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  2. So I was going to do my laundry, the machine only accepted $1 and 20 cents.

    I brought my wallet, full of coins. Turned out I didn't have $1 and 20 cents, I only brought 50 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, and $2.
    Why though....

  3. Today
  4. I got board, so here, have some Spaghetti. Oh, btw, make sure you volume is down.....

  5. Am I the only one who like this kind of music?

    1. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus



      Reminds me of this.


      But yeah i usually listen to this kind of music while working/studying, because songs with lyric will collide with the text im working on/reading, so i listen to insturmental / music with no lyrics.

  6. When you see it... 



    1. Ryan_Vickers


      It looks like it's screaming "kill me please"

    2. D13H4RD2L1V3
  7. Anyone who bitches about the Pixel 3 XL notch should just disable it in the settings. Absolutely no reason to bitch.




    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. DIV1D3


      Well Oppo with their Find X has an interesting way of going about it, and as you mentioned, Samsung has their under-screen stuff going. I foresee without a doubt that sensors and speakers will be built in under the display within not so many years. 

      Not sure exactly how a camera under the display would work though. 

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      It should be possible.  I've heard that OLED can be made transparent, so that should work.  Just turn the screen off in that one spot while the camera is active.  I'm sure I'm greatly oversimplifying it but I feel it should be doable.

    4. DIV1D3


      Sounds very possible. 

      Also an update on the notch situation with my P20 Pro, I set it to disabled in general, and the top part of the display below the notification bar is curved, weird how they don't do that when it's done for specific apps. It's generally useless the background being displayed in the notification bar, but hey, more of my neato wallpaper is a plus for me. 



      Anyways, I'm done talking about notches, played enough Minecraft when I was 15 way back when.


    1. manikyath


      he does what now?

    2. VegetableStu


      alternative gag: Facebook

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      He doesn't have enough money to do this for everything that needs it.  I'm not sure anyone does.

  9. somehow Jack Ma popped into my mind when I heard "Chinese Mr Burns" o_o

  10. if any of you saw a bad mashup of crab rave and megalovania on twitter I just want to apologize for that shitty meme

  11. Wtf Reddit? I post one reply and then go to post a reply to the thread and I get an 8min timeout before I can comment again? What the hell? 

    1. Ryan_Vickers


      That sounds too high to be a rate limiting thing.  Were you microbanned or something? lol

    2. DrMacintosh


      No, just commenting in the Its Always Sunny sub reddit 

  12. Holy shit the xps 15 is well built


    1. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      yes yes it is very well bilt

    2. Ryan_Vickers


      How well built is it? (I feel like I'm setting you up for a joke)

    3. Hackentosher


      Built better than your dad last night #ayo




    what is the msi dragon meme, the only 'meme' I know of it is r34 of it .. 


  14. So currently I am enjoying the Android x86 experience on my laptop. Unfortunately there isn't proper support for Google Play Movies and such, but that's the least of my problems, there have been a few errors with the weather notification, battery, etc. It showed it was 55 Degrees Celcius in Edmonton today lol. Otherwise Android x86 is very stable, it can be a struggle to install for some people, I recommend using the auto installer with TrustedGrub. Because I am using this as the only OS on this computer, I used EXT4 to make sure I could use all the space on my drive. Only use NTFS if you are dual booting, because you will be limited to 8.00 GB otherwise.

    1. DocSwag
    2. DrMacintosh


      Yeah no, if you have x86 hardware run an x86 based OS. Conversely if you have ARM hardware run an ARM based OS. 

    3. Being Delirious

      Being Delirious

      Im running on a x64 computer, there is support for it now.

  15. I don’t understand rant threads... what’re you going to accomplish by saying “Ubisoft games are unoptimized” or “EA sux.” 


    The developers aren’t going to read your generic statements and drastically change everything overnight. 


    Why do people make them? It’s not like they’re expressing anything new. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. germgoatz
    3. fpo


      I mean... we could have people do more drugs too ig lol

    4. lewdicrous
  16. Anyone want a GTX 1060 with 6GB of GDDR5X? 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Jurrunio


      Let me see how many 1060s are there... There's the 1060 3gb, 1060 3gb mobile, 1060 3gb Max-Q, 1060 6gb 8Gbps, 1060 6gb Mobile, 1060 6gb Max-Q, 1060 5GB, 1060 6GB 9Gbps already, now 1060 D5X... 9th 1060, 5th desktop 1060. I assume this is Nvidia's response to 12nm RX 580 (2304 SP)? I'm not sure which one is cheaper, a new process node or a bigger core...


      I won't buy one because I don't need one, just amazed how two companies are fighting over each other by creating things that are merely a little stronger than the old one, but they still make it anyway because all they care is 'winning'.

    3. TopHatProductions115


      We need a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (GDDR5X/HBM2) with at least 10Gbps, 7% more CUDA cores, a 200MHz higher clock speed, dual fans, and NVLink. That'll be the perfect special edition GTX 1060. Kill off the other variants, and release this for 350 USD @MSRP. That'll fix the dumpster fire...

    4. dizmo
  17. So many idiotic AMD fanboys these days... Some people can't fathom anyone having different priorities and budget than them. *shrug*

    1. imreloadin
    2. Windows7ge


      I'm not quite understanding what you're getting at. AMD fanboys hating on people who opts for other vendors to suit their needs?

    3. Dark_wizzie


      Exactly Windows7ge. AMD fanboys shout so loudly I will get tinnitus for days.

  18. If the world is at peace for some reason tomorrow, news agencies will make common stuff looks like blood-churning issues , they're kite sellers depended on a chaotic hurricane to keep their lively hoods up.

    1. DaPhuc


      The world will never be peace. If there are good guys, than there will be bad guys. If there are smart guys than there will be dumbass guys. 

    2. TopHatProductions115


      If the world was at peace, there would be no news agencies. :| 

    3. imreloadin


      More like, if the world is at peace then that means there aren't any people there anymore @TopHatProductions115

  19. I have no idea if I want to collect the Xbox One versions of modern titles, or if I want to collect the PS4 or Switch versions of them (exclusives aside). I know some games are optimized better for certain systems, and I did hear that PC optimization isn't the best, but I'm wondering which would be my best bet in terms of console game collecting and obtaining, from this generation specifically.

  20. Hi in your water cooling build you used some white tubing, it looks matte, what tubing and size did you use?



    1. Zandvliet


      Hi, I used the Bitspower None Chamfer Crystal Link Tube OD 12MM

    2. Zandvliet


      The product code from Bitspower is BP-NCCLT12ACWH-L500

  21. Elon is the man. He save us from cancer and restore humanity faith.



  22. I saw a McLaren today. I was really suprised and impressed to see a car of such value,  but then I realized I saw multiple jets that easily cost 50 times that in the same day. Funny how rarity affects our preception of worth.

  23. #First

    lol - time for more 'QuickBitz' :P 

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      It was to be expected , but this usually calms down as in everything that happened before,  as of now it is a "mishap" & people who are responsible have been charged with an unfair verdict , so ... stuff goes on.



    2. TopHatProductions115


      Still, Saudi Arabia's probably gonna regress now if things get out of hand...

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