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  2. A law firm is an association of lawyers who practice law. It is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law. Usually, the members of a law firm share clients and profits. Traditionally, the law firms were partnerships. Currently, the law firms are organized in a variety of ways, depending on the jurisdiction in which the firm practices.


  3. This is odd, I dont feel tired for once in a while xD


  4. Need help instaling Windows 10 from usb 

  5. What are you doing in my recommended?


  6. Do you guys want me to do my own guide on how to undervolt CPU+GPU in a simpler form?

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    2. GeneXiS_X


      Huh? I didn't know that. Any links for me to read?

    3. Jurrunio


      no links, I just remember asking someone in the forums using a 20 series card, and he said it's gone. Not sure if that's just early drivers or he doesnt know what I'm talking about in the first place though

    4. GeneXiS_X


      Just done some Googling, it's still there in 20 series cards

  7. My new wallpaper




    1. LukeTheCoder05
    2. iLostMyXbox21


      I saw it and I just had to

  8. I really want to post this on tech news and see people laughing at it....


  9. Today
  10. I ended up losing weight for no reason

    1. LukeSavenije


      we call that metabolism

    2. Lukyp


      Nah I just lose appetite but for really no reason, I barely eat one dish for lunch and dinner

    3. Windows7ge


      Me after graduating high-school.

  11. Lots of trending videos from Linus lately, not sure if it's due to contents popularity or they switched to a new channel partner that pushes the content to more audience for visibility.

    1. VegetableStu


      channel partner? o_o what's that do

  12. List of some cool new features that Google is working on and will probably launch in android Q (the next version of Android).


    System-wide dark theme

    Google is also working on (almost done?) having dark theme in all their popular first party apps. It's not known yet if enabling dark theme in Android also turns it on inside apps though. Google is however working on a setting for forcefully applying a dark theme to apps which doesn't have it natively, though the results are right now kind of mixed with some apps breaking a bit.

    The dark theme can be scheduled to automatically apply at certain times a day, always, or never.


    Update to permissions

    Android will get even more granular permissions. For example, it will be possible to restrict individual apps to only be able to access location information while the app is in use. Other than that not much seems to have changed on a technical level. Cosmetic changes to the app page including a quick way to filter which applications has access to a certain permission has been added though (for example you can see a list of which apps has access to your contacts, or location information). You can also see an average of how many notifications a certain app sends.


    Desktop mode

    Not much info is out yet, but it will most likely work like Samsung DeX. You connect a USB-C docking station, plug in a monitor along with a mouse/keyboard and you'll probably be able to run Android apps in individual windows.


    Screen recording

    Not much to say, other than an early build of Android Q includes a built in way of recording your screen.



    In simple terms, further separate the OEM portion of Android from the core Android code, making it possible to update parts of Android without messing with OEM code(and thus, possibly be able to update more parts of Android without the OEMs having to do any modifications).


    In a bit more technical terms...

    Right now a large part of Android, its runtimes and frameworks are stored in a read only system partition. It seems like Google has taken inspiration of how Magisk works and implemented that into AOSP. What it does is save these packages inside a folder called /apex/, and during boot everything in that folder gets mounted into /system/, instead of actually being saved there permanently (if the files has valid and trusted digital signatures).


    What this means is that Google should be able to make updates to their packages independently of other OEMs, thus allowing for even greater changes to Android without OEM interference than they can do today.


    It also means that vendor specific packages (such as Samsung's skin) would potentially be removed and/or replaced with much greater ease as well. Just replace the package with something else (which is signed, but that should be possible to do with root access). Although, it is entirely possible that OEMs will try and combat this by ignoring using it, or implementing other checks to avoid having their stuff removed. Hopefully Google will make it mandatory like they did with Treble.


    This is similar to how more ttraditional GNU/Linux distros such as Ubuntu functions (for example GNOME being a separate package which can be updated individually from the kernel, and vice versa).

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    2. LAwLz


      I haven't seen anyone use it either, but I think it's an interesting concept that could go somewhere in the future.

      I don't think businesses will move to it (too much legacy stuff) but I think home users will move away from desktop and laptop computers. Plugging your phone into a large screen with mouse and keyboard could push a lot of users over that bump of replacing their pc. 

    3. MoonSpot


      Personally looking forward to see what their system wide dark theme looks like.  Could save me the trouble of having to customize every instance I run in to anything google.


      Permissions should have been taken much more seriously long ago; and even with this, if it were to come to pass in the most idyllic sense, google would still harvest the daylights out of everything.  I still get offended any time I checkout the processes running and am taken aback by how superfluous and insidious even stock android is.  Makes me miss blackberry having an OS out there as an option between the great wall of ios and android whoresville.  Lament windows mobiles absence less and less the more I experience Win10 though.


      Desktop mode and screen capture might've been more interesting if I were remotely interested in a powerful android tablet. However, since the ones that exist are very inferior to competitors in just about every way, especially software wise;  I just can't bring myself to think of an instance I'd care for either of those 2 features.  To be frank I would have assumed they were already a thing.  Could have sworn casting and or chrome browser kinda, sorta, did the desktop mode thing before.


      Apex is interesting enough.  I'd say security wise, but its more the devil you know than anything else.  I do not have a lot of faith in googles software.  They rarely follow through, and can't remember an instance where I got the impression that a perfectionist had any hand in development.  Aside from data raping anyways.


