000, even more so with 4 dimms. id say about 70% of Ram does not boot beyond 3200 mhz stable on most ryzen 3000/5000 chips.
  2. Dont even bother trying, your gpu is not going to be able to handle it
  3. sounds like the 240 AIO is struggling to keep up but i do not Trust MSI Dragon center at all if im honest. Its a program that ive seen cause many issues in the past, usually considered bloatware. I dont see why youd be at 93c with an input voltage of 1.1480, seems quite low so i dont think thats accurate. It could be that Dram and CPU core voltage are switched, 1.348v makes more sense. Generally thermal paste has a small impact on performance. It honestly just sounds like your Pump Is not plugged in and is dead. If its been sitting at that temp for very long periods it
  4. im just gonna be honest, Do you really need RGB light bulbs? Most of them are built around a certain Software in mind because if they can lock you into it, it means you will buy more of their stuff if it works
  5. Theres probably a Short on the Joystick board causing it to not function. He probably broke something in the internal PCB or one of the chips you can see well with the naked eye.
  6. Reset Cmos, theres usually a button or jumper on the motherboard, or on the IO panel. If not take out the Cmos Battery.
  7. seems about normal with a NH-D15. I wouldnt worry about it too much, you can always slightly undervolt if you really want, few places you can learn about that
  8. you have to say what cooler you are running as well as that pretty much can be the deciding factor
  9. SSD Testing is quite difficult. Theres a reason why most tech reviewer channels dont even bother with it because it varies so much, and even after you get a full review done, 6 months later they can change 1, 2 or all the components and its a completely different product at that point.
  10. Basically what your going to have to do is either Just watch him while they use the computer or give them computer time and then take it away after its done. You are pretty much SOL if he uses a VPN to bypass the Security of much of the filtering. If you see that he keeps doing it you just gotta figure out ways to punish that actually work and explain just what hes doing and the dangers of it. Not gonna say go full darwin award but if he continues to ignore it you may have to just remove their ability to do anything but homework, like a Chrome book or something that ca
  11. Thats normal. Ryzen is very picky with ram, and 2000 series was pretty awful with it. Just stick to 2933 or whatever it actually posts and runs with. It happens
  12. You did update the bios on the x570 board right? 5000 series didnt exist when x570 came out so you have to update bios. They probably tested with ryzen 3000 chips. Also Gigabytes RMA service is BY FAR the worst in the industry, im not suprirsed that they are absolutely useless and should never be given the chance to touch hardware ever again.
  13. You could have just made one Post about Thermals of your components. Yes that is 100% normal for the GPU