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    Asus z390-a
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    rx 590
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    cooltek x5
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    500GB Samsung 970 Evo
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    cannot remember
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    Philips BDM4350
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    embeded (monitor speakers)
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  1. Hello I can successfully cast movies from my MBP to my TV when using apps like Stremio (streaming app), for instance. However, when I try to cast local video files from my MBP to my TV using VLC, it fails after a few seconds (maybe 10-20 seconds) without any error message or other useful information. This is not dependent on the video file apparently. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks -a-
  2. Hi I recently modded my Wii (letterbomb) and installed the HBC as well as other apps (using the HB Browser, mostly). I thus have now an "apps" folder on my SD containing the apps. I also have an external USB drive that contains games and I can access them from within the apps (emulators, etc...). I read online that it is possible to use only the USB drive and not use any SD at all. I tried to move the content of my SD to the USB drive but then the HBC doesn't "see" the USB drive and thus all the apps are missing. How should I achieve this? I mean ha
  3. Hi I recently purchased an entry-level android TV (Sharp Aquos 50BL2EA) because it was discounted in my region and because the Harman/Kardon audio system was good enough for me not to feel the need to buy an extra sound bar. I also like to look of the unit. In addition, it was an opportunity for me to discover Android TV (I only had experienced WebOS so far). Several months in, I like the functionalities of Android TV. I like what it can do. But I am overall disappointed. - The TV responds poorly. I need to press several time on the remote buttons and the TV
  4. Yeah this is one of the guides I am currently reading.
  5. Hi I recently modded my Wii and installed a few emulators (SNES, N64, MAME, NeoGeoCD, ...) as well as tools allowing to play GC and Wii games from USB. However, I am wondering what is the best choice regarding the file format of that USB drive. I'm planning to store as much as possible (games, saves but maybe also homebrew apps if that is possible) on an external USB drive, leaving as little as possible on the SD card. Almost everybody recommends using FAT32 with its inherent limitations and inconveniences. However, when I searched for USB loaders I foun
  6. Thanks I didn't know TVs or monitors could "downscale" video signal this way. I always assumed that displays could not process signal that contains more pixel than they physically have... I'm also surprised why windows would not detect this TV as 768p by default since this would be the native resolution. Best, -a-
  7. Hi, I am wondering about this old TV: https://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/32PFL5404H_12/5000-series-lcd-tv-with-pixel-plus-hd#see-all-benefits The specs say the panel is 768p. However it can display 1080p images apparently. When I connect a PC to it, this TV is detected as a 108p monitor (although the quality doesn't look that crispy, I must admit). Obviously there's something I don't understand here about video formats. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks -a-
  8. Yeah... all this (almost) gets more expensive than a SNES clone...
  9. Unfortunate indeed... I'd like to avoid a dedicated setup for this since it would be only used occasionally and real estate in my living room is pretty expensive
  10. Unfortunately, it looks like my TV doesn't support 240p on the component input (nor 288p for the PAL version). I just ran this test: https://www.hdretrovision.com/240p#test and I get a "video not supported" message
  11. Could you elaborate a bit? Why SNES to component rather than anything else. That's the highest-end analog option, right? Price-wise too... Do you mean it's better to stay away from any analog to digital conversion? In order to avoid lag? Or is it something else?
  12. I'm not sure I get it... Would it mean to be careful about potential points of failure?
  13. Hello I recently dug up my old SNESes and now I am faced with the noob retro gamer dilemma. A) Should I try to use my original hardware and adapters/upscalers to connect it to my HDTV? B) Should I use my original SNES cartridges on a modern SNES clone (like the Analogue super nt, maybe)? C) Should I use an emulator (like bsnes?) and call it a day? For A): - I have both the US SNES (NTSC) and the European Super Nintendo (PAL). I have both a SNES to RCA (composite) cable and a SNES to SCART cable. However, my TV only accepts RCA (composite), YPbPr (
  14. apparently I cannot uninstall or delete a core?!? Found it in info -> core info -> delete -a-
  15. There are SO MANY settings... I don't know where to start.... I guess that's why people say RetroArch is not noob-friendly