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  1. How many Watts does the PSU have?
  2. Amongus is an op state with graphics cards available I see. So what u sayin is that sometimes the speed of ssd is pointless because the bandwidth is limited?
  3. I thought RTX 30 cards cost all your organs Does the gen even matter? How about face the top fans for an intake?
  4. Makes sense, but AMD being late kind of sounds like an excuse, Since DDR4 was even when it first started already almost twice as fast as DDR3, or the fact that some motherboards if I'm not mistaken already supported faster RAMS? Like faster than what currently existed I mean say fastest was 3600mhz and motherboards supported 4000mhz. Also as for overclocking it can be for either complicated or simple reason, for me, I play Apex, I see fps below 60, I open task manager, I see CPU heavily loaded on 100% constant. And overclocking it does give a noticable pe
  5. the iGPU isn't that bad, it runs Apex Legends on one of the benchmarks I saw on YouTube almost as fast as my GTX 1050 with my Ryzen 3 on same settings (900p) though, but the game should be smooth when talking about fps
  6. the question is why give cpu with 3,5 Ghz a memory controller that's almost a full 1Ghz slower? are these puppies harder to make tick faster?
  7. Looks solid to me, Idk how strong the iGPU is (well it's 10x better than intel iGPU lul) but RAM looks good, motherboard supports the CPU case fans will help cool the cpu. Good both budget and performance wise in my oppinion at least.
  8. Well it's SSD on 16 gig ram so I don't see a hardware problem could an overclocked cpu make such bug?
  9. I'll describe what happened to me: So I had Firefox and Apex Legends open and I was alt tabbing between the two like every two seconds because I was opening new tab and writing in firefox while queuing for ranked in the game. And suddenly, idk how that happened, but I clicked in Firefox typed and everything than I switch to Apex, and click and boom the game minimizes, any mouse click even a middle click caused the game to minimize, I returned with alt tab always. Taskbar, wasn't responding to mouse click, windows key works, the buttons in windows key bar don't work
  10. yes you have where is it written that the ryzen has x amount of memory speed I thought you meant speed memory supported by motherboard ah this thing aye?:
  11. my memory controller supports 3200Mhz Also the stuttering thing, I never mentioned my CPU stuttering alot, I only asked if overclocks without voltage increase could cause stuttering?
  12. I don't understand how slower memory meaning the data flows slower to the cpu makes it more stable
  13. I have done overclocks, my ryzen is capable of 4Ghz my question was if higher voltage brings any food to the table? can overclocking cause occasional stutter in high cpu usage apps? and does increasing voltage fix that?