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  1. Generally speaking, you can reuse coolers, but in your particular case, you cannot.
  2. Yes, you would be able to swap out the fans for others. Sometimes, people do swap out the stock fans for aftermarket ones that perform better.
  3. Honestly, my cards look like garbage after a while. I'm surprised my debit card chip still works. It looks like trash.
  4. Looks like you could use some motherboard for your chassis.
  5. Larger chassis types typically support various motherboard sizes. While I wouldn't necessarily consider it an issue, if you get a chassis that's way oversized for a motherboard, then it's probably a waste of money. Depends though. In this case, I would say it's fine. But you do have a bit of room for expansion in the future.
  6. I've never purchased any Razer product, and honestly, I have no intention of doing so ever.
  7. Personally, when I switched from Intel(Ivy Bridge) to AMD(Ryzen, I did not do any fresh install or reinstall any of my games. I just went into Windows 10 to see what would work or what wouldn't.
  8. Mostly, it comes down to the target market. Some people think white PCBs look cooler, so manufacturers have designs that utilize a white board. Indirectly, it might indicate the quality of parts, but quite frankly, I would not rely on it as you can have an ugly product that functions amazingly, and a beautiful product that is pure garbage. Focus on the actual components chosen, not the color of the PCB.
  9. Graphics cards have a BIOS, much like motherboards. But I'm not sure that's really possible on this card, at least not easily. It's not something I would personally venture into as you can easily make your graphics card completely unusable.
  10. Yeah, that's a good rule of thumb that I've followed on other builds.
  11. Yeah it is a system partition. I can't see it though normally, but it's there.
  12. It was created when I reinstalled Windows 7 when I first got my SSD somewhere around 8 years ago. When W10 came out, I just upgraded to it directly without reinstalling it, and I still haven't gotten around to it lol. I forgot about it some months ago when I disconnected it so I could retire it(it's about a decade old drive), and was confused when I couldn't boot into Windows. I reconnected the drive, and all of a sudden could boot into it.
  13. I'm not loading the OS from the drive. It's a secondary drive strictly with an additional partition created during OS installation. Besides, you asked about additional partitions, and I gave you an answer, regardless of the location.
  14. At the very least, those partitions are required as my current build requires my WD 320GB hard drive to be connected to my motherboard(and it has one of those partitions), or Windows literally cannot boot.
  15. Great Walls aren't inherently bad.
  16. Yeah, the pump can go down to 800RPMs.
  17. If you're comparing GPUs from the same generation, then it depends on what's enabled and what it's used for. If one NVIDIA GPU has less RT cores than another of the same generation, it'll perform worse in ray-tracing tasks. If you're comparing between AMD and NVIDIA, that's much more difficult to do, and you're better off just looking at benchmarks to come to a decision.
  18. The pump is designed such that the speed of it can be adjusted, so you're not ruining anything. In this case, it's PWM, so it sends pulses of 12V power. The higher the rotational rate, the more pulses are sent.
  19. You could maybe remove one of the screws from the backplate, and use that hole to tie a zip-tie to one of the PCIe slot covers on the case.** **I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with this, if something does.
  20. I prefer to use high quality zip-ties for everything. I don't have to worry about anything becoming undone.
  21. Route it and tie it to the chassis anchor points or use my own, and/or to other cables.