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Build Log - Hoshī


Hey there! Welcome to 'Chew’s PC build log! 😁


It’ll be a bit of an odd build log, because... eh... the PC’s already built. But! Opportunity! I’m switching cases -- meaning I’m pretty much disassembling and reassembling most of my system -- and I thought I’d take the chance to write up a build log while I’m at it.


I hope you like reading, because I like writing, hehe.


What's Old News

  • Parts List
  • Trolley-PC - 'Chew's First Build
  • ESCHEW-PC - 'Chew's First Case Build


What's New News

  • Non-Generic Name!
  • Disassembly and Reassembly!
  • Non-Photogenic Photos!
  • Future Updates...?




Names are important. A good name expresses the personality of its bearer well, and likewise, a good title-bearer should live up to its name. The main reason I didn’t "officially" name my build until now was that I couldn’t think of a suitable name for it.


So, what's up with "Hoshī"?


*Deep breath.*

I chose a weeb name because I AM A WEEB AND I'M PROUD TO BE A WEEB.

*Clears throat.*


For real, though, the name crossed my mind as I was listening to 星降る夜のラピス (The Starry Night’s Lapis), a song collab by TUMENECO and GET IN THE RING. It is absolutely one of my favorite songs -- perhaps my favorite, period. I love everything about the song -- from the arrangement, to the vocals, to the lyrics -- as well as other contextual factors -- like it being a collaborative effort between my two favorite Touhou doujin circles, or it having two versions sung by my two favorite Touhou vocalists みぃ (Mie) and yukina.


YouTube Lyric Video (Fan-Made)


At the 2:01 mark, the song goes: "ねえ、星が綺麗。" That particular part of the song struck me vividly.

  • The lyrics bear an uncanny resemblance to the romantic phrase, "月が綺麗。" Translated literally, it means, "The moon is beautiful." Figuratively, however, 月 (つき, or tsuki) sounds much like 好き (すき, or suki); the former means "Moon," the latter means "Fondness," "Like," or "Love" (in the right context). Hence, "月が綺麗。" could also be interpreted as "好きが綺麗。" or "Love is beautiful." It's a poetic way of confessing attraction to someone.
  • In the song's case, 星 (ほし, or hoshi) sounds similar to 欲しい (ほしい, or hoshī; extended ī sound); the former means "Star," the latter means "Want," "Wish," or "Desire." Thus, "星が綺麗。" (The stars are beautiful.) could also suggest "欲しいが綺麗。" (Want is beautiful.) It makes a sublime sort of sense in relation to the song. (Hehe, sub-lime, ayyy...)


欲しい, or Hoshī, is very appropriate for my build. The entire purpose of my PC revolves around frivolous, unadulterated want -- as opposed to, say, the need for a server, workstation, or a backup system.

  • I wanted to own my first desktop PC.
  • I wanted to experience building my own PC with parts that I picked out.
  • I wanted to use the PC to play games at graphics settings that my laptop couldn't handle.
  • I wanted PC building bragging rights.


Also, the name's short and sweet. Purposely understated and unassuming, and a perfect fit for my build. 🥰



Current Parts List

Component Selection Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor $159.99
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black CPU Cooler $99.95
Motherboard ASUS PRIME X570-PRO Motherboard $210.00
Graphics Card ASRock Radeon RX 5600 XT 6 GB Challenger D OC Video Card $269.99
Memory TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN Z 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory $131.98

Inland Premium 512GB M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe 3.0 x 4 Internal Solid State Drive

Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

Seagate BarraCuda 4 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive



$Dennn 😂

Power Supply

EVGA SuperNOVA GA 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS




Fractal Design Define 7 Compact


Case Fans

1 × Noctua NF-F12 chromax.black

4 × Noctua NF-A14 chromax.black

$Dennn 😂


Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Education 64-bit $0.00

Sceptre E255B-1658A 24.5" 1920 x 1080 165 Hz Monitor



Eighty #391 - Mode Designs First Edition Eighty Keyboard (Dark)

R2-968 - REALFORCE R2 TKL Keyboard

MGK64 - GK64 Keyboard

$Too Much


$Dennn 😂


Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mouse

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

Kensington Wireless Mouse-for-Life (K72392A/K74532A)





