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Build Log - Eighty #391



Hey there! Welcome to ‘Chew’s keeb build log, please enjoy your stay! 😁


The goal here is perfection -- assembling the best keeb that'll satisfy my Petty and Stupidly Specific Desires™ (PASSD).


'Chew's Keeb Desires

Green: Nonnegotiable Preferences ("Need"). | Blue: Preferred Preferences ("Want").

  • Size, Layout: TKL, ANSI.
  • Case: Metallic Construction. High-Profile, Angled. Matte Black.
  • Plate: Black/Chrome. Standard Bottom Row (6.25U Spacebar). Tsangan Bottom Row (7U Spacebar).
  • PCB: HotswapStandard Bottom Row (6.25U Spacebar). Tsangan Bottom Row (7U Spacebar).
  • Switches: Linear. Black (Color).
  • Stabilizers: Black (Color).
  • Keycaps: Blank. Matte Black.
  • Acoustics: Thock Thock Thock!


Custom TKLs are surprisingly uncommon outside of Group Buys (er, AFAIK?). I’m aware of the Phantom PCB + Tex/Filco Aluminum Case TKL custom build, but: one, that build wouldn’t pass my PASSDs, and two, I’m very uninterested in super-generic configs built from ‘there was no other option’ reasons. Keep in mind that I already have a semi-custom -- a The GMMK TKL -- and while I do love me muh keebs (#KeebWeebClub!), having a board that has the same features or that looks the same as my existing one isn’t too exciting. 🤔



For suffering #KeebWeebs in the TKL camp, we wait... and wait... and wait... until a limited run production or a Group Buy opens up.



Mode Designs happened to be holding a Group Buy for their Eighty (Pre-Order), and while one that did interest me at first, I later came across their First Edition Eighty. Then self-control went POOF! Aaand... Wallet also went POOF!, lol.



Current Parts List

Component Selection Price
PCB Mode Designs Eighty Hotswap PCB (MODE80H PCB v1.1) $650.00
Case Mode Designs First Edition Eighty Case (Dark)  
Mounting Plate Mode Designs Anodized Aluminum Mounting Plate  

Modded Silent L7 (TS-150g) Switches

(Durock L7 Switches - Housings)

(Gazzew/Outemu Silent Linear Stems)

(Flashquark Two Stage Long Springs (150g))

(Krytox 205 G0)

(Deskeys Switch Films)


Modded Ink Black (150g) Switches

(Gateron Ink Black Switches - Stems + Housings)

(24K Gold-Plated SPRiT Springs (150g))

(Krytox 205 G0)

(Deskeys Switch Films)


Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches

(Kailh BOX Black Switches - Stems + Top Housings)

(Hako Royal Clear Switches - Bottom Housings)

(Kailh BOX Ancient Gray Switches - Springs)

$60.45 + $23.25 + $9.30

$70.13 + $10.20 + $6.00

$30.00 + $53.00 + $34.95

Stabilizers Durock Screw-In Stabilizers (V1) $17.00

EnjoyPBT Blank Black PBT OEM-Profile Keycaps

/dev/tty MT3-Profile Keycaps (Bleached)




Custom Double Sleeve Cable w/GX16 Aviator Connectors

Braided USB Type-C to USB Type-A Cable

  Grand Total $1127.28
  (Shipping and Taxes Excluded)  


Parts Update History





Used the resources below, 'cos 'Chew is still a #KeebNewb:


Stabilizer Assembly

  • 10 × Stabilizer Housings
  • 10 × Stabilizer Stems
  • 4 × 2U Stabilizer Wires
  • 1 × 6.25U Stabilizer Wire



Durock Screw-In Stabilizers (V1)

Specifically picked these 'cos black.

Drink every time I mention black, kek. 🍻



Stabilizer Stem + Stabilizer Housing

Left: "Hook-Side." Right: "Screw Hole-Side."



Stabilizer Housing + Stabilizer Stem

Stem fits in one-way into the housing, thanks to the protrusion/notch-thingy in the top-right corner of the inner housing and the stem's bottom.



Stabilizer Housing + Stabilizer Wire

Wire slides into the bottom opening of the stem, and locks into the housing with a distinct click. Repeat the slide-and-click with wire's other end.



