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  1. It’ll be more than fine for that, either are a good choice.
  2. I’d go with the EVGA 450bt simply because it’s bronze rated. It’s a little older design wise than the Corsair CV line, but they’re generally made with higher quality components. What are you powering btw? You may not need anything super fancy at all if we’re talking about something basic like an optiplex + cheap gpu build.
  3. I don’t think you really need an upgrade for that. You’d be jumping from one platform to a current one with minimal performance benefits. If you jumped to a 10900K on Z590, it would perform better, but for those titles there’s not going to be the most noticeable of changes because as of right now the 6700K is fine for that. It would be better to just save for a whole new platform in a year or so when you could go for a real jump like AM4 or 12th gen Intel
  4. I would look into the very bog standard universal gaming build suggestion: -Ryzen 5 3600 or Intel i5 10400kf -B550 motherboard or B560/Z570 for Intel -16gb 3600mhz ddr4 -some nvme ssd, some bulk storage -quality 650-750w gold rated power supply -case of your choice and size for your motherboard choice (atx, matx, itx) But for the gpu, either go with oddly enough AMD Vega or a Polaris/Vega Radeon Pro card. AMD is particularly good with their cards being usable for both games and workstation applications, with little toggles in software to optimize for each
  5. I see a supermicro board with dgpu issues. Do you have the video toggle jumper set up right and do you have your video devices enabled/disabled in the bios?
  6. Comparing a consumer computer to the computer on a Mars rover is like comparing the fuel economy of a Toyota Prius and an M1 Abrams. Okay sure, your Prius gets 57.4mpg more than my Abrams, but is your Prius’s use case to decimate entire countries? Or to go to the grocery store?
  7. You might be overestimating the performance needed to do everything the rover does. The entire ISS was controlled by a bunch of 20 year old thinkpads until recently. The space shuttle programs had computers designed in the 70’s controlling all of them. A lot of cubesats run micro controllers weaker than the average raspberry pi by an order of magnitude. Simplicity is key to reliability. And when other factors come into play like security, redundancy and freedom of control, the choices get far away from consumer technology. If you tossed a Ryzen 5 3600x into that
  8. Here’s the real solution, install Linux and subsequently steam and LoL Because Linux will let you do whatever you want to it, it won’t say “no you can’t delete that”, it will only ask if you’re sure first. If your operating system is saying you’re not allowed to do something, you do not own it.
  9. Super glue or red threadlocker also works pretty well if you have some around super glue will leave residue and as it fumes off leaves that annoying white powdery coating on things, red thread locker does not
  10. Keyboards mostly come down to personal preference. Some people will type best on nothing short of a completely custom built mechanical keyboard, some people will type their best on a 10$ Logitech K120.
  11. People at home had these types of machines, people who worked with computers as a job used MSDOS or earlier PCDOS. And it was the defacto standard for years and years prior and stayed around well into the 90's, because just how many systems up until a little while ago were still running windows XP for software compatibility, workplaces were still using MSDOS because all their software ran on it, everyone already knew how to use it, and it worked. And despite having graphical desktops a lot of stuff was still handled via terminal even on the later GUI based desktop computers like the
  12. The reason DOS stayed around is because it was what most people knew. And all those other systems ran the UI in a similar way, they were on top of a text operating system. And just because MSDOS started as that black and white text didnt mean whatever you ran stayed that way, look into TUI Its kinda like why the linux terminal is still used. 99% of stuff you can install via various software installation utilities or unpack tar files and run directly kinda how many OSX applications work but people still use the terminal, because its eas
  13. They exist but only for gpus that are on MXM cards, and compatibility is all over the place. MXM is not as universal as pcie. While you can put an RTX 3090 in a pcie 1.0 slot with a Pentium 4, or a 6600GT into a modern Z590 system, MXM sometimes wasn’t cross compatible between cards in the same product lineup. A lot of MXM compatibility relies on the system firmware which is usually really specific. Not to get into the whole different MXM slot types and cooler mounting options and stuff
  14. Depends on how much power those fans need and how much a single header can put out. Some motherboard fan headers are meant for one fan at most, and splitting them twice means each fan gets half power, splitting it again and each fan gets 1/4 power, etc. Some headers can compensate for multiple fans but maybe only support 2 at best for cpu coolers that come with fan splitters. I recommend a sata powered fan hub, they cost like 10$ tops on eBay. Nothing fancy, it’s usually just a potentiometer and a sata power input with 6-10 fan headers, sometimes a single one for PWM cont
  15. T14 or T15 are the modern models. But you’re looking at business laptop prices, just as a heads up. Sometimes people question why business lines cost more than consumer lines even with lesser specs, and support for stuff like this is why. T14/15 both intel and amd options I think can segment their main panel into independent displays, and then support 3 external monitors, up to 4K each all at once. You will need the compatible USB C dock too. If you want more than 3 monitors + the laptop panel you’ll need an actual mobile workstation, because just about nothin