HIFIMAN ANANDA Planar Magnetic Headphones

Drop + HIFIMAN HE-35X Dynamic Headphones




$Dennn 😂

Wireless Adapter ASUS PCE-AX58BT PCI-E Wireless Adapter $61.79



Grand Total (Shipping and Taxes Excluded)


+ $Too Much

+ $Dennn 😂


Parts Update History



Case Comparison

Fractal Design Define 7 Compact and EVGA DG-75. Purely aesthetic and physical size comparison. I'm not GamersNexus, lol. 😆


Switching out cases, from an EVGA DG-75 to a Fractal Design Define 7 Compact, because I wanted the PC to sit up on my desk, instead of lying about on the floor alla time. The DG-75 case is waaay too big, but the Define 7 Compact is a noice fit.



Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - Solid/Mesh Top Panel


Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - Mesh Top Panel/No Panel

I've heard others saying they don't like the disorganized, irregular design of the mesh panel, especially with the unsymmetrical dust filter underneath. I... kinda like the mesh design...? But I have to agree with the latter part, the case definitely looks a little bit odd with the mesh plus filter peeping out from the holes. Good thing it'll be hidden from my view 95% of the time! 😆


Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - Solid Top Panel

It's a simple sheet of metal. I love it. I'm assuming that fabric is noise-dampening material?



Left: Fractal Design Define 7 Compact, Right: EVGA DG-75

Length matters, when the d**k is tiny and the case is too big. (Desk, y'all, DESK.)



Top/Right: EVGA DG-75, Bottom/Left: Fractal Design Define 7 Compact

They're about the same height. Define 7 Compact has slightly more chonk (width), more CPU cooler clearance.



Disassembly and Reassembly

Double the ass...embly.


Disassembly Process

  • Graphics Card
  • Hard Drive (No Pictures)
  • Cable Connections
  • Motherboard
  • PSU + PSU Cables
  • Water Break



EVGA DG-75 System Interior - Hihi



Graphics Card Removal - Unscrewing PCIe Slots



ASRock Radeon RX 5600 XT Challenger D OC Graphics Card



Disconnecting (PITA) Cables

Motherboard 24-pin and CPU 4+4-pin connectors are always a PITA to remove. The ones that came with my PSU, anyway.



Motherboard Standoff Screw Removal

'Chew recommends a magnetic screwdriver. Second pic had around an inch of space to maneuver, my hands are too big to fit in that sorta gap.




Also attached: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X processor, Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler, TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN Z 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 RAM, Inland Premium 512 GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD.

Oh. I... seem to have left the wireless mouse dongle in the USB port.



PSU Removal - Sliiide...



EVGA SuperNOVA GA 650 W PSU + PITA Cables



EVGA DG-75 Case - Barebones (Hehe, Nekkiiid)

Didn't pack it up immediately, 'cos some hardware was still attached to EVGA DG-75 case parts/accessories (e.g. HDD mount, PSU mount). Lazy way to keep screws together, lol.



Water Break - Stay hydrated!



Reassembly Process

  • Case
  • PSU + PSU Cables
  • (Hard Drive Rack)
  • Cable Routing
  • Motherboard
  • Graphics Card
  • PC POST + Startup
  • 4-Hour Sleep
    • 'Chew sleep. Not PC sleep.
  • Desk Rearrangement



Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - On the Surgery Table!



Opening the Case - Smooth Side Panel

Thumbscrews, thumbscrews... Wait. There aren't any screws or handholds.



Opening the Case - From the Top

Straddling the case to get inside it.



Opening the Case - POP!

I popped it's cherry, huehuehue.



Fractal Design Define 7 Compact - First Barebones Look

Why hello there, you pretty lil' thing.



PSU Installation - Prepping



HDD Tray Cover - Thinking About Cable Routes

*Stares at HDD rack and HDD rack covers in confusion.*

*'Chew.exe is loading.*


Oh! I should remove the HDD rack.



HDD Rack Removal - From the Bottom

Ooh, the dust filter slides in and out. HDD rack can also slide along the rails, flexible positioning.



