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    anime,books,movies,tv wa to many to list


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    msi x399 sli plus
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    2 2080 supers
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    ASUS TUF Gaming GT501
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    30tb ssd/hdd
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    Corsair 1200 W 80+ Platinum
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    3 1080p 60hz led
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    Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition 42.34 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler
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    win 10 pro 64 bit

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  1. love to use 3 of this in raid on my mobo
  2. this was a good video. funny to.
  3. i do overall hope the local game dev dont get hurt by this. i always support small dev of games.
  4. new work...... wth did i sign up for. to work here.
  5. the sharing the drive on network... yeah been a nightmare. after xp or was it vista. that for what ever reason. made it worst to share a network drive. i use to do it all the time. on xp. win 7 and 10... i think i only had luck once. for a small bit. and that was with guides.
  6. yes it was. my avatar approves to!
  7. seems like a error on their end. not sure when it will get fix.
  8. no. i to left mine on it never progress what so ever. tried on 2 other systems. same issue.
  9. ltt prime team broke in the 2 billion mark this week 2,209,327,515
  10. then i suggest using twiter or fb and message t mobile
  11. that phone should total work with t mobile. 2g,3g. is simple a term for signals. that they repurpose before
  12. true. its like zotac. they use to me no name. then made a name for themselves. then cheap out on some models of gpus.