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  2. Found a 32" 1440p 144Hz monitor with BOTH FreeSync and G-Sync support, at a resonable price too!! What is this magic?!?

    1. Droidbot


      reasonable price


      one kidney?

    2. Lurick


      Well it seems to be Europe only right now but $575 or ~450 GBP

  3. good news for both of my current projects! its still 9 days before i get my money but i have calculated it to be sufficient with about $90 left in the pocket for eventiual costs like the 1080 setting me back more then im planning(Vega seems to have pushed UP the used price of 1080s -_-) and any shipping costs i missed. basically this means my original prediction for the Toaster Project has been extremely accurate lol. total work time left is only about 12h or less and then il have two awesome computers to play with, awesome that i can get this done before the NTI Halloween LAN :D 

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  5. All I wanted to buy a the proprietary M.2 standoff for my Asus mobo but apparently they are pretty much impossible to get hold of, so in desperation I bought the £20 Asus M.2 PCI card just for the stupid standoff screws.... Maybe i'll use the card as a coaster or something

  6. Check out my PC games list guide!

    Help add to it if you can. 


  7. Hmm, that name looks familiar...


  8. wow. just got the "settings above medium all look the same" and then i said there can usiually be a noticable diffrence he said "oh but you need to keep texture and effects on ultra" which compleatly fucking defeates the purpose of the first statement, thats not medium, thats medium-ultra and just because you dont notice AA dosent mean i dont -_- some people.... he even has a 4k screen and a 980TI, i dont understand this person

  9. BoQ9PsQ.png


    Completely auto tertiary timings, and still 36.9ns. This might be it. This just might be the configuration I need to break 35ns. Sorry Apex, but it looks like I needed a little more... potential. An infinite amount of it. Get it? Because TaiChi is about being in a state of infinite potential? Yeah, I went there. 

  10. I'm actually really starting to like FireFox :D.


    Other than the fact that it lets me see how much web cache I need to get rid of :(.



    1. themctipers


      I don't like firefox because it has a shit UI on iOS. other than that, yeah i'd use it (because it uses less resources on desktop)

  11. Finally got my own domain email setup up with Exchange. :D


    It's all running from my house. ;)




  12. If only we had old dex. Then maybe we would have a hope or someone getting 69,420 posts.

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    2. deXxterlab97


      if you see him say hi to him for me

    3. RGProductions
    4. Tech_Dreamer


      i shouldn't have made him pay attention to that :'(  #BlueTears

  13. Tbh I'm kinda torn, I don't really like the idea of possibly spending $200 tomorrow but I really want an S8+. $130 comes from what will be left to pay on the phone bill and then $76 left owed on my phone.

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    2. wcreek


      very bad like about a 4 hour SoT for good days.

    3. wcreek


      Like I'm at not even an hour SoT and my battery is down to 59%. Now I know some of that is background apps that I could get rid of or kill but that's silly imo.

    4. STRMfrmXMN


      My iPhone 5S is about 3 months old (had to get a new one under warranty) and SoT of an hour would probably deplete it to 70% or so, I'd guess?


      59% isn't too bad for an Android phone of a few years old really.

  14. any one else plan on watching the entire season of defenders tonight 

  15. I have returned. Also, just acquired some Sennheiser 598 CS's and I am loving it. 


  16. This has to be the most autistic thing I've seen all day. Google the word "spinner"

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    2. Hackentosher



    3. iamdarkyoshi


      Autism at google

    4. lolimpol


      how did you find this ;)

  17. Is Battlefront ultimate edition worth it for seven bucks? I know it's not a very good game and that the sequel is coming out in a few months, but I'm a big Star Wars fan and I think it might be a good deal at the price. 

  18. I got my discover credit card today. I get 1% cash back on all purchases now which for ebay is great. In order to sell crap on ebay I need to buy shipping labels and pay ebay and paypal fees. I might as well pay for this stuff with my credit card and spend 1% less than usual. 

  19. Remember going home and Googling this last summer after my First Aid instructor told us to do the CPR compressions to the beat of this song. 

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      it was popular for a while afterwards i think they recommended it wasn't like a good practice or something.

    2. AluminiumTech


      rip. It's not viewable for me.

  20. When the group chat defends the South for being less harsh than the North. 


    Good thing I'm an admin in that chat otherwise they would ban my opinion. 


    The chat room leans heavily to the right, I'm just there because they occasionally talk about world of warships. 

    1. DeadEyePsycho


      I love me some warships.

    2. Droidbot


      Jesus Christ have people even learnt about the history of Civil Rights in America? Like I'm Australian and yet I know about this shit 


      In 1960, the North allowed blacks to live free alongside their former oppressors, the whites. Whereas the South reinforced segregation in many forms and allowed lynching until years to come.. 

  21. Just submitted my entry for the #LGUltraWideFestival. I had a lot of fun making it, and I think it came out really well, it is a 1-cut steadi-cam style video, meant to be a little funny. Feel free to check it out!


    1. Tech_Dreamer


      That was pretty awesome, Nice Job there.

    2. Taylor Reid

      Taylor Reid

      Thanks! I really appreciate that. If you felt it merited a like and a share, that would be very helpful. 

  22. Watching a TTL review  with his corsair branded rig on the background , gotta say the overpriced RGB mousepad does look rather stunning throughout the video with that mice & PC case setup near it. i wouldn't mind having that on my desk .





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