HDD Rack Removal - Nyoop!

HDD rack trays must be removed before nyooping the HDD rack. There's not enough clearance, otherwise.



HDD Rack + Case Accessories

Accessories are packaged like candy. 10/10 would prefer over Halloween candy. Gimme alla screws. Wait, I mean--



HDD Tray/Mount Comparison

'Chew's first time installing into a HDD tray. Odd holes confused me for a bit, 'til I read the manual.

Define 7 Compact also comes with noise-dampening marshmallows. (⊃゜▽゜)⊃━□□□



PSU Installation

Halfway through fiddling with the HDD rack, I forgot why I was playing around with it.

Back on track... PSU. Install. Yes. 



Cable Routing - I Feel a Migraine Coming On...

Protip: Install the HDD rack before planning cable routes. 'Chew did not follow the protip. 😫

On the bright side, front panel headers. Nifty lil' thingymajig came with my GIGABYTE motherboard. Plug the itty-bitty parts into their labelled slots in the nifty thingymajig, then plug the thingymajig into the motherboard's front panel header pins.



Cable Routing - MIGRAINE

You... do not want to know how long this took me.

It took me a full two hours. 'Chew was being indecisive, FFS. 😫



Motherboard Standoff Screws Installation

Once again, 'Chew reeeaaally recommends a magnetic screwdriver.



Define 7 Compact Progress - Interior


Dooon't worry about the floppy USB-C cable, my motherboard doesn't support that feature ahahahahaha...



Graphics Card Installation - THE FINAL SCREW



Define 7 Compact Hardware Installation - Complete!



POST + Startup


Also, 2:30 AM, when I have to wake at 7 AM! #PoorLifeDecisions!


Sleepy Parrot

Sleep Time



Current Desk Setup

Fast-forward past 30 min briefly cleaning up, 20 min shower + hair drying, 4 hour sleep, 20 min morning routine, 1 hour desk arrangement, and TA-DAAAH!

I forgot to peel the thingy off.



Post-Hardware Installation List (Windows OS)

With the hardware part done, it’s software time! Or, er, it would be time for software, if this were a fresh build.


Installation list included anyway, because it’d be handy for Future ‘Chew to have a clear-cut order of things. Based off JayzTwoCents’s Guide (YouTube) and personal preferences. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. Windows 10 OS Installation Media (Offline)
    • Recommended: Enter Product Key (For Correct Windows 10 Install)
  2. Disk Management (For SDDs/HDDs)
  3. Windows Updates (Online)
  4. Preferred Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Etc.)
  5. NVIDIA/AMD Graphics Driver Update
  6. Display Preferences/Monitor Settings
  7. RAM XMP Settings
  8. Motherboard Drivers/Updates (Chipset, Ethernet/Bluetooth, Audio, Sound Card, RGB Software, Etc.)
  9. Essential Software (7Zip, Java, LibreOffice, Malwarebytes, Notepad++, Etc.)
  10. Additional Software (Discord, GIMP, Skype, Steam, VLC, Etc.)



Closing Comments

Thanks for reading through my sleep-deprived spiel, I hope it was somewhat entertaining? I certainly found it a lot of fun tearing down and putting back my system! Good learning experience, too; thought about things that I could've done to make the process more efficient, and also reminded me that I'm still a novice when it comes to PC building. The largest time investment in my case was cable management -- I could've just jammed all my cables in whatever gap there was, but OCD is terrible curse. 😆 Those long and grueling two hours paid off in the end, though, I think.


Ow, the migraines are coming back, ow ow ow...


I fully realize that my build is far from balanced. For $1,300, I wager others could draw up a significantly more powerful system. But note that I'm no OC'er, and I have very minimal interest in "min-maxing" my build's price-to-performance. It works perfectly well for my current use case, and I've yet to encounter any detrimental hardware issues.




Though, I do plan to fit s'more things in my system. If or when I do, I'll post updates in this thread. 👍


Once again, huuuge thankies for reading! 😁


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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Looks great!

