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  2. horizon: zero dawn is beautiful



    1. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      :) Me wanty! :)

  3. Today

    1. Frankie


      Agent 47 picked up a new hobby.

    1. Coaxialgamer


      Never liked antifa tbh .Political extremsist .

  5. GeForce 210 SLI and OC. 


    We're doing it, boys.

    1. arvark
    2. TheGhzGuy


      That sounds hilarious.



      I want to do it.

    3. RandoNandoz
  6. In case anyone would want to look at my new animations, my channel:


    feel free to roast me haha

  7. Saw this gem on Twitter. At 5:45, Linus said:

    "If you put SSDs in a NAS, you're an idiot."

    Uhm, what about his SSD server?

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      old interview , But good point xD He made an idiot of himself at that time , But dem transfer speeds doe.

  8. Retailer is just about to drop the package to the courier. Should have my new shiny within 24h. Yay!

    1. Lurick


      Hail to the shiny!!

    2. revsilverspine


      I need to get my RGB ready too

  9. Welp. Lost 2kg over the weekend somehow. Wonder if it was just a fluke weight loss or something I can exploit to get back to a healthy weight.

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    2. revsilverspine


      I actually ate more than usual, per se.

      Breakfast, lunch and something light for dinner. I usually don't get to eat until 11-12 and then I eat again at about 19-20.

      I'm going to try to have breakfast and lunch from now on. Gots to get under 100k by the end of the year.

    3. Minibois


      Sometimes it's not all about the quantity you eat, but also about what contents your food has (obviously). Maybe you are some good vedgies this weekend. Either way, keep it up!


      I have been struggling for years with weight too now and find that eating at proper times, not eating too much and cycling from and to work helped.

    4. revsilverspine


      My diet's been messed up for the past 3-4 years, but noticeable ever since I got a job. The people I've talked to say it could also be related to stress and, since I'm quitting fairly soon I stopped giving a crap about work

  10. Dear Friends!
    This is my first participation here in this forum!
    I'm in dire need! I've have a budget of 600$
    I want to Buy 3 components
    1) Motherboard(200$ budget) 2) Graphic card(200$ Budget) 3) RAM(200$)
    I'm a Graphic designer and i handle huge projects that need great computing.
    I also want to get into gaming as well.
    I'm a huge fan of ASUS motherboards and AMD RYZEN range.
    I NEED YOU TO PLEASE SUGGEST ME THE BEST COMPONENTS that are well compatible with each other!
    I'm from INDIA! Please help me as new TAX laws are put into effect from july and the prices will skyrocket so i need to buy these within 30th! please help!!

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    2. revsilverspine


      If you want an Asus motherboard, you're looking at the Prime B350 Deluxe to keep in budget.

    3. itsjustLalith


      Thank you so much for your response! That was very helpful! are there any issues with the bios now? are the new updates well enough? I saw few older articles of having problem with getting less out of the clock speed with rams!

    4. revsilverspine


      I can't provide any first hand info, to be honest (my new components arrive tomorrow), but most people complaining had other issues or issues that had been resolved since

  11. Any one know what educational background Linus & Luke have?

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    2. Minibois


      Luke dropped out of (I think mechanical) engineering and is thinking about going back and I think Linus didn't finish college eithrr, but was pursuing.. something close to engineering as well.


      Linus worked at NCIX and works his way up the ladder, until becoming product manager there and Luke just applied at Linus when Linus was looking for a camera guy and editor at his than new venture LinusTechTips.


      The vast majority of the editors did education and BCIT.


      There is some more Linus info in the whole 'how did I become LinusTechTips' video interview thing.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      Nice, Thanks MB

    4. DocSwag


      @Minibois I think Luke was pursuing cs not mechanical. I believe it was mentioned in stuff like the floatplane video.

  12. First exam of finals week didn't go too well but f*ck off I just want it to end lol. 

    1. revsilverspine


      Lowest passing grade is the best grade, yo

  13. More random FFXIV shenanigans.



  14. Two Whoppers for $6 - I feel bloated. Why oh why did I eat them, fuck, shoulda ordered a fry or shake or Jalapeno thingys. Now I gotta wake up at 7:30am when my normal routine is waking up at noon, then walking around naked for a few hours.

    1. Aytex



      then walking around naked for a few hours.

