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  2. Anti Fascism interviews & riots on Trump summed up in a nutshell



  3. This video is from 2009 and looks like it was shot on an iPhone yesterday


  4. Hey, did you guys know that Ryzen is up for pre-order?


    Hey, did you guys know that Ryzen is coming out soon?


    Hey, did you guys know that Ryzen is beating a 6800k on cinebench?


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    1. Shakaza
    2. M.Yurizaki



      Hey, did you guys know that Ryzen is beating a 6800k on cinebench?

      I like how this is the one benchmark AMD has been focusing on and yet I think few people even understand the significance of the benchmark.


      Though they did show that an R7 1700X can keep up with an i7-6950X or something in Sniper Elite 4... but so can a i7-6700K and possibly an i5-6600K because the game isn't that intense (assuming they didn't add a whole lot from the previous installment).


      I did find out than an i7-6700K is 50% faster than an i5-6600K in one benchmark. Can I start saying that the i7-6700K is 50% faster than the i5-6600K without context? :B

    3. Kloaked


      Right? Too much hype is going on and then if some review discovers that everything isn't what it seems, then people will start bitching

  5. on the phone with HP support "okay can I get a card number to place the order for the windows disk?"


    me: *starts loudly shouting credit card information into my phone in an apartment building*

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    2. Frankie


      Being safe 101 with vinyl :D

    3. vinyldash303


      I mean, maybe nobody will hear it.

    4. imreloadin


      Why do you need a windows disk?

  6. Yesterday
  7. Ryzen 1700X and ASRock board ordered. All in on that hype train now!!

  8. who here is from generation z? (born 1996-2010)


    i figured out that my parents are actually baby boomers, soooooooo....B|

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    2. Implosivetech


      @TheRandomnesshe would then get it blocked. Me and @MemeDream, since we are on the tech team, and we use it for education purposes, would get it unblocked and then he would get in trouble for trying to get an educational website blocked. xD Part of me wants to tell him about LTT just to f with him.


    3. MemeDream


      @Implosivetechbut Mr. Blackwell will be like "oh no! Them kids be on a website with kids swearing! Gee golly" lol

    4. Implosivetech


      @MemeDream but mr. nome dude isnt in charge of blocked websites

  9. It's nice to have experience on how to fix weird computer issues. It makes you seem like a wizard.

    1. App4that


      My favorite is you just walk up, open the task manager, and all of a sudden things work pwerfectly. So you can act like you totally ment it LOL.


      Fixed a phone on campus that way. Just walked up and it flipped on, she turned around and said "you fixed it", yeah, totally. 

    2. Bleedingyamato


      So Mr. Wizard what problem did you work your magic on?  lol 

  10. That moment when you're watching the tracker on your pizza order and its been in "quality check" longer than it was in the "baking" stage. 

    1. Megah3rtz


      Its been nearly 30 minutes since it entered "quality check" I think they dropped the pizza. 

  11. Probably going to Dream Hack summer again this year, but this time only for a day to meet up with "The Squad" since most of us are scatterd across Sweden

  12. Since I probably wont have the cash to upgrade to zen for a wile, I really want the $60 biostar Z170 board thats on newegg RN

  13. What is wrong with this guy



  14. From Tesla:



    Now I just need to pass a background check, which takes....



    Like two months.

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    2. gtx1060=value


      the ontario government literally gives out tens of thousands of dollars to anyone with an electric car - so the model 3 was actually affordable

    3. iamdarkyoshi


      It was already affordable...

    4. gtx1060=value


      35 000 USD = 34092175123457612312423514363614365 CAD

  15. Going to need a drink after that one. 

  16. Theres two train stations in the NYC subway system that bother the shit out of me. Makes me wonder why the Why bother flipping the tracks?

  17. I've come to a realization and thought about it... Ryzen is neat and all... but I have a 6700k, despite the minor issues it has, I think it will be more fun to see how Ryzen and Zen+ shake up the market. See what Intel has to fight back with, see if they bring 6c/12 and 8c/16t CPUs down to the mainstream and since I believe Zen+ is confirmed to be on the AM4 platform. I think things are going to be pretty spicy in 2019.  

    So.. going with the dual X58 setup still. And going to do my initially planned upgrades to my setup.

  18. All youtube vids run at 240p maybe 480p if I'm lucky.

  19. this usb wifi adapter has been the worst idea ever! I'm getting ~2 Mb/s! Thats a 15th of what its suppose to be 

  20. left a follow, i like you

    1. KOMTechAndGaming


      :3 my first follower :)

    2. Radiant


      wow haha, anytime :D

    3. KOMTechAndGaming

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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      yeah saw that one, pretty  similar to kanyes thing

    3. DildorTheDecent


      It's so damn good. 


      Actually got the message in it too. I hope Bo returns. 

    4. IAmLamp




      (This is the best production ever. )


  22. Well... looks like I'll be skipping out on ultra wide for my next monitor. Had a look at the reviews and just about every single user said they were having issues with the display port. Such a shame to see such a high end specified monitor go to waste so quickly. 

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    2. IAmLamp


      That being said, there's still a ton of monitors out there that have quality issues. The reviews are overflowing with them. IPS backlight bleed, RMAing out the ass, defective/non working components... etc... 

    3. Scruffy90


      Thats true. The IPS backlight bleed I feel will forever be an issue on a large part of IPS monitors. I lucked out with my ultrawide and one of my 27" monitors, no noticable issues yet, but one of my 27s has yellow tinting in the corner, which I didnt notice until much later and has bleeding on the left corners of the monitor. Ive learned to live wth it. Next time im checking everything.


      I would say dont let the complaints you see online dissuade you from getting an ultrawide. Getting an ultrawide was the best thing I did computing wise since buying an SSD. If you get a chance to buy one in store, jump on it. I know shipping things back and forth are a pain in the ass. 

    4. IAmLamp


      Like, it's not just with ultrawide, it's with 16:9 monitors as well. 


      What are you even?... 


      "I would say dont let the complaints you see online dissuade you from getting an ultrawide"


      Where do I even begin with such a flawed statement. Actually, I won't. Not even worth my time. 

  23. I was wanting to build the GF a Ryzen rig, but now I'm debating giving her my 6700k rig and build Ryzen for myself lol

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    2. Bleedingyamato


      @ShadowTechXTS How does a 5960X compare to a 6700K?



      @Mooshi Then either way she'd get a very nice upgrade.  😊

    3. Bleedingyamato


      @That_PC_Kid I thought all the Ryzen CPUs were supposed to be released together?

    4. ShadowTechXTS


      @Bleedingyamato It's quite a bit better actually.

  24. Why is steam downloading at 2 KB/s??  I know my internet is slower since I'm using a usb adapter but still its suppose to be 8 Mb/s

  25. Hey , has the Ryzen CPU's started shipping to customers? Haven't been following the AMD thing too much except performance rumors.

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    2. cesrai


      It's available today for pre-orders.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      the benchmarks shown , if true in consumer samples this will be like the story like 1080/1070 going against the last gen Maxwell uber flagships

    4. cesrai


      Wait to see how it OC and wait for more benchmarks against more CPUs. 

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