Now peel the plastic off please! /s you don't have to. :P


PC: Motherboard: ASUS B550M TUF-Plus, CPU: Ryzen 3 3100, CPU Cooler: Arctic Freezer 34, GPU: GIGABYTE WindForce GTX1650S, RAM: HyperX Fury RGB 2x8GB 3200 CL16, Case, CoolerMaster MB311L ARGB, Boot Drive: 250GB MX500, Game Drive: WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM HDD.


Peripherals: GK61 (Optical Gateron Red) with Mistel White/Orange keycaps, Logitech G102 (Purple), BitWit Ensemble Grey Deskpad. 


Audio: Logitech G432, Moondrop Starfield, Mic: Razer Siren Mini (White).


Phone: Pixel 3a (Purple-ish).


Build Log: 

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6 minutes ago, Eschew said:









Bless you!


Anyway nice build! My build is coming up soon too! When my motherboard wil come from RMA. Darn it



Main PC:


|Ryzen 7 3700x, OC to 4.2ghz @1.3V, 67C, or 4.4ghz @1.456V, 87C || Asus strix 5700 XT, +50 core, +50 memory, +50 power (not a great overclocker) || Asus Strix b550-A || G.skill trident Z Neo rgb 32gb 3600mhz cl16-19-19-19-39, oc to 3733mhz with the same timings || Cooler Master ml360 RGB AIO || Phanteks P500A Digital || Thermaltake ToughPower grand RGB750w 80+gold || Samsung 850 250gb and Adata SX 6000 Lite 500gb || Toshiba 5400rpm 1tb || Asus Rog Theta 7.1 || Asus Rog claymore || Asus Gladius 2 origin gaming mouse || Monitor 1 Asus 1080p 144hz || Monitor 2 AOC 1080p 75hz || 

Test Rig.


Ryzen 5 3400G || Gigabyte b450 S2H || Hyper X fury 2x4gb 2666mhz cl 16 ||Stock cooler || Antec NX100 || Silverstone essential 400w || Transgend SSD 220s 480gb ||

Just Sold


| i3 9100F || Msi Gaming X gtx 1050 TI || MSI Z390 A-Pro || Kingston 1x16gb 2400mhz cl17 || Stock cooler || Kolink Horizon RGB || Corsair CV 550w || Pny CS900 120gb ||


Tier lists for building a PC.


Motherboard tier list. Tier A for overclocking 5950x. Tier B for overclocking 5900x, Tier C for overclocking 5800X. Tier D for overclocking 5600X. Tier F for 4/6 core Cpus at stock. Tier E avoid.

(Also case airflow matter or if you are using Downcraft air cooler)



Gpu tier list. Rtx 3000 and RX 6000 not included since not so many reviews. Tier S for Water cooling. Tier A and B for overcloking. Tier C stock and Tier D avoid.

( You can overclock Tier C just fine, but it can get very loud, that is why it is not recommended for overclocking, same with tier D)



Psu tier List. Tier A for Rtx 3000, Vega and RX 6000. Tier B For anything else. Tier C cheap/IGPU. Tier D and E avoid.

(RTX 3000/ RX 6000 Might run just fine with higher wattage tier B unit, Rtx 3070 runs fine with tier B units)



Cpu cooler tier list. Tier 1&2 for power hungry Cpus with Overclock. Tier 3&4 for overclocking Ryzen 3,5,7 or lower power Intel Cpus. Tier 5 for overclocking low end Cpus or 4/6 core Ryzen. Tier 6&7 for stock. Tier 8&9 Ryzen stock cooler performance. Do not waste your money!



Storage tier List. Tier A for Moving files/  OS. Tier B for OS/Games. Tier C for games. Tier D budget Pcs. Tier E if on sale not the worst but not good.

(With a grain of salt, I use tier C for OS myself)



Case Tier List. Work In Progress. Most Phanteks airflow series cases already done!

Ask me anything :)

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Fractal Define gang


Desktop: Intel Core i9-9900K | ASUS Strix Z390-F | G.Skill Trident Z Neo 2x16GB 3200MHz CL14 | EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER XC Ultra | Corsair RM650x | Fractal Design Define R6

Laptop: 2018 Apple MacBook Pro 13"  --  i5-8259U | 8GB LPDDR3 | 512GB NVMe

Peripherals: Leopold FC660C w/ Topre Silent 45g | Logitech MX Master 3 & Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed | HIFIMAN HE400se & iFi ZEN DAC | Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

Display: Gigabyte G34WQC

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1 hour ago, Eschew said:


Did you know that this motherboard is heavily based on the Gigabyte B450 Gaming X?

