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  2. Ordered the 3T! Thanks to everyone :)


    Meet up with a friend yesterday who has the 3 and it was pretty awesome.



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  4. even though the last assessment I handed in was last week, this coming week is midyearly exams


    doing every bit of maths homework from this term from scratch, fml

    1. chris76816


      Good Luck mate. I had my maths exam last week and got 58/60 so I was pretty happy with it. I'll try and organise something with Rohan so that we can maybe catch up soon.

    2. Droidbot


      I had mine last week as well, got 23/29. Not bad for literally 2 hours of work. 


    3. chris76816


      That's good to hear.

  5. > Gets an email from Apple saying there's unusual activity on my account

    > Realized the email address that email was sent to hasn't been tied to the Apple account in months.


    Feels like I'm the one baiting the phishers.

  6. So I have a little car amplifier I wanna use to run my (annoyingly) passive subwoofer on (its only a 160w amp but should be enough). Problem is its 12v DC and we use 120v AC for house power. So I thought why not get just get an inverter?!! Yeah..... I forgot that these amplifiers can draw anything from 5 amps to several hundred amps depending on its rating.... This amplifier would probably max out our 15 amp circuit breaker by itself... Having a led acid car battery (most likely 35amp) to run off inside would be ideal but highly unappreciated by my parents due to the toxins released from it and sealed batteries are quite expensive..... Any thoughts?

  7. So my new Noctua fan came super fast and wow the temperature differences in my system are insane. My GPU never has even seen 70C and my CPU hasn't seen 50C on a core....


    Not as quiet as the old fan when it worked but I think it just never moved air xD

    1. Comic_Sans_MS


      I have 3 Noctuas, but I cannot use any of them. 

    2. SurvivorNVL


      I'm probably going to get Fractal Venturi's and the Define S, replace my rig with AM4.

    3. Megah3rtz


      Case fan?? 

  8. Can't wait to ditch my Windows phone. I'm buying a Nokia 6 as soon as it gets released here. 9_9

    1. JuztBe
    2. Pandalf


      Yeah, I'm a fan of solid, reliable phones.

  9. So much uglyness

    But blueeeee


    you might like it @iamdarkyoshi

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    2. Megah3rtz


      Can't stand not being able to use your mouse for LTT that long? lol 

    3. deXxterlab97
    4. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      You know what, that's too much blue. Excessive orange is HELLA good...

  10. God I'm so glad I bought Synergy a while ago- makes this super easy to do with one keyboard and mouse.



    1. legacy99


      Agreed. I have been using Synergy for about 4 or 5 months now between my personal desktop and work laptop. Kind of cool to see Linus supporting it now with sponsor spots. 

    2. Jacktastic-Mofo


      @legacy99 I bought it over a year ago but hadn't used it much, now that I have my hackintosh setup now I will.

    3. legacy99


      I use it daily to go back and forth between my systems as a network engineer. Extremely useful. was recommended to me by a co worker instead of buying a physical KVM switch he said to give that a try. Have loved it ever since. 

  11. why don’t you have an avatar?


    1. Bleedingyamato


      Because every time I try to decide on one I get crippling indecisiveness and shelf the issue like a wuss...  😅

    2. Bleedingyamato


      Or is it *shelve*?

  12. This is what happens when I discover RGB MOV_0318.mp4

  13. I got back into playing an old game called HORDES

    its a flash zombie game played over sevral days, with 39 other players.

    try to survive as a group, manage resources, do expeditions to find them...


    its on a "daily action" style of thing, but its really diverse in what you can do.


    game was made like 8 ish years ago. at least xD

  14. I played a game at 200FPS for the first time since last week and it felt good.

    1. Bleedingyamato


      But no monitor can display that high...

  15. Tried Night Theme for a day or two.  Now I can't go back.  Changed back to Day Theme for a second and "Ow!  My eyes!"

