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  1. Today
  2. And it's done:



    Let me know if you also want me to make an album for my last two city visits, namely for Berlin and London ?

  3. trying to hide you made a status


    i know it

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Luke Savenije - FBI

  4. *Working on my gallery for barcelona*

  5. ... i wonder if the idea of having the PCH on a PCIe card instead of being on the motherboard has ever floated in motherboard makers' minds. especially with all the cooling capacity AMD says X570/TRX40 needs to be ready for 🤔

    1. Ryan_Vickers


      I'm not sure how that would work.  Seems a bit recursive to me but perhaps I just don't understand the technology well :P


      I see no reason it couldn't be socketed though, but I think this is probably not often (never?) done because it doesn't really provide any benefit.  It's likely that motherboards could not simply have their chipset upgraded without also changing other circuitry, and if they could, the excuse to not offer it would probably be lack of new motherboard sales.


      Either way, if the concern is cooling it seems like an entirely separate consideration.  I am a strong believer in never having fans on a motherboard, so if cooling is an issue, I think they should either build it into the CPU, or find a way to manage it passively, whether that means bigger heatsinks and/or heatpipes to use the VRM cooling for the PCH.

  6. I sometimes wish there was a program that did for video what Equalizer APO can do for audio.  Thankfully it doesn't come up often, but when it does, it would sure be nice.

  7. P A L   S O U N D T R A C K


  8. An addition to this previous post about SSD and Flash drive pricing: https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/265114-ryan_vickers/?status=250441&type=status


    Just adding HDDs to the mix now.  All the same selection conditions apply.





    Bonus chart with the same "exponential spacing" as the previous flash one for direct comparison on the shape.  Don't be fooled, this is also steep, it just looks more linear above due to additional data points with equal spacing not based on the capacity.




    I should clarify, as with the previous post, I've used "GB" just because that's a familiar term, and I've gone with the 1024 multiplier since it sort of comes out naturally as a result of starting from small flash drive capacities like 16 GB and doubling as you go up, but strictly speaking, the point for "16384 GB" is really "16 TB", aka 16 trillion bytes.  I feel this won't make a significant difference in the numbers.  Anyway, on to the value chart:




    As with before, this confirms some things that I've felt lately.  Specifically, that 4 TB is the sweet spot, but with higher capacities up to and including 8 TB also being a decent option.


    If I now superimpose the two charts for the sake of comparison, it's clear why HDDs are still preferred for affordable bulk storage:




    Apologies for doing this visually and not just adding this line but I didn't think to keep the old document and didn't feel like recreating it just for this lol

  9. https://www.floatplane.com/video/1jFiXmOENX



    Here's another (obviously different) video on one of the featured products just so non-floatplane people know what I'm talking about.


    Very cool technology.  The 45:1 split is particularly interesting.


    I've said before that when it comes to traditional flat displays as we know them, there is not now, nor will there ever be, a need for more than 8K.  It's truly an "end game" resolution, dictated to be so by the reality of our biology.  If you have an 8K panel, you can sit close enough to see the pixels, or far enough to actually see a reasonable amount of it all at once, but never both.  The rule for a display to be "retina" is that regardless of resolution, you don't see pixels at normal viewing distance.  My 8K claim is simply taking that concept to it's logical limit, factoring out field of view, distance, and size for a single maximum reasonable value.  I continue to stand by this claim.


    However, at the same time I also acknowledged that in the future, there would likely be new technology that I could not imagine which would not be in any way beholden to this same rule, and it appears we already have one in a big way.  To get the same kind of fidelity with something like this, due to that 45:1 split, you would need a 55k base panel!

  10. Here for a long time not a good time x 

    1. handymanshandle


      I'm here for neither

    2. floofer


      @handymanshandle unlucky because you’re good time to me.

  11. hey what if I bought a corsair k63


    I mean, it's got great gaming performacnm- performance, how could it be bad?


    (that's an actual typo because I laughed as I was typing that, I kept it in to make this status Funny)

    1. Bananasplit_00


      Angry clacking noises

  12. Daily reminder that Razer isn’t even second to Apple. Levono is.

    1. dizmo


      In regards to what?

    2. floofer
    3. dizmo


      Yeah, but what about them?
      If you mean sales, only a fool would think Razer is anywhere near the top.

  13. DEB04082-526C-4110-B8FE-A84A1D89A0E3.thumb.png.b8584edec82e20f744b54a29eaed9c52.png

    updated my public Twitter (don’t follow just enjoy) 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. floofer


      @Nowak No worries everyone has their hobby.

    3. Nowak


      Keyboards are my hobby but I'm more involved in furry Twitter than keyboard Twitter

    4. floofer


      @Nowak I get both, @sowon and you both follow my private Twitter. 

  14. Added some LTT wallpapers.



  15. AMD's dinamic res tech is increbible. Like holy crap something like Crysis 3 was able to mantain 30-40 FPS in areas where it normally dips to low 20's. Cant wait to try it out in GTA Online 

  16. Sooo close to doing my minecraft performance chart across the ages.. I just need the 1.15 release to be done being updated and I'll be all set. Gonna test every version of minecraft from release to now on my first gaming machine (which was idled at 50% cpu usage on windows) and see how the performance has changed, I figured since my machine is so obsolete any improvements should be very noticable 

  17. I heard you folks like Skyrim? 


  18. i wish i could recreate my interest in gaming, currently i don't feel like playing games at all anymore and it's been like this for few years now :/

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      i uninstalled the last game from my PC last February i think. haven't played any PC games at all for a while.

  19. The pictures from under display cameras actually look good. Looks like this will be the end for notches. 

  20. Thought I could continue soldering but lost my lead free solder. :/ Just old style 60/40 750µm and 200µm.


    - It is fine to place the caps on the backside (if you just care about the LED functioning) 

    - looks like I don't need bulk capacitance as USB power from the arduino nano is clean enough

    - following PCBs will have black ws2812b on them for aesthetic reasons.

  21. Decided to take another stab at 3D modeling (think last time I even touch any 3D modeling software was back on a 2500K, poor thing).


    WIP atm.  Watching a tutorial and working on this donut.

    If curious, software being used is solely Blender 2.81.



    Little update, some texture painting added.


  22. image.png.25a05fc5dd57168f834916411af5b1a2.png


    Ooooh. Shiny  😍

    1. AluminiumTech





    2. MEC-777


      Thanks for reminding me to install this. ;) 

  23. The Egg of Rot on Motorland in Gran Turismo 4


  24. Hey guys I lost access to my main account, @Navneet hence I had to create this one. I was stupid to create it with a temporary email ID hence couldn't activate it after even though I had the password, because I couldn't retrieve the login token :/ . Anyways this will be my new home If I don't get that back  :)

    1. OlympicAssEater
    2. thenginxwizard


      @OlympicAssEater I am already in touch with LTT Support via Email, They said they will not remove the 2FA sadly. I just checked the email. I can prove the ownership of the temporary email as I have the proof of creation email in my primary mailbox.I have sent them a request for the same lets hope they see my case & reconsider it.

    3. thenginxwizard


      @colonel_mortis What do you think I should do?

  25. Windows Phone dies and Doom turns 26


    Happy December 10

    1. Caroline


      I had a windows phone


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