Durock Screw-In Stabilizers (V1) Assembled!

Yoooooo they look really pog in person?! 774052933582192691.gif


Keyboard Assembly

  • 1 × Eighty Top Case
  • 1 × Eighty Bottom Case/Weight
  • 1 × Eighty PCB (MODE80H PCB v1.1)
  • 1 × USB Type-C Daughterboard
  • 1 × Daughterboard Cable
  • 1 × USB Type-C Cable
  • 1 × Middle Gasket
  • 1 × Bottom Gasket
  • 4 x 2U Stabilizers
  • 1 × 6.25U Stabilizer
  • 87 × MX-Style Switches
  • 87 × MX-Stem Keycaps



First Edition Eighty (Dark) - Unboxed!

It's. All. Black!




First Edition Eighty - Case Bottom

Pls notice three things:

One, the entire bottom of the case is an absolutely gorgeous tinted mirrored finish.

Two, the sheer weight of the unassembled keeb is enough to squishy the lime plushie.

Three, Danbo be cute.



Take things apart to put things together!



First Edition Eighty - Bottom Case Removal

Starting with the three internal hex screws -- that's right, only three well-placed fasteners hold the entire hefty keeb together! 💪

I seriously love design/architecture that's both minimalist and efficient.



First Edition Eighty - Bottom Case Removal

~Spinny spinny spinny~



First Edition Eighty - Bottom Case Removal

Once the three screws are loose, the bottom case/weight raises itself up of its own accord. 748522849807106088.png



First Edition Eighty - Bottom Case Removed

Top: Bottom Case/Weight (Other Side). Bottom: PCB Sandwich.

Eighty #391. There be only one First Edition Eighty keeb with that engraving, and it be mine!



Eighty #391 - PCB (Bottom)

Black be beauuutiful!



Eighty #391 - Top Case + Bottom Case/Weight + PCB Sandwich

The #391 engraving is on both parts of the case!



Eighty #391 - PCB Sandwich

Aluminum Mounting Plate + Middle Gasket + PCB.

Bottom gasket be off-screen, chilling on my unused GMMK, kek.



Eighty #391 - MODE80H PCB v1.1




...Reverse disassembly? 🤔



Eighty #391 - USB Type-C Daughterboard

Plug JST connector thingy into USB Type-C potato chip, then stick the potato chip into the bottom case’s convenient cubby hole with the toiny hex tool.



Eighty #391 - USB Type-C Daughterboard

~Mooore spinny spinny spinny~



Eighty #391 - PCB Sandwich

Silly me didn’t realize that the PCB sandwich was held together by the eight chrome screws at first. Luckily I noticed before I ripped anything, ahahaha... 619039042725740563.gif

Gotta remove the PCB from the mounting plate and gasket sandwich to install the stabilizers.



Eighty #391 - PCB + Screw-In Stabilizers

Stabilizers aligned with the holes they go into.

Dooon’t worry about the Enter key stabilizer, I... er... definitely placed it the wrong way on purpose... definitely... hahaha... I’m a #KeebNewb can you tell.



Eighty #391 - Screw-In Stabilizers Installation

 The stabilizer’s plastic hook-side goes into the bicc hole, and the screw hole-side goes into the smol hole. Slide the hook-side in at an angle, then push down gently-but-firmly down on the screw hole-side. Sorta like installing M.2 SSDs?



Eighty #391 - Screw-In Stabilizers Installation

It’s done right when the stabilizer’s housings lie flush along the PCB.

The hook-side definitely does not fit in the smol hole. I... er... definitely didn’t spend five minutes figuring that out. 743509290047766589.gif



Eighty #391 - Screw-In Stabilizers Installation

Finish securing the stabilizers into the PCB by screwing them in from the bottom.




Eighty #391 - Screw-In Stabilizers Installed

So. Freaking. Clean.



Eighty #391 - Mounting Plate + Switches

Putting a couple’a switches in first to double-check alignment during the PCB sandwich assembly (reassembly?).

Also pls notice the Modded Kailh BOX Black switches’ black housing, TY TY.



Eighty #391 - Mounting Plate + Switches + Middle Gasket

...TBH, ’Chew didn’t know what a gasket looked like until yesterday.

