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  2. government_warning_poster-r313d0c3ca7564


    The fact that this is funny is sad.

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  5. Am now 22 and still not an father in life... :( What ever happened to all my plans lol :P 

    1. Hiya!



      22 is still too young to be a father in my opinion.

    2. GSTARR


      same dude, 19 y/o and im not making six figures yet?


    3. ARikozuM


      26, still not an professor, but I know an misplaced indefinite article when I see one. 

  6. Im drawing a camo  that im gonna paint later, thoughts ?


  7. Not suspicious at all! Nope! Not one bit!!


    1. Daring


      960 with just 192 cores and clocks below 1GHz? Seems legit.

  8. Gaming Hard on CSGO

  9. [May be NSFW] 





    1. DeadEyePsycho


      This is the peak of human learning.

  10. Well got my hardware Mixer today :) All I need now are more mono 1/4' to rca adapters and to find there the hell I can get female 1/8' stereo to dual 1/4' mono adapters.....

  11. USB 3.1 external Drives are awesome. 



    This is a G-Technology USB-C/3.0 1TB external HDD (this superior color has been discontinued 💃) that I have had for a few months now.  


    it connects on the drive side with the weird Micro-B connector and USB-C on the other but it does come with a Micro-B to type A cable too which is nice for non USB-C devices. 


    The drive is awesome for keeping my games on for when I’m booted into Windows via BootCamp and the large capacity in such a thin drive makes it really portable and versatile. 


    Makes the limited internal storage of my 2016 MacBook Pro seem irrelevant. The only problem now is only working with 2 Thunderbolt ports 😂


    Everything works out if I only need power and the drive plugged in otherwise I have to break out the dongles. 

  12. I think I may have found a new Youtuber to follow; that makes 7!


    1. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      Those thumbnails made me think that these were animations...

  13. 16GB of Trident Z RGB for $80?! No way I could pass on that. A friend of mine purges office buildings and comes across good stuff sometimes. I have nothing to put it in though... time to build something new lol.



    1. IamODIN


      :D i was i were you.. i want this!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Saw MKBHD's imac pro review,  good lawd that thing is factory sealed tight & non upgrade able as heck , i get the AIO "feature" perks are good to specific personals like hardcore office groups who could care less for the features/upgrade-able benefits (all the little bips of tuning & upgrading ,cleaning,maintaining) they just needs something that works silently & wont take up too much space or time fiddling into.


    but as a PC user & on that perspective , where the user is robbed of that freedom to even see whats inside & or do slight  manual upgrades & to fix the hardware if anything goes wrong is under the mercy of a payed 2nd party maintenance . that sort of stuff seems absurd & rip off.

    1. STRMfrmXMN


      Well to be fair all other parties do is use suction cups and remove the glue to the bezel.


      I say "only" because you too can do it but it sucks ass still tho

  15. when ya mixtape fire as fuck


    1. hey_yo_
    2. Dan Castellaneta

      Dan Castellaneta

      it's a laptop on fire


  16. IM NOT DEAD GUYS but some clown tried to blow himself up in the subway here in NYC yesterday but wound up just hurting himself big-time and giving 3 others minor injuries in the form of headaches and ear-ringing, and managed to screw over everyone's AM commute

    1. Tech_Dreamer




      Glad to hear that you're okay m8 .

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      where were you at that time?


      PS: near Christmas, so expect some other forms of attacks still but in low intensity(knives,acid,static ied's) , usually they stir up shit near this time .

    3. JDE

    1. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      Already saw it, pretty good.

  18. VR parenting 101


  19. Be polite.

    Be professional.

    Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

  20. Something I definitely don't miss about Android... the number of app crashes that occur. I've been using the A5 as a daily driver for 3 days now and Instagram has crashed at least once each day. 

  21. Yesterday
  22. Have used both GTX1060 3GB and a RX480 myself, I can strongly suggest this: get the GTX1060. 

    They perform almost the same, but the green team just have 

    1. Better cooling. (1 fan GTX1060 is a lot cooler than the duo fan RX480)
    2. Quieter operation. (yes, the single fan card is more quiet than the duo fan card even under load)
    3. Better Driver. (Nvidia's driver is a lot more stable than AMD one.) 
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    2. mrchow19910319


      @shadowbyte never learned how to use it to record gameplay... nor am I a streamer. 


      also the "more VRAM is better" thing is just a bust.... unless you are playing at 1440p extra high detail or 4k, 3GB of VRAM is more than enough... 


      And plus the lack luster performance I got from my Ryzen 1200 I can say that there is gonna be a while for me do to any sort of purchase from AMD.... (ok i didnt overclock it, but still. lackluster)

    3. shadowbyte


      the largest factor that pushed me from my 290x to a 980 was game performance

      even though the 290x was just as powerful when overclocked, I remember Watch Dogs being unplayable just because I had an AMD card on an NVIDIA title. Upon switching to a 980, my performance issues disappeared, even though the card's power was nearly identical.

    4. mrchow19910319


      i see. I remember seeing in GTA V is the same. 

      nvidia cards have a huge lead against AMD cards. 

  23. I like poo poo

  24. So you know how net neutrality will be repealed? 


    For me it will ultimately be a good thing. I spend waaaaaay too much time on youtube and other shitty wastes of my time. Maybe i'll get out and do a damn thing with my life finally. 

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    2. bob51zhang


      @Technicolors Probably. Both have Red majorities.

    3. DocSwag


      Congress is going for one last chance to save it.



      Whether it'll pass is arguable but it's still possible. Net neutrality isn't an effort by democrats; if you look at polls about an equal percentage of democrats and republicans support it.

    4. CUDA_Cores


      @shadowbyte At least I have the dignity to admit I have a problem unlike my friends who spend even more time than me online on snapchat .

  25. the new ARK DLC is out, and they're doing a stunning deal for the release, you can now buy all of it for the low low price of €66.77..


    that is honestly such an insane price it is an insult.

    1. AresKrieger


      I wouldn't even pay 5 bucks for that trainwreck, I tried it got annoyed with its stupid levels of grind then realized that was there to hide the quite apparent lack of content.

    2. manikyath


      its not a lack of content that is the issue, its that there's so much of it that nothing makes sense anymore.

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