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    I love you, Duran Duran, but what is even going on in this album cover? Left guy predicts Kenpachi from Bleach, middle guy gave a thumps up that actually took off, and right guy looks like he's itching his inner thigh...

  3. Huh already in the few hours I've had this mouse, I've already gotten quite used to it and it feels quite nice. Initially it kinda felt odd but I mean it's a lot larger than an M325. Tbh most things are.

  4. Only a razer fanboy would insult my Magicforce 68...

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  6. I'm surprised. I was watching 10 Cloverfield Lane again and I noticed on a bucket it had a phone number. So naturally I called it and turns out the company is real!




  7. I posted some new pictures in here if anyone cares.

  8. it's getting to that time of the year where it's wicked hot and humid again.

  9. Yesterday
  10. A+! 


    I'm back.

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    2. DeadEyePsycho


      How expected...

    3. RGProductions


      To be fair, he did say he would be back as soon as that happened...

    4. DocSwag


      Ayyyyyyyyy noice job

  11. my breakthrough list for quiet hours in Cortana continues to empty itself randomly making it useless. When will you fix this? :P

  12. NSA leaks explained



  13. Well, rest of my parts arrived.  I started to work on my build, got the cpu and m.2 ssd installed.  Removed the x62 from the box and doesn't ship with an am4 mount. X.X 


    So now I gotta wait to get my bracket before I can do anything

  14. welp, goodbye youtube red 

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    2. ShadowTechXTS
    3. dizmo



    4. Technicolors


      @dizmo i'm not sure how to turn off adblock for certain youtube channels 

  15. Oh dear, AX is topping themselves again for concerts this year. Or at the very least, achieving the same level.

  16. Nope, I was not going to leave this forum. Our internet is off, and now I have to use mobile data...

    And why did I have 87 notifications? Did you guys miss me so much?

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    2. silentprototipe
    3. DeadEyePsycho


      There was a bandwagon about people "leaving" the forum but more than half of those people posted and visited the forum after posting their "I'm leaving" threads...



    4. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      Yeah, that's why I joked around with it. I still miss IamLamp...

  17. Well, hello. Finally decided to join the forum. 

    1. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      Hey bro

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    2. OtisCorporation


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    3. Factory OC

      Factory OC

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  18. Hey Lloyd, I recently purchased my XPS15 9550 after my HP laptop faded out on me. I just received my TB16-240W Dell dock today. I was doing all of my homework and internet activity on my laptop (which I love). After completing the BIOS update to the laptop, connected the TB16, then went to to get the updated drivers for the docking station. Now connected to everything at home including the 24" much easier to work on multiple projects / screens when you can see them. I know they are offering some 10 - 15% discounts thru may 1st if you haven't ordered your dock yet.

    I don't think you will regret the investment.

    Good luck to you.


  19. Tip: don't try to draw a logo on an iPad with your finger


    you will get anxiety

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    2. Implosivetech


      @ShadowTechXTS no i didn't


      i came back because:

      1. testing was over, so i felt that there is no problem with going onto LTT during school

      2. somebody was very depressed (you know who)

      3. i watched a motivational video to not give up on something you are dedicated to 


      i snuck onto the forum the day i wanted to go back, and i saw what @Xiauj said about me


      people actually cared



      no, i swear to the success of, i didn't do it for attention


      and also, my old logo was ripped off of some IT place in california, so I wanted to change it

    3. Xiauj
    4. ShadowTechXTS
  20. a

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    2. AUniqueName
    3. zak rooley

      zak rooley

      Sorry, I know I am such a heart breaker sometimes but @AUniqueName you sir at the bomb.

    4. AUniqueName
  21. one whole fucking day of gym



    i barfed :/ TWICE. 

    Fucking stupid teachers ..

  22. Xbox One or PS4


    I like Xbox


  23. So, a friend of mine is planning to make an online magazine and he want me to write for it. 

    Apparenlty, he doesn't know we all that well. He told me it would be "an anti-millennial magazine aimed at the millennial generation and Gen-Z".

    You can't tell me stuff like that. When something is that obviously catering to an audience I get contrarian and want to do the exact opposite.

    I really want my first writeup to be something like "Why The Kids aren't Alright is the most acute song of all time". Not becuase it's true, but becuase it would piss off the Paul Joseph Watson-types in this world (or Denmark, atleast). 

    A stinkpiece extraordinar essentially. 


    I also don't think my friend knows anything about how media works on the internet. 

    He plans to have the magizine come out with a new issue every other week, with a smaller update the week between. 

    People will literally forget about the magazin in between issues. 

    As much as I hate to admit it, Buzzfeed has pretty much set the standard for online publications. Easy to read article, that holds your attention long enough to satisfy advertisers and they update their site several times hourly. 


    The type of content he's proposing has also proven to be pretty unpopular among advertisers, so unless he plans to make it subscription based, it would also end up bleeding money. 

    Although, in this day and age, with free entertainment and opinion based content being a tap away, I doubt people would subscribe to a magazine mostly written by amateurs. 

  24. What is the buy video button (see below)?  Is it a higher-quality download?


  25. Oh hey, it's my last day of being 23.

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    2. PianoPlayer88Key


      And today's my last day of being 35.

    3. AUniqueName


      Well happy birthday for tomorrow to you both 

    4. Daring


      Same birthday, huh? Just 12 years apart.

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