I always imagined it was a more mechanical part, like a piston, lol.



Eighty #391 - PCB Sandwich + Alignment Switches

Pls ignore the bottom switch in the Right Ctrl key position, it’s in the incorrect position for standard bottom row layout, lololol.



Eighty #391 - PCB Sandwich + Modded Kailh BOX Black Switches


The convenience of hotswap is too good! But. Muh fingers. They hurt. 😂



Eighty #391 - Top Case + Bottom Case/Weight + USB Type-C Daughterboard + PCB Switch Sandwich

 Ooooh! It's coming together!



Eighty #391 - Top Case + PCB Sandwich + Bottom Gasket Reassembly

Yum. 🥪😋



Eighty #391 - Daughterboard-to-PCB Connection

A lil’ bit finnicky, but easy enough. But mebbe don’t do it with gloves on, kek.



Eighty #391 - Bottom Case/Weight Reassembly

~The final spinny spinny spinny~

Seriously. Three screws. Damn, I love it so much, hrrrnnng...!



Eighty #391 + Modded Kailh BOX Black Switches

Hmmm... Can’t help but think it’d look better with a certain set of switches with smokey-black housings.



Eighty #391 + Blank Black Keycaps - All Assembled!

The black of the case and the black of the keycaps do look a little bit off, especially under this yellow-ish lighting and from a top-down angle.



Eighty #391

Danbo: ...?

Nyanbo: 🎶



Current Desk Setup!

Hecc ye.



Sound Samples



Legacy Sound Samples

Sound samples recorded with the phone. Expect terrible audio quality. 662170920521302023.gif?v=1


Modded BOX Black Switches (Fast)


Modded BOX Black Switches (Slow)


Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches


Modded Ink Black (150g) Switches + EnjoyPBT Blank Black Keycaps


Modded Ink Black (150g) Switches + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps



Current-ish Sound Samples

Sound samples recorded with the Antlion Mod Mic. Expect less-terrible audio quality. 662170920521302023.gif?v=1


Modded Silent L7 (TS-150g) Switches (No Spacebar)




Closing Comments

Fast Parrot 'CHEW IS ECSTATIC! Fast Parrot


The Mode Eighty is more than just a typing tool or some brag-worthy luxury item for me. I mean, I do enjoy typing very very much, and I admit I like to feed my materialism/pride sometimes. But getting hands-on building experience is also a valuable learning experience, and fresh, interesting discoveries give me a lotta life. 😁 It's one thing to read up on something from secondhand sources, it's another feeling entirely to actually do it in person. And fumbling around unexpected mishaps is also quite humbling, hehe.


I've gushed about the Eighty in the pics above, and while I do think it is a great keeb (in my biased opinon, kek), I did find some gripes with it:

  • Build Finish: Overall, the keyboard kit is a thoughtfully designed, hefty piece of work, and very sturdily built. The build quality is good. However, for $650, "good" doesn't quite meet my expectations. I expected phenomenal, and I have to admit, I am a little bit let down. Most noticeable are the small dings and machining marks on the Bottom Case/Weight. The imperfections are inconsequential to the board's performance and top-down aesthetics, but knowing that they exist eh... it's kinda disappointing.
  • Switch Aesthetics: To me, every part of this keyboard matters. That includes parts that I don't see on a daily basis, like the Kailh BOX Black's clear top housing, which sticks out like a sore thumb from keyboard's all-black theme.
  • Switch Weight: Ahhh... Shoot. Now that I've gotten spoiled off on the Kailh BOX Ancient Grays, the Kailh BOX Black's 60g(?) springs feel waaay too light for my fingers. 😫 Resistance! I want more resistance! Also, I want more thock. I'm thinking heavier springs might deepen the thock sound? At least, it did (or I think it did) when I replaced the BOX Blacks with the BOX Ancient Grays on my The GMMK TKL. 🤔
  • Braided Cable: Having a limpy length of cable wiggling around on my precious desk space kiiinda disturbs the premium-y aesthetics of the keyboard. Been eyeing some matte black cables for a while, just have to confirm some measurements. 👀


Sooo now there's a bunch of new stuff I wanna get, right after I've already bought new stuff. 😆



I tried to write "'Chew spends in moderation" just now, but that is very not true. 662170920521302023.gif

'Chew does try to be financially responsible and only spends as much as she feels she can handle, m'kaaay.