I bought the Gaming X for $77,it was crazy cheap when i bought it.

Same VRMs,same heatsinks,PCB design is similar.


Both have a PCI-E slot with just a single lane at the bottom,but on the AORUS PRO WIFI it's in a full X16 size to make it look better.






B450 Gaming X:




A PC Enthusiast since 2011
AMD Ryzen 5 2600@3.9GHz | GIGABYTE GTX 1660 GAMING OC @ Core 2085MHz Memory 5000MHz
Cinebench R15: 1382cb | Unigine Superposition 1080p Extreme: 3439
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  • 3 weeks later...

Looking good! Very clean! Unlike other weebs. Also:


CPU: i7 9700K@5ghz all core (silence + summer)

cache x47, AVX offset 0

Motherboard: Asus Maximus XI Hero

RAM: Patriot Viper Steel 2x8gb@3733mhz @jedec cl15

PSU: EVGA SuperNova 750 G3

Mon:  LG 27GL850-B, 144Hz Nano IPS - G-Sync compatible/Freesync

GPU: EVGA 1080ti SC Black Edition w/ G12 bracket

Sound: Odac + Fiio E09K

Case: Fractal Design R6 TG Blackout

Storage: MP510 960gb and 860 Evo 500gb

Cooling: CPU: Kraken X62 - GPU: Kraken X42(RIP) -> X53 (From RMA)

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  • 1 month later...

Hoshī Update - Carbon CableMod Extensions

About time I stopped procrastinating and fitted Hoshī with Den's CableMod extensions. 😂

...But 'Chew was legitimately busy, too, m'kay? 😅



Hoshī - Before

~Hello My Baby~



Hoshī - After

~Hello My Honey~



Motherboard 24-Pin ATX Cable Extension - Close Up




CPU 4+4-Pin EPS Cable Extension - Close Up



...I posted the Status Update first, and literally the second after I did that, I remembered I had written a build log for the express purpose of sharing Hoshī updates. 748522849928609872.png

Lemme put on muh Dunce hat and go sit in the corner now. 748540861545185361.png


BUT HEEEEEEEEEY~ Hoshī got more sexy points. 748472219784708176.gif


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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  • 2 months later...

Hoshī Update - ASUS PCE-AX58BT PCI-E Wireless Adapter

...Don't be a 'Chew. 😂

Don't buy frivolous things that you absolutely do not need and that are redundant because you already have a thing that does the same thing.

Wait that's all my keyboards.



  • Hoshī's current motherboard, the GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WIFI, already has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • ASUS PCE-AX58BT PCI-E Wireless Adapter... is for WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • ...IT'S CALLED PREPARATION, M'KAY? I'm preparing for whenever I'm swapping out the AORUS MOBO for one with USB Type-C front headers.
  • Also I needed to check that the ASUS PCE-AX58BT Wireless Adapter functions as intended, because it arrived in not-so pristine condition.



Hoshī + ASUS PCE-AX58BT + Electric Duster

Might as well take the opportunity to clean 'er insides up a bit. 🥰



Hoshī - Interior

There's a thin layer of dust here n' there. 👀

Ah. Case fans were also on my shopping list. 606222287934455817.png?v=1



Hoshī - PCIe Slots


...Dat clearance for the PCIe x1 slot, lol.

Ahahaha... It is nooooooooot gonna fit under the Noctua chonky boi.



ASUS PCE-AX58BT - Installed





Hoshī - ASUS PCE-AX58BT Installed + Cleaned Up!

There was an unhealthy puff of dust when I blew the electric duster through Hoshī. 😂



Wireless Networks

Wi-Fi is the B450's onboard WiFi. WiFi 2 is the ASUS PCE-AX58BT.

Was worried how the PC would handle having two wireless network adapters, seems it just works seamlessly?