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    2. techstorm970


      Sounds like a good idea.  Have an all black laptop with all black desktop themes, and call it the Black Mamba! ;):D

    3. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      Dark keyboard. Dark mouse. Dark YouTube theme. Dark Vivaldi theme. Dark forum theme.Capture.thumb.PNG.08e5bdc195ca704caf119d0472550351.PNGb8e0fc75-a793-4d25-bbcb-01608986d5c0.thumb.jpg.0593cf38afd141cf30b8e383ca9d22ea.jpg

      Image result for logitech k120

      Image result for logitech m90

      Image result for travelmate 5742

      I can assure you in real life these look blackish and grey. I even have a black monitor and TV.

      Image result for pview a1981W

      I can sadly not remember the LG TV's model number, it's 1080P and 42 inch...

    4. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      Glad you joined the dark side:P.

  16. So my Dad got a new laptop from his work. We did some investigating and it looks like it has some Skylake i7, 16 gigs of RAM, and a Quadro M1000M. 


    Specs look pretty decent...but what about that GPU?


    Anyone know anything? I was thinking we might play a few games together, now that he has a decent PC...but "1000" usually isn't a good number for Quadro...

    1. techstorm970



      Quadro M1000M is on par with Radeon HD 6870 and GTX 470.  (Source: NotebookCheck)

    2. wrathoftheturkey


      I've found notebook check to be pretty unreliable, but it's right -- the m1000m is trash:

  17. Sooooo…


    1. Energycore


      Next friday.

    2. Nicholatian


      Really? You’re going to make me wait that long to see your computer desk? 😧

    3. Energycore


      Oh shit I got those miked up xD



      This is my setup (new mouse :D)



      And this is my computer, as I use it.



  18. Loving Drakes way of approaching this tune , he blends his vocals in beautifully

    PS: Fake Official/Vevo

  19. Watched the Power Rangers movie and it was surprisingly pretty good

    1. Bleedingyamato


      Is it?    I'm super nervous after seeing how weird the new Alpha 5 looks...


      I miss the original versions...

  20. Our upcoming vr game, "The Ruins" is going to be one of the most innovative and best looking "roomscale only" games ever made. A complete adventure, epic story, and awesome puzzles solely using the roomscale abilities of the HTC Vive. Trailer and store page coming soon. 






    1. AluminiumTech


      Waiting for some none VR games from you.

    2. christianled59


      Lol you'll get some later this year. These are games we've been working on since we got our dev kits, so we gotta finish publishing these first. :P

  21. Who is the fake Steve Jobs on your cover photo? Definitely not Linus lol

    1. Daring


      Todd Howard.



    2. Nicholatian


      wow, what an obscure reference

    3. Daring


      The Todd Howard fandom is a weird one.


      Mostly because they actually hate the guy and are using his quotes ironically :P 

  22. So the month of march has been pretty rough for me mentally:
    >Great Grandmother is extremely sick
    >Uncle Passed less then a week ago
    >Car didn't want to start yesterday
    >Phone killed itself last night
    >I'm currently sick
    >And the rest of my family is trying to get rid of me it seems...

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    2. Daring


      idk why google is allergic to putting SD cards into their phones.

    3. KingCry


      I don't buy used Phones, that's like asking for hella trouble...

    4. Daring


      You should buy used laptops like me, my T420 is working swell /s

  23. it feels nice not having internet speeds that die every night again

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    2. Bleedingyamato


      @Nicholatian Your picture looks like an owl who's had enough of someone's shit.  😂

    3. Nicholatian


      yeah, he’s not very amused.

    4. Bleedingyamato


      I like it.  👍

  24. FINAL: Nuggets 125, Pacers 117


    Difference of the game: Nuggets were fouled 29 times, and they scored 40 points off foul shots.  The Pacers only had 8 points off 15 fouls

    1. techstorm970


      Player of the Game: Nikola Jokic.  30 points, 17 rebounds, 5 assists

  25. I should make a YouTube channel for help and how to videos on how I have things set up or how I do things. I feel like it would/could save a lot of people a lot of time. 

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Sounds cool ,  do send a link when you do , i'll subscribe to it if the contents good

    2. IAmLamp


      Thing is though, I don't think I would upload that much material. The plan would just be some nooks and crannies or helpful videos on how I have things setup or things that others have missed as well that I figure I could add to in detail. Kind of like references or archives or guides etc... 

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