🍻 Drink responsibly! Spend responsibly! 662101731173203968.gif


And thank you very much for reading! 775941861465391124.gif

...It's 2 AM why am I still awake gonna go faint now byeee.


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Okashī (PC) | K-4398 (Keeb) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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Tis looks great! 

Grats on ze new Keeb. :P  

PC: Motherboard: ASUS B550M TUF-Plus, CPU: Ryzen 3 3100, CPU Cooler: Arctic Freezer 34, GPU: GIGABYTE WindForce GTX1650S, RAM: HyperX Fury RGB 2x8GB 3200 CL16, Case, CoolerMaster MB311L ARGB, Boot Drive: 250GB MX500, Game Drive: WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM HDD.


Peripherals: GK61 (Optical Gateron Red) with Mistel White/Orange keycaps, Logitech G102 (Purple), BitWit Ensemble Grey Deskpad. 


Audio: Logitech G432, Moondrop Starfield, Mic: Razer Siren Mini (White).


Phone: Pixel 3a (Purple-ish).


Build Log: 

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Eighty #391 Update - Switch Spring Switcheroo!

'Chew couldn't take it anymore. Gimme back muh heavy linears pls and thank. 🙏


Swapped in Kailh BOX Ancient Gray springs into my Modded BOX Black switches!



'Chew's TKL Keyboards - The GMMK TKL + First Edition Eighty

Top: Kailh BOX Ancient Gray Switches. Bottom: Modded BOX Black Switches.



Kailh BOX Ancient Gray Switches - Lazy Pic #1



Modded BOX Black Switches - Lazy Pic #2



KBDfans × ai03 2-in-1 Aluminum Switch Opener + Switches

BOX Ancient Gray spring (left) is smoller than BOX Black spring (right). 606222287934455817.png



Kailh BOX Ancient Gray + Modded BOX Black Spring Swap!

Left: Before. Right: After.

I hereby dub thee: Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches!

Can baaarely see the difference, but it feels significantly more comfy. 🥰



Eighty #391 + Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches

Oh heeey! Lookin' damn fine.

Stupid GMMK photobombing in the corner, grrr. 😆



Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches - Up Close n' Personal

Heavy switches in a heavy board. 🥰


Sound Sample: Modded Heavy BOX Black Switches

Hoshī go brrrrrrrrr... Noctua.gifNoctua.gifNoctua.gif



Yes, I could have just popped in the BOX Ancient Grays into the board instead of spending literal hours on spring-swapping 200 switches (100 BOX Blacks + 100 BOX Ancient Grays).


But but but, I already modded the BOX Blacks a lil' bit, so I might as well go all the way and mod them even further, yes yes? Yes. 😑👌


'Chew is weird, m'kay?! I have a tendency to put a stupidly unnecessary amount of time and energy into the little personal things. 🤣


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Okashī (PC) | K-4398 (Keeb) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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39 minutes ago, Eschew said:

Chew is weird, m'kay?! I have a tendency to put a stupidly unnecessary amount of time and energy into the little personal things. 🤣


Desktop: Intel Core i9-9900K | ASUS Strix Z390-F | G.Skill Trident Z Neo 2x16GB 3200MHz CL14 | EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER XC Ultra | Corsair RM650x | Fractal Design Define R6

Laptop: 2018 Apple MacBook Pro 13"  --  i5-8259U | 8GB LPDDR3 | 512GB NVMe

Peripherals: Leopold FC660C w/ Topre Silent 45g | Logitech MX Master 3 & Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed | HIFIMAN HE400se & iFi ZEN DAC | Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

Display: Gigabyte G34WQC

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  • 2 weeks later...

Eighty #391 Update - Bring Out The Heavy!

...It's not an obsession.



Gateron Ink Black switch modding things and thoughts in this Status Update!



Modded Ink Black (150g) Switches + Eighty #391 (Modded BOX Heavy Black Switches)

[Licks lips.]




Eighty #391 - Keycaps Removed

Feck. Clumsy fingers nudged the switches and now they aren't lined up neatly. 662166635737645057.png



Eighty #391 - Modded Ink Black (150g) Switches Installed!

