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  1. I found a fix... You have to create a key in registry to disable some Xbox featue for fullscreen optimization, along with disabling the fullscreen optimization in the game and client properties. (on desktop or in file explorer properties)
  2. I'm not saying it's the solution though, beware..
  3. And when you right click on desktop and go to nvidia settings does your display settings correspond to your monitor? Have you tried right clicking the games and disabling full screen optimization?
  4. Well one reason they could be having more fps is that they use SSD for Warzone
  5. There are few hardware things that might cause this issue. I see 12gb of RAM and a 300W PSU, I'm not saying that's the reason of locking though, just a thought..
  6. Well I mean it's easy to check if the individual raw components combined aren't cheaper than the pre-build...
  7. Did you catch OP's second message? cause I'm not qualified bios updater my bios is prob not the newest version either
  8. If you can boot to bios and OS, than you don't need qflash.
  9. Still better than paying 2x or perhaps? 3x the price of a GPU?
  10. So they might be doing business, but it's more of a business and less of a literal scam..
  11. Cool, maybe you could help a guy in "Should I buy a pre-built or build my own Pc?" thread in New Builds and Planning category.. We already told him the basics.
  12. CPUs arent as overpriced as GPUS are, but you could make a thread where you ask which CPUs are overpriced, or include it in your new thread if you decide to build your pc. (Also if anyone knows of a thread that laready has a list of overpriced stuff would be nice)
  13. As long as the temps don't go over certain value. And as long as the overclock is "stable" than you can increase the memory clock alot. Ofc you can't overclock a thing infinetly. Also if you are worried about underclocking core clock, that's like driving a car at slower speed... (but dont forget that increasing memory clock is like driving faster with the car obviously.)
  14. So the GPUs are overpriced very obviously.. My curious mind wonders if like prebuilt systems with same GPUs that are overpriced, are overpriced with them?
  15. Also if you decide to build one of the hard choices is if you want to buy overpriced GPU and other stuff... (ofc the prebuilt systems might be overpriced too if they include the same overpriced GPU)