Awesome. 😁👍


Does it work? Yus. 👍

Does it make PC faster? IDK n' IDC, lol. 605148572307947520.gif?v=1


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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17 hours ago, Eschew said:

Does it make PC cuter?


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hoshī Update - ASUS PRIME X570-PRO Motherboard



The socially-acceptable, practical reason I swapped out my GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO for an ASUS PRIME X570-PRO is to make use of the case's USB Type-C front header, which the GIGABYTE B450 doooeeesn't support.


The more important reason was the GIGABYTE AORUS MOBO's obnoxious gamer-y aesthetics was getting on my nerves. 675877794714222596.png?v=1

(Performance-wise, the B450 was perfectly fine for my use case, and the X570 is prooobably overkill for a Ryzen 5 3600X, ahahaha...)



Hoshī + GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO Motherboard

...Friggin' obnoxious angles and weird fisting eagle logo. 747738563256516640.png?v=1



Hoshī + ASUS PRIME X570-PRO Motherboard

Yeeey~ 619039042423750657.gif?v=1

Now to slap the case's opaque, metal side panels back on my baby and not see its internals for another year. 675877794714222596.png?v=1




There was a lot of crawling around, lifting, bending over, screwing, kneeling down, grunting, and blowing involved...




Ahhh, but fer real, my muscles are gonna be hecka sore tomorrow. 😆


Post-Hardware Concerns and Thingymabobbies

  • Reinstall OS?: Turns out, I don't have to do a clean install of Windows 10, and to go through all the activation hullabaloo -- at least, not when going from a B450 to an X570 motherboard? Will keep an eye out and see if I run into any problems. 🤔
    • Reinstall MS Office?: While Windows 10 activation was one thing, keeping my MS Office 2019 license was the bigger concern on my mind. Thing is, I... don't have (read: neglected to copy 675877794714222596.png?v=1) the full product key, and I'm very uncertain whether the license has been linked to my MS account. It doesn't show up in my Services/Subscriptions/Orders, since I got it from a third-party (OnTheHub/Kivuto, 'cos I could get it free of charge with my school account). The best I could do was retrieve the last five digits of my product key, but that isn't enough for a reactivation, in the event that MS Office doesn't acknowledge.
    • Reinstall MS Office - Plans B + C: Should the MS Office 2019 product key be lost, Plan B was coughing up $15 to access the key from OnTheHub/Kivuto, and Plan C was to install MS Office 365 instead, which I could also get from my school account. IIRC, I can only use that 365 license for a limited number of times, however. I'd prefer to use MS Office without using up those limits and without being signed in to my school email, buuut, meh.
  • WiFi: Was a bit worried about wireless access, but the WiFi adapter worked seamlessly! Already had the drivers for it installed on my M.2 NVME SSD (ASUS PCE-AX58BT PCI-E Wireless Adapter Update), so several steps were sidestepped there. 👍
  • USB Type-C: Confirmed that it's definitely functional. Sweeet! Now to take advantage of it perhaps only once per two months, kek. I don't have too many USB Type-C devices lying around, lmao. But hey, IF I ever needed that functionality, I have it now! 🤣

I definitely over-thought and fretted way too much on the motherboard. The hardest thing was moving hardware around, and that was more tedious than difficult, really. Not having to reinstall Windows cut out a lot of headache from my schedule this week. 😁


Off to the slep now, and to wake up with protesting muscles in the morning. 764533767180124210.png?v=1

...And then to clean up the mess I made the night before. 👀💦


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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That's the board I was going to get when I was planning my new build almost two years ago! Well, if I had gone AMD.

Hoshī do be looking real nice! 748522849807106088.png?v=1

11 minutes ago, Eschew said:

There was a lot of crawling around, lifting, bending over, screwing, kneeling down, grunting, and blowing involved...


