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  1. Not the oldest tho and of course there is this lol
  2. Interesting theorie on your spoiler, where did you read it from? Ive read many different meanings to the nazi swastika.
  3. I was looking at Wolfensteins different releases and in all the artwork it seems the nazi simbol was replaced: See the flags, they have a different sign I think it's design: but in the game they kept the original flag: But i've also seen these screenshots (censored version in germany??) I like the alternative design that looks like an W is great but I always thought the nazi aesthetic looks so cool, you become scared as you play the game and see all the flags. I wonder if it's banned in som
  4. So all those fears of "omg Win7 machine will get hacked past 2020" are overblown. I will just keep using it then
  5. For GTA6 i would love a massive city with tons of people at once, where real state is limited and there's a market for it, and every building is actually accessible. I don't think I can be bothered to play GTA5, if I buy it I will probably just play the single player, once finished dick around going on idiotic killing sprees as I used to do for fun in GTA2 when I was a kid, then I will probably not play again. Just hoping GTA6 is some mind blowing stuff.
  6. 30 is too few people. I hope GTA6 can make a better online open world with more players.
  7. How many players at once in the server? is it a global server or different servers? I've seen players spawn near your radius, so you don't see them from long distances. Lame tbh. It would be cooler if it was all players at once .
  8. Im deciding if I should buy GTA5 finally on this sale after years of delaying buying it.. and I see for an extra 1€ I get some starter pack for GTA online, they give you cars and money. Should I pay this extra 1€? https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/5699/Grand_Theft_Auto_V_Premium_Online_Edition/ What do you even do in GTA5 online? Is it a proper online where everyone is on the same server at once like a MMORPG or what the hell is it about? Do you buy buildings from the city and compete to own all the real state? Can someone summarice it? i've tried watching videos but th
  9. I have a 3950X so I assume it will run fine but the website is blocked. I assume its a false positive. Will try later and see if it's usable.
  10. Im from europe. I think google voice gives you a free phone per gmail account ifor free isnt it? The android x86 website gets blocked by Emisoft: Website blocked! Host: www.android-x86.org This website has been blocked because it may be dangerous. It is strongly recommended that you do not continue. Reason: Suspected Malware
  11. See the comments here: So what the hell can I use? I just want to be able to install social media apps stuff on the Emulator so I can use a fake google voice phone number for that stuff instead of giving away my real phone number. And I just generally don't like starting at my phone for too long but I need to use certain apps to interact with clients.
  12. Im too lazy to update my other computer that I barely use so when I go and use it I still see updates coming, isn't it discountinued? Im considering using Ubuntu or something easy on an old computer, but last time I tried Linux i entered an encryption password during install, the full disk became encrypted and I forgot how to open it.
  13. I've recently read how people that didn't tell their contacts they installed TikTok suddendly started getting friend requests by said contacts. Do you give away the ability to the app to access your contacts? Shouldn't this be optional? Does Instagram and Tinder do the same? How do I use these avoiding that my contacts know I use them? i've already removed by phone from the my instagram accounts. Not sure about Tinder tho. If I get a Google Voice phone number to open an account it will be safer? In instagram I see an option that says "sync contacts". Haven't tapped on i
  14. well it's 50€ acording to this: https://secrid.com/shop/all/ also not sure about the cards popping out mechanism now that i notice the button sticking out at the bottom.. what if accidentally it slides and cards fall out?