Be still, my beating heart.

Smokey black switches with smokey black stabilizers. The consistency is sooo unbelievably satisfying.



Eighty #391 - Keycaps Installed

Have I ever mentioned I love these keycaps?

I love these keycaps. 🥰


Sound Sample: Modded Ink Black (150g) Switches


I'm ascending.

I mean, I'm 767122981687132230.gif-cending. Ayyy...



Obligatory Monkeytype Typing Test (Time 30)

I'ma seriously slap anyone that blames the keeb for low WPMs.

Can hit 130+ WPM on 150g switches just fine. 💪



Awww, yaaasss! (767122981687132230.gif)


Eighty #391 was captivating at first, but now I'm-- I'm... IDK, I'm speechless. How many times can I say I love my keeb before I start sounding like a broken record? 😆 What's a feeling more powerful than love? Because whatever that inexpressible feeling is, that's how I feel about the Eighty #391.


I feel like the keeb's reached it's peak, in terms of tweaks and upgrades. 🤔

  • PCB, Plate, Gaskets? Satisfied.
  • Case? Extremely Satisfied.
  • Keycaps? Absolutely Lovely. Satisfied.
  • Cable? Meh. Easy Purchase.

Everything that I want in my ideal board.


When I die, pls bury this keeb with me.

Also bury Den's GK64 with me, pls n' thank you.


...Oh. I just thought of my next money sink. 742801246422958150.png


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Okashī (PC) | K-4398 (Keeb) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have this thing, it is called hubris. 😁


Personal Best WPMs:

With Eighty #391, of course. 😤💕



Time: 30 Seconds.

Taken: December 21, 2020.



Time: 60 Seconds.

Taken: December 21, 2020.


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Okashī (PC) | K-4398 (Keeb) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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Eighty #391 Update - A Touch Lighter?

The Drop + Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Keycap Set came in today! 😁



Drop + Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Keycap Set (Bleached)

Edited Super sexy touches by @Den-Fi's sensual fingers.


What makes MT3 profile keycaps a tad special?

  • High-Profile Keycaps: Keycap height is significantly taller compared to keycaps in OEM profile (and Cherry profile, of course).
  • Concave Surface: Indent starts from the four outer edges and curves softly towards the middle of the keycap.
  • Rounded Corners: Gentle and finger-friendly, lends the keycap an almost cute appearance?

Hmm... A  comparison graphic might provide a better description than I could with plain o' words:



Comparison of Keycap Profiles - OEM, MT3, SA

(R0 | R1 | R2 | R3 | R4 | R5 / Spacebar Source: Keycaps.info)

Comparison with OEM (EnjoyPBT Blank Black Keycaps) and SA (Closest Similarity).


Other Appreciated Details:

  • Blank Keycaps: Love 'em. IDK how else to explain it other than 619039041798537227.png. On the plus side, I never have to worry about wearing down legends. As a rule, I will only ever spend money on blank keycaps. Wallet needs a break, okay?! 😂
  • PBT Material: Smoother and softer(?) surface feel compared to the EnjoyPBT Blank Black keycaps (also PBT) I'm used to. But, PBT should be PBT... right? Starting to wonder whether the keycap profile is giving me some odd placebo effect. 🤔
  • In-Stock: Arguably one of the most important factors for any buy, even more so for Drop products with dumbo shipping ETAs. If it's not in-stock or will not be fulfilled within a reasonable time, my interest wanes. Unless it's a stupid specific thing that isn't readily available, in which case my irrationality wages a long and terrible internal war against my sometimes-sensible brain and heeelp.


Things... That... Uh... [Anguished Noises]:

  • Blank Modifier Keycaps: Trying to differentiate R2 from R3 blank keycaps took me... longer than I would've liked. Cue me squinting at pics from Drop's product page, at pics from Keycaps.io, and at the physical keycap held up to the light at specific angles. 662170921448243282.gif




Eighty #391 + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps (Red)




Eighty #391 + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps (Gray)




Eighty #391 + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps (Gray)

Kinda look like marshmallows from this angle. (⊃゜▽゜)⊃━□□□



Eighty #391 - A Closer Look #2

Notice the home row keys -- specifically the F and J keys. There's no visible difference or distinct tactile bump between the F/J keys and the other alphabetical keys.