11 minutes ago, Eschew said:

Off to the slep now, and to wake up with protesting muscles in the morning. 764533767180124210.png?v=1


Desktop: Intel Core i9-9900K | ASUS Strix Z390-F | G.Skill Trident Z Neo 2x16GB 3200MHz CL14 | EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER XC Ultra | Corsair RM650x | Fractal Design Define R6

Laptop: 2018 Apple MacBook Pro 13"  --  i5-8259U | 8GB LPDDR3 | 512GB NVMe

Peripherals: Leopold FC660C w/ Topre Silent 45g | Logitech MX Master 3 & Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed | HIFIMAN HE400se & iFi ZEN DAC | Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

Display: Gigabyte G34WQC

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Hoshī Update - Minor Adjustments

Preparing to sell Hoshī's excess, unused parts to a coworker! Specifically, the GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WIFI motherboard and the EVGA DG-75 case.

...Thank the heavens. I've been meaning to pawn off the case for a while, but whomst the heck would want a giant glass hotbox like the DG-75, lol? 😅


And, since I want to be a decent human being, I'm selling both parts boxed with 99% of their original accessories. Uh, 99%, because I need the one M.2 screw that came with the GIGABYTE board; my ASUS PRIME X570-PRO was missing it's M.2 screws + standoffs baggie. (Isok, I prodded the seller and they refunded me $10 for the inconvenience. 👍)



  • GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WIFI Motherboard
  • M.2 Screws + Standoffs (1 × M.2 Screw in Hoshī)
  • 2 × SATA Cables (1 × SATA Cable in Hoshī)
  • 1 × Wi-Fi Antenna (In Hoshī)
  • 1 × G Connector
  • 1 × Motherboard Driver Disk
  • 1 × User's Manual



Den's NVME M.2 SSD Heat Spreader (Featured in Goodie Bags! Status Update!)

Some dingus decided it would be a stellar idea to keep the GIGABYTE's heat spreader stuck to Hoshī's boot drive.

Dingus be me. 'Chew the dingus. 😔

Miiight be a good idea to swap out the heat spreader with another one lying around, especially if I wanna sell the GIGABYTE board with it's OG parts. 😅



Hoshī - NVME SSD + Heat Spreader Reinstalled

[Eye twitches.]



Hoshī - Graphics Card Reinstalled

Slightly better...?

[...Eye twitches.]

FEKKIT, I'm adding M.2 standoffs to my Amazon shopping list, FRIGGITY FRECK FECK. 662162938999603210.gif?v=1



Hoshī - Cables (Before)

Ah, I never did show the cable run in the previous update, did I? 👀

SATA cable that came with the GIGABYTE board is in the bottom-left corner.

...Don't look at the rat's nest. DON'T.



Hoshī - Cables (After)

Cleaned 'er up a lil'. Left side doesn't look as hectic as before, methinks. 👀



Hoshī - Antenna

Swapped out the GIGABYTE antenna with the one that came with the ASUS PCE-AX58BT.

Huh... I might like this better? Reminds me of Zero Two, lol. 662162943961464846.gif?v=1

I haven't watched Darling in the FRANXX. 799080953913409566.gif?v=1



GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WIFI Motherboard - Box Contents

There we go. Baggies aren't the original baggies, but almost all of the MOBO's original accessories are in there.

Missing one M.2 screw should be fine? Coworker did tell me he only has SATA SSDs, no NVME ones. 🤔



EVGA DG-75... Box

Heeey, my hoarding habits paid off for this one -- it still has it's OG packaging with OG form-fitting foam inside! 662170920521302023.gif?v=1

...I'd open it up and check it still contains it's original accessories and whatnot, but I haven't had dinner and am slightly hunger. 788506153867804732.png?v=1


Ahhh... Got a good feeling my coworker'll take the MOBO, just a bit worried that the case might not sell (it do be kinda sucky). Money hasn't been exchanged yet, and coworker is still window-shopping/researching parts versus prices for his build. Hooopefully an enticingly low price and some honeyed words will move him, lol. 😅


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'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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  • 3 months later...

Hoshī Update - Expansion n' Extensions n' Stuff!

Chonky update! 719282616951504988.gif?v=1



Hoshī + Upgrades!

PC's actually been sitting with the side panel off since... April? 😂

Long story short, CableMod's 24-Pin ATX Cable Extension was causing BSODs.

Got a replacement cable (with Den's help! 748522851337764904.gif?v=1) two weeks ago.



