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Changing backup point in postgres

I searched the forum and didn't find any topic for this problem.

I have a database in my work that originally had 16 GB, but users started putting large files in the database until it got 2 TB.
After a lot of fighting we managed to eliminate the extra data and today the base is back to 20GB.
In the database I have configured the continuous archiving, which is running from the time when the database had 16 GB, today the archive is with all the copy of the files we no longer want.

Now the question
How do I create a new continuous archive backup point and eliminate the backup of files I don't need?
I searched for this in the internet, but the only thing I found its to start the archiving, not how to manipulate the wal files.

Sorry if my english its not good, its my second language.
Thanks in advance.
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