In terms of feeling, the F/J keys are ever-so-slightly more concave compared to the others.



Eighty #391 - A Closer Look #2

The astute might notice an very, very marginal difference in keycap height in the home row here. 748523241848438794.png


Sound Sample: Modded Ink Black (150g) Switches + /dev/tty MT3 Keycaps


I miiight prefer the sound of the EnjoyPBT Blanks more...? Spacebar sound is particularly irritating, IMO. 🤔



Okay, BIG BUT. (767122981687132230.gif)


Truth be told, I planned to use these keycaps with another board. The other parts for the other board hadn't arrived, however (probably won't arrive until late next month, TBH), aaand I couldn't keep my eager hands off the keycaps. 693141953055031338.gif


From the start, the Eighty #391 plus the /dev/tty MT3 keycap set was meant to be a temporary arrangement. Like a frisky one-night stand -- a new experience for that fresh and reinvigorating feeling, but not something that's meant to last. Sometimes a memory is made all the more sweeter simply because it won't be revisited ever again, no? After this fun little romp with some shades of gray, it'll be back to good o' black for my daily driver. 😁


...Very hungry for a black and dark gray version of this blank keycap set. 619039042155184128.png

(It exists. It's called the Drop + Matt3o MT3 3277 Keycap Set...I've already pre-ordered it.)


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Okashī (PC) | K-4398 (Keeb) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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4 hours ago, Eschew said:

The other parts for the other board hadn't arrived


teddycam footage of 'chew keeb shopping @ 2AM 

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Eighty #391 Update - Freaking Flawless

Got my custom cable with aviator connectors! I said it in my other post (Show off your latest purchase!) and I'll say it here too:


Everything about this purchasing experience -- customization, communication, shipping, physical product -- either met or exceeded my expectations. I do not enjoy actual shopping (versus window shopping) and placing online orders; too much vulnerability with the merchant taking my money first and then delivering on their promise later, too many middlemen in the process from ordering to communication to delivery, and too much hassle with customer support if there's an issue with my order. But from the moment I received a message from the seller exactly 25 minutes after I received my confirmation email, I got a good feeling about my purchase.



Message with "Abby Z," of StrikerCables (Dec 23)

Not a simple generic message like "Hello and thank you," or "We've received your order."

But a definitive and professional promise: I will get started on this tonight.


That's excellent news. That's especially excellent news for custom cables, because I've been lurking (Reddit, Discord, rumors), and lead times for many custom cable vendors are disgustingly long. I am a patient person, but not so patient as to wait two months or half a year for a freaking cable.


I specifically went for StrikerCables' custom cable listing because I wanted some particular options with my cable, and by sheer process-of-elimination, theirs was the only Etsy listing that met my criteria:

  • Matte Black Aviator Connectors: Many sellers offer custom cables fitted with aviator connectors, but most have the connectors in default chrome/silver, not black.
  • Long Coils: Shorter coils might work for compact keebs, but I've got a TKL and I want a purposely purchased addition to my keeb to augment my desk setup, not to be meek and overshadowed.

In terms of customizability, this particular custom cable listing offered a decent selection of colors, a very healthy selection of cable lengths, and more aviator connector options than I expected (GX12, GX16, and YC8). Here's the setup I went for:

  • Paracord: Black.
  • TechFlex: Black.
  • Heatshrink: Black.
  • Cerakote Color: Black.
  • Connector Accent: Black.
  • Device Type: USB-C.

Well, that was easy%20button.png. Surely no one's surprised by now? 🤣


Exactly one week after I placed my order, the custom cable arrived in pristine condition.



Custom Double Sleeved Coiled Cable w/GX16 Aviator Connectors

I believe that is the most pleasant smiley face I have ever looked upon.



Black Cerakoted GX16 Connector + 8" (20 cm) Coil

Coils are tight. Finishes are clean. Colors are sharp.



Eighty #391 + Custom Cable

All systems go!