      ThX for the synopsis @LAwLz

    4. Lukyp


      I'm happy this could improve Android core system updates, but I always been concerned on how OEMs handle Android devices, if they drop support for a specific device you could be sure to get fucked in the future for eventual security kernel patches or updates, clearly instead of pushing some changes to the Android source code they prefer to do shitty things

      All they should need to do is make their drivers + proprietary blobs behave with a DKMS-like approach so kernel version fragmentation shouldn't be a thing anymore (This also requires the drivers+blobs to be compatible with the kernel in question  but that's not a problem in the last years) 
      This is what happens for proprietary NVIDIA drivers for eventual kernel updates, where you need the source code, you don't with DKMS

      There is also the issue where some OEM's modify the underlying Android "Linux" programs, not the framework ones, I mean the binaries and configuration itself even on non-modified Android flavours, example, wpa_supplicant for comply with some strange made wifi drivers (i've seen on some chinese tablets) which could potentially interfere in the eventual new way of those Android updates? I mean if those include them because I don't either know if the Android source code includes them (they should)
      God there is also how OEM's handle cameras..It's messy and I don't know how could the update process work especially on custom Android flavours like EMUI or everything else, where they also modify basically everything
      All that said just to say It's common that some changes in the system could require the OEM to manually edit configuration files for example

      Maybe I misunderstood I don't clearly understand what specific components they will update I'm basically mindfucking myself with this lol

      My biggest concern with Android is the shitty way it needs the OEM to touch everything, clearly this could partially solve the problem but not how I would like...

  13. Wifi maxing out in the living room on my Sony XperiaXZ2. 1Gbit threaded speed though.The router is a Linksys WRT3200ACM


  14. IMG_20190117_175623_305.thumb.jpg.2866e9d5f3647bd729a788926f641449.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      how much more vram does this mod give?

    3. kameshss


      damn. that's a nice mod.

    4. LukeSavenije


      how to add vram according to the verge

  15. been a long time since I touched quick file recovery tools ._. someone got into trouble CTRL-X-CTRL-V-ing to a HDD with a shaky connection ._.

    1. Mayushii


      This is why I always copy and not move when transferring important stuff. 

    2. VegetableStu


      and yet i always shift-delete ._. dammit habits

  16. I just did a quick test with G-Sync on my Freesync display.

    I didn't see any noticeable tearing.


    It seems to work even though I do have a VA panel which isn't the snappiest of display technologies.

    All in all, this is a real good thing, the amount of displays that now supports G-Sync is much higher now, and you don't have to shell out a lot of money to get adaptive sync with an Nvidia card now.


    TLDR, Nvidia should have done this years ago, but better late then never.

  17. The fact that I can hit ~150 FPS in CSGO with this shitty A8-6600k proves that CSGO is a crazy easy game to run. I'm so excited to get my i7-9700k, the userbenchmark comparison really puts my current CPU in the trash. I know userbenchmark isn't the most accurate, but the difference in performance of the two CPU's for literally everything shouldn't be hard to spot.

    Screenshot 2019-01-16 at 10.58.58 PM.png

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. handymanshandle


      too bad you probably can't maintain a proper 60 with that same cpu in tf2

    3. mxk.


      @Bananasplit_00 almost. 1024x768 with mostly low texture and model settings. My 1070 Ti gave me some more headroom actually.


    4. mxk.


      Last time I played tf2 I think I held 60 on standard settings. It's been too long, plus tf2 doesn't spike my interest..

  18. Noticed conflicting info on the Corsair website for the RM750x (2018) that says Titanium 80+ rating in the tech specs, but it still says 80+ gold in the product title and description. @Corsair Nick

    Another stuff up by the website team? Checking Cybernetics efficiency testing and the RM750x (2018) they tested doesn't meet titanium requirements.


  19. I became nocturnal a week before I go back to college.. I have betrayed myself 

  20. This might be a bit weird for anyone who knows me, but I've always considered myself to be humble and unassuming, which would explain a lot of things about me, ranging from my PC choice to my political stances.

    I've never been one to boldly put one single character trait on a pedestal (namely, my sexuality), but rather, I let everyone figure out what they think of me based on what I say and do. Likewise, I don't put one single thing on my PC as my character, but rather, my whole rig can be used to sum up the person I am.

  21. I present: The $50 GAMING pc.

    Specs: Q8400, 6gb Ram, 320Gb HDD (7.2k rpm), and a Gtx 460.

    It runs Borderlands 2 on all high settings with very far view distance, the lowest I hit during intense action was 55fps for a short second. I'll benchmark more games tomorrow. 




    1. mxk.


      dude where's the airflow?

  22. "I have no special talent. I'm only passionately curious."

  23. Screenshot_20190116-214752_YouTube.thumb.jpg.c7a52c3502f645581a2015209ce11730.jpg


    An artist's rendition of a Scraggy.

  24. Why is it wrong to be a white man in today's society? Coming from a Mexican man, I simply can't understand it.

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    2. mxk.


      Yup. I remember my dad, mom and I got pulled over for some tiny little driving choice my dad decided to make and my mom said that the police were racial profiling my dad because he looks browner in the summer with him being a Filipino (that means theres spanish in him, too) and greek mix. 


      What's funny is we live outside of Portland, Oregon and everyone including my family is pretty liberal. Not sure what the police were doing, maybe they had a slow day and were looking to do something? Not sure.

    3. Techstorm970


      @handymanshandle I believe that most people judge each other based on personality, as they should.  Every once in a while, though, you come across a stinker who is too shallow to do that.

    4. Spotty



      Why is it wrong?


      1. Males are not females.

      2. Whites are not minorities.

      @Techstorm970 Did you just assume their gender and race? REEEEEEEEEEEEE

  25. James Arthur's voice...


  26. Screenshot_20190116-213338_YouTube.jpg.8dff5c5d4418571ffd7a4680a096f494.jpg


    Wait, what?

    1. WereCat



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