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SSD died from day to day


Hi, today I was surprised that my 4TB Samsung Sata ssd won’t show on windows explorer, I kinda figure out that the ssd died and should use my warranty, but this ssd has stored my laptop’s backup witch is totally accesible with a working drive but I was wondering, is there a way to get that data out from the ssd, because if so someone could stole it and get all my laptop data, and if so, I could get my data back to me also. Thanks in advance

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You can go to a data recovery service, but they're pretty expensive. At the expensive of voiding your warranty, you could physically destroy the drive, or perhaps come to an agreement with Samsung that they ensure your data is totally non-accessible when they repair the drive for future selling, or you could request that they give that specific drive back(if they allow for something like that). Otherwise, you're SOL.

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So you want to try to delete it? From not working SSD? 


Can you run crystaldiskinfo and see if it's disable there? 


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