Eighty #391 + Custom Cable + Danbos

I think Danbo enjoys it too. 🥰


Admittedly, I thought to arrange the cable the other way, with the aviator connector on the left side of the Eighty #391's USB-C port. Like the centerpiece of my desk. Unfortunately, the coil isn't long enough to sit exactly in the middle of the desk as I wanted and the host-side cable ended up overlapping the REALFORCE R2 TKL under the monitor. Unacceptable. Thus, the current desk setup:



Current Desk Setup - Top-Down Perspective

Do Danbos Dream of Boxy Sheep?

...I've uh, never read that novel before. 757314353862017026.png



Unsure whether I sound more somber than usual because I want to give this cable not-review the professional treatment it absolutely deserves, or because I'm not having the best week ever. But believe me when I say it absolutely lifted my spirits when I saw this custom cable delivered. I've been wanting to shower praises over this StrikerCables purchase as soon as I received that PM on Dec 23, but resisted the urge because I didn't want to take my words back in the event my order ran into a hitch. Thankfully, the entire process was freaking flawless. 👌


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Okashī (PC) | K-4398 (Keeb) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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  • 4 months later...

Eighty #391 Update - Hush, Hush

Spent an entire day outfitting Eighty #391 with lubed and filmed Modded Silent L7 (TS-150g) switches! 😁

Woulda done it faster if I didn't have to take out alla films from my 100 × Modded Ink Black (150g) switches, ahahaha... 😅



Eighty #391 w/ Modded Ink Black (150g) Switches + Modded Silent L7 Switches

Modding Recipe:

Durock L7 Switch Housings

Gazzew/Outemu Silent Linear Stems

Flashquark Two Stage Long Springs (150g)

Krytox 205 G0

Deskeys Switch Films



Modded Silent L7 Switch - Pippity Pop, Open Up!

For lube, I applied a reasonable coating on the slider rails on the bottom housing, a lighter dab on the spring top and bottom, and a more genearous amount on the stem legs.

Focused on the stem legs, 'cos in some Modded Silent L7s (TS-150g), I can feel a weird bump when the Silent Linear Stem glides down on the Durock L7 leaf?

In most cases, extra lube on the legs remedied or significantly mitigated the odd tactility. 755739135813353552.png?v=1



Eighty #391 + Modded Silent L7 (TS-150g) Switches

Yaaasss! 😍

Those smokey black switch housings are sooo satisfying!

...Light gray is an alright color, I suppose. 662101731123134483.gif?v=1



Eighty #391 + EnjoyPBT Blank Black PBT Keycaps



Sound Samples!

  • Sound samples with the Gazzew/Outemu Silent Linear Stems are absurdly quiet! Would recommend listening to them in a quiet environment.
  • The Antlion Mod MIc was sitting right on the lip of the keyboard's case, lol. Can't get the mic any closer towards the keeb without my fingers whacking into it. 😆


Eighty #391 - Modded Silent L7 (TS-150g) Switches (Fast)



Eighty #391 - Modded Silent L7 (TS-150g) Switches (Slow)



Eighty #391 - Modded Silent L7 (TS-150g) Switches (No Spacebar)



Stealth keycaps and stealth typing. :ph34r:

Spacebar, shuddup.



I wanna say I've prooobably reached endgame status with Eighty #391? In terms of configuration/parts list, at least. Always wanted a quiet, heavy, silently imposing keeb. 😁


Admittedly, the Spacebar stabs' rattling is irking me quite a bit, might have to mod it and yeet that noise outta here. 😒 But! I'm very happy with the Modded Silent L7 (TS-150g) switches. For those curious about the Duorck L7s or Gazzew/Outemu Silent Linear Stems, I'd definitely recommend filming the L7s (they suffer a little bit from housing wobble), and would recommend lubing the Silent Linear Stems (a tiny bit scratchy, out of the box).


Gazzew's actually written a piece on how they recommend lubing up the stems, and how to thin out lube for their process: About: Lubing and Assembly (Linears and Tactiles) by u/hbheroinbob (Reddit). I skimmed through it quickly, but didn't follow the guide to the letter. 😝 Er, I didn't feel as though I had quite enough lube for donut-dipping things in, plus it didn't seem to help with the tactile stem leg-leaf issue. 🤔




Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Okashī (PC) | K-4398 (Keeb) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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3 hours ago, Eschew said:

I wanna say I've prooobably reached endgame status with Eighty #391?



You too cute to believe that's a real word.