1 × Noctua NF-F12 chromax.black Case Fan (742801246422958150.png?v=1)

4 × Noctua NF-A14 chromax.black Case Fans

1 × Seagate BarraCuda 4 TB HDD (ST4000DM005) (742801246422958150.png?v=1)

1 × CableMod 12-Pin ATX Cable Extension (Replacement)



Hoshī - Cable Management

Y'know when you put a lot of effort into a thing.

Only to tear it down later?




Hoshī - Rat's Nest

Ugh. Cursed. 😫

But, gotta deal with the rat's nest to get at the HDD rack.



Hoshī - Underside

Props to Fractal Design for the rail design, much appreciated.

Lets me slide the HDD rack without fully removing its screws.

If say, I needed to get at the bottom slot (currently blocked), I give the rack a temporary slide to the right, and I can pull it out. 👍



HDD Tray + Seagate 4 TB HDD

...I'm gonna game on it. 👀💦

For the record, this ithe 7200 RPM one, not the 5400 RPM.



HDD Dampener

I only noticed the shape of this thing now.

Uh, eight months after building in the Define 7 Compact case.

And... I'm fairly certain I installed it wrong the first time around. 619039042725740563.gif?v=1



HDD Tray + HDD Dampeners

Dampeners in the same plane as the HDD tray.

Makes sense, as that way, they can make contact with both the vibrating HDD and the screws holding it to the tray.

'Chew is the biggest derp. 675877794714222596.png?v=1



HDD Tray + HDD Assembled

Assembled (786423780532027433.png?v=1). Heh.




HDD + CableMod Cable Extension Installed

I actually started with the cable extension first.

Too busy muttering colorful words under my breath to take pics of it at the time. 🤣

Don't look at the HDD corner. Don't.



Hoshī - Front Panel Removed

Like the rest of the Define 7 Compact, removal of the front panel is completely tool-less.

Just, yoink!



Hoshī - Back + Front

Featuring the Define 7 Compact's default fans:

1 × Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 Case Fan

1 × Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-14 Case Fan



Case Fans




Hoshī - Noctua Fans Installed!

This took me waaay too much effort. 😩

Ran into clearance issues between the top fans and the 4+4 pin EPS Cable Extension.

Also, please ignore the cable leading up to that fan in the front. 778109495305568298.png?v=1



Hoshī - Back + Front


Having all the fan slots occupied makes 'Chew super happy. 😁



Data Transfer - Media (D:) to Backup Plus (E:)

Before the hardware upgrades, I made a backup of the Media drive on my Seagate Backup Plus.

Partly 'cos I had something to restore, if I ran into issues moving all my games to the new HDD.

Also partly to get an idea how fast or how slowly data would transfer.

Ignore the Windows estimate, the copy-pasta took mebbe an hour, for 200 GB of stuff.




HDDs detected? Check.

Fans running? Check.

(Yes, I plugged fans into the AIO and Water Pump headers. Cable lengths, yanno.)

Cable Extension, I'll have to check over the next week. Hopefully power delivery will be stable and no BSODs. 🤞



4 TB HDD Automatically Detected!

Didn't have to fanagle with Disk Management and pull up YouTube tutorials!

Den is to thank. 🥰



Data Transfer - Media (D:) to Local Disk (E:)

Hm... Don't remember how long it took. I think I was cleaning up tool and leftover accessories after the hardware upgrade?

Eh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After copy-pasta'ing my games over, went through the tedious part of "repairing" game clients and correcting game directories.


Steam is easy and painless, everything's done automatically and in an instant.

Origin needs the user to find the game's new folder, and can verifying files take a while, depending on how large the game is.

Ubisoft Connect is also easy and painless, seems to be automatic, but I only have one Ubisoft game to test.



So tired.

Was sweating buckets throughout the whole hardware installation. Sweat from nervous-stress mode, combined with Cali's suuucky summer season.

...'Chew hates the heat. 😩


Off to take a long, comfortably cool shower. 🚿

Something something stay hydrated something something. 662162939729412116.gif?v=1


Keeb Weeb LinksCustom Mechanical Keyboards | #KeebWeebClub

'Chew Builds: Hoshī (PC) | Eighty #391 (Keeb) | R2-968 (Keeb) | MGK64 (Keeb)

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