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  1. Well now that you mention it i've had tinnitus on my right ear for a year now, low rumble one. I had a high pitched one one the left. This one is permanent but the low rumble one becomes more noticeable when I use my headphones with bass music for a while, so looks it reacts to low frequencies.
  2. As you can see it doesn't load. It says "connecting to yt3.ggpht" but nothing happens. What's going on? tried safe mode on Firefox and Chrome, doesn't work. Tried Tor Browser and it does work there... weird Edit: It has been restored to normal. Maybe the server went down?
  3. I have a Samsung S7 exynos specifically. Is it any different? someone compared it to BT earphones but it's probably not the same.
  4. Specifically when you are wearing a headset 4 or 5 hours in a row. What i've read is "it's not proven it does harm, but we haven't studied it long term yet to say it's 100% harmless" basically. Sounds like "we can't say 100% to cover our ass legally". They used to say a similar thing about smoking cigs back then.
  5. Anyone has a mask with fans and filters? I was going to buy the LG Puricare but saw that people's ears become folded.. amazing how they screwed up the design. But I have found this one that solves it: https://atmoblue.com/index.html It has the same H13 hepa filters, RoHS, SRCC and QCQ certified. It has a proper strap so your ears aren't carrying all the weight. Im gonna need this specially for the summer because I can't breathe properly with ffp2. Anyone has this type of mask?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfwRiSSt-eY how could this happen? i don't even use 2fa on gmail because im too paranoid that if i lose my phone i couldn't be able to access. i know theres a way to get a security access without your phone but i still learn how to do that anyway that's scary. he even lost his investments (robinhood) edit: ok so it seems its one of these scams by phishing if i don't have my email passwords saved and i clicked on these things, you can still be compromised if you open it with the account session that's logged in?
  7. I would need it to use with the laptop while im on a treadmill so I can move the mouse and click on stuff easily and also would use it with the smartphone for VR to select on menus and click on stuff Would this do the trick? https://www.amazon.com/Nyko-Mini-Wireless-Core-Controller-Compatibility/dp/B07SRWL1QT Since it's a mini controller I may be able to easiyl control with one hand, the thumb controls the mouse on the analog sticka and left click would be B and right A, and since it's a regular gamepad I would also use to play games on MAME Im j
  8. This seems useless to me, air particles just would enter underneath, u need an enclosure Anyone has the electronic masks by LG, Xiaomi etc? I just can't stand being stuck without a fresh supply of air, ffp2 masks in summer are horrible, can't breathe.
  9. Looking to replace my VG2401 with something that can actually be used to watch a movie and play single player games while not compromising on my Quakeworld/Quakelive experience. I was going to pick one of these new IPS pannels of 240hz which I've heard have similar lag input to the TN pannel on VG2401 and low ghosting while having good blacks, or even just wait for some new OLEDs hopefully comming out soon. Any news or im doomed to cope with crappy TN panels or IPS panels with some ghosting? geez
  10. Well covid particle travels in bigger particles, so h13 may be enough. We will see when LG delivers certificate on covid tests
  11. I've found EN1822:2009 certification, European certification for H13 filter: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/agricultural-and-biological-sciences/air-filters EN1822: 2009 High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters H13 ≥ 99.95 For high-risk food applications where very clean air might be required, e.g. cooked sliced meats H14 ≥ 99.995
  12. My main argument is that LG wouldn't release something that can be harmful to health which would ruin their reputation. Im not wearing ffp2 masks specially in the summer, I can't proeprly breathe.