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1 minute ago, Den-Fi said:



You too cute to believe that's a real word.

S-Shush! Maybe if I say it out loud it'll become real. 😩


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Okashī (PC) | K-4398 (Keeb) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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1 minute ago, Eschew said:

S-Shush! Maybe if I say it out loud it'll become real. 😩


Everyone, Creator初音ミク Hatsune Miku Google commercial.



Cameras: Main: Canon 70D - Secondary: Panasonic GX85 - Spare: Samsung ST68. - Action cams: GoPro Hero+, Akaso EK7000pro

Dead cameras: Nikion s4000, Canon XTi




Dell optiplex 5050 (main) - i5-6500- 20GB ram -500gb samsung 970 evo  500gb WD blue HDD - dvd r/w


HP compaq 8300 prebuilt - Intel i5-3470 - 8GB ram - 500GB HDD - bluray drive


old windows 7 gaming desktop - Intel i5 2400 - lenovo CIH61M V:1.0 - 4GB ram - 1TB HDD - dual DVD r/w


main laptop acer e5 15 - Intel i3 7th gen - 16GB ram - 1TB HDD - dvd drive                                                                     


school laptop lenovo 300e chromebook 2nd gen - Intel celeron - 4GB ram - 32GB SSD 


audio mac- 2017 apple macbook air A1466 EMC 3178

Any questions? pm me.



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  • 1 month later...

Eighty #391 Update - Spacebar Modding

The rattling was wearing my nerves down. 685675911512719401.png?v=1

It's just the Spacebar, too. Other keys with stabilizers in 'em aren't affected.



Spacebar + Leftover Shelf Liner + Pocket Knaf

'Chew was browsing Divinkey's site to add stuff to her cart (because $99 for Free Shipping 740197263036514435.png?v=1), and came across the KBDfans Spacebar Foam.

"Oh, it's only $5?"


"Hoooooooool' up a sec, I could just DIY it, lol."



Spacebar + Cut Shelf Liner

Considered making the foam a single piece, rather than two pieces.

Stared at the keeb's Spacebar switch for a while, then settled for two pieces. 🤔

Eh, I mean, if the first try failed, I still had plenty of shelf liner left for a second shot?



Spacebar + DIY Spacebar Foam

Looks kinda jank, but hey, it's zero dollars outta my pocket! 748472219784708176.gif?v=1



Spacebar Stabilizer + Deskeys Switch Films

[100 Hours Later...]

Had to freaking disassemble the entire keeb -- all the switches as well -- to get at the Spacebar Stabilizer.

Because, y'know, screw-in shenanigans. 748540861545185361.png?v=1



Spacebar Stabilizer + Used Deskeys Switch Film Sheet

Hoarding useless things pays off, once again. 662170920521302023.gif?v=1

What we want from the used Switch Film sheet is the very smol, rectangular sliver of material. 748523241848438794.png?v=1



Spacebar Stabilizer Stems + Used Deskeys Switch Film Sheet

Stems are aligned along the rectangular sliver we want.

It's the perfect width to fit inside the stem. Just gotta snip it down to the right length.



Epsi Modded (Left) + Unmodded (Right) Stabilizer Stems

Epsi Mod seems to be slightly different from the Holee Mod. 🤔

Holee Mod uses a bandaid (thicker material), which wraps around the entire middle slope-like (⦦) portion of the stem's interior.

Epsi Mod uses Switch Film leftovers (thinner material), and is only applied to the angle-like (∠) portion of the stem.



Sound Samples


Eighty #391 - Spacebar Foam Only (Fast)


Eighty #391 - Spacebar Foam Only (Slow)


Eighty #391 - Epsi Modded Spacebar + Foam (Fast)


Eighty #391 - Epsi Modded Spacebar + Foam (Slow)



Spacebar foam made more of a difference than the Epsi Mod, IMO. Doesn't completely eliminate the rattling, but I think it's made my Spacebar keystrokes significantly quieter and significantly less irksome. Might squeeze another layer of shelf liner in the Spacebar, whenever I can stop procrastinating, lol. 😆


Also, also, alsooo, silenced heavy linears are 745573871620718603.png?v=1.


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Okashī (PC) | K-4398 (Keeb) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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