      Image result for lenny

    2. yathis


      I am unsure how to take that @Aytex

  15. Help me name my new PCs! New Build 4790K, New Build Ryzen 7 and New Build 6500 all need real names:

    1. yathis


      Name your PC, "MyPC"

    2. Bleedingyamato


      Why is that 1060 listed at over $400?  😳


      Is that case any good?


      How about R2D2?  That's a cool name for something white and the-blue?  😄

  16. just picked up a Panasonic G7!

    more accurately, I chose the camera for my mother, who is looking to get into videography. imo, it's the best camera for the price that I paid (597), and 4k just looks fantastic.

    should be here on wednesday. 

    prepare for some super high res PC shots

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    2. yathis


      If I fall asleep before midnight I am happy.

    3. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      Ooooooh. And it shoots 4K? My cousin rented a RED camera for a shoot, and that 4K is the crispier video I've ever seen. Especially since (I used to work for him) we used to only shoot 1080p. 

    4. shadowbyte



      so stoked

  17. Ordered an M.2 drive for the HTPC and B&H Photo offers me SATA cables as add-ons... 


    About that...

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    2. yathis
    3. wrathoftheturkey


      A thought singularity? bruh

    4. revsilverspine


      B&H are idiots (let's just say I have weekly headbutting sessions with them)

  18. i218-v vs i210


    Is there any difference between these Intel Lan Controllers?

  19. Our bones may turn to stone but hearts like ours don't rust

    1. WereCat


      True, they just rot.

    2. YedZed


      @WereCat fair enough 😂


    3. YedZed


      Also, bone calcification isn't as common as you make it out to be.


  20. My gpu is dying at the perfect time, no card in my price range is even available at it's normal price. Thank you miners 

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    2. PianoPlayer88Key


      My brother's GTX 780 died yesterday, so he's looking at getting an ASUS STRIX GTX 1080.  I suggested a couple EVGA cards in the same price range that are about 1.2" shorter.  (His current card interferes with his HDD bays.)


      For now, he's playing on his 4770K's iGPU, and says it's "terrible - 28fps 800x600 low in ARK:SE".  I'm considering maybe letting him borrow my EVGA 1060 SC 3GB temporarily until he gets a new card.  (I'm not gaming much on my desktop for now, & if I need to game, my laptop has a 970M & 6700K.)

    3. TheGhzGuy


      Yikes. That sucks ass. Sorry about that :/


      I hope those prices go back to normal ASAP. (Doesn't matter for me as much as I use low end or old hardware, but still. Sucks to be in that position)

    4. PianoPlayer88Key


      I personally think prices were too high even before the mining craze.  Look at the price the GTX 285 launched at - that's what I think an x80-class card SHOULD be.  ($359).  $500-1000 should be reserved for workstation/server cards.  (Same with CPUs - MicroCenter's Black Friday price on an i7-xxxxK is what the regular price on a top HEDT CPU should be, IMO, with $1K reserved for the Xeon E7-8xxx flagships.  But I don't think we'll ever see that, even if AMD goes crazy low with their pricing & prices their CPUs at 25-33% above cost.)

  21. Tomorrow I go to a computer scrap yard for the first time!! It's probably just a bunch of old PC's sold for high prices since they "work"


    Oh well lets see!

  22. Yesterday
  23. the only reason I am bitcoin mining is so I can buy games off steam, thats literally it.

    1. Damascus


      Oh ya don't want to buy Crack on the deepweb?!?!?!?!?

    2. themctipers


      >bitcoin mining


      that's not profitable without spending a couple thousand. :)

    3. imreloadin


      Why don't you mine something that actually will be profitable like Ethereum? Make the money there then simply exchange it for bitcoin if that's what you really want.

  24. LTT Forums are a great time waster!!!!!

    1. Princess Cadence

      Princess Cadence

      Awesome replacement for the old boring social media websites nonetheless.

    2. DocSwag


      Yeah normally I spend like 1-1/2 hrs a day on it. Now it's summer so it's more like 3-4 :P  

  25. Seeing that the CPU doesn't meet the requirements during a Windows XP install-priceless.

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    2. Dabombinable


      Please don't say that, the motherboard will kill itself again :(

    3. themctipers


      my pentium 2 300mhz decided to go fuck itself because dust particles floating around in the ubobservable universe

    4. Dabombinable


      Lol, still got my Pentium II 233 in working order despite heavy corrosion on the heatsink+rivets and the fan seizing up. Unfortunately my Pentium III cooler and after market Celeron cooler aren't compatible so its useless.

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