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  1. Yes, it has Kailh hotswap sockets, which will fit any MX style switches
  2. That to me sounds like Hexgears GK705, Hexgears Impulse for the US market or Hexgears K705 for the UK market.
  3. I would say that it's more due to the pcb of modern mice outputting way too little current, not even enough to pass the wetting current of the switch they put on those pcb that lead to faster oxidation and premature double clicking issue. That said, Chinese omron do have worse quality and design that makes then less reliable than Japanese omron switches. Here's a 2 part video deep dive in everything that could make your mouse switches double clicking: https://youtu.be/NhhRTUrz0R8
  4. Generally speaking you should avoid cherry profile keycaps, even tho it's on a case by case basis, not something that always happens.
  5. No. It's the same webcam. Logitech renamed the C920 recently to the C920 Pro HD just to make the placebo effect of releasing a new product. Elgato just released their Facecam webcam, and image quality is damn impressive. You should consider it when it sells.
  6. Those 4 holes are to accommodate 2 different type of THT components. The outer most 2 are for diodes, whereas the inner 2 holes are for you standard 2 legs through hole LED like this one:
  7. If anything, it's the switch that gives him the feeling of input lag, not the input latency itself. Which is totally preference due to the guy's weak fingers.
  8. Short answer: no. Long answer, you can't even notice the difference, and even if you improve the latency of your keyboard, it still has to go through a bunch of hoops that will easily delete that gain. This video is the definition of the placebo effect. There is no research proving that linear is "da BeST FOr GAMERS!!!!!!" and the reason why the guy felt that the switches are "super super fast" is that the actuation force and actuation point of the switches is super light and super early in the travel distance of the switch. He also probably have never tried a switch with t
  9. Have you tried using the NVENC encoder with that pc? Turing NVENC improves quite a lot in quality compare to Pascal NVENC (iirc it matches x264 Slow in terms of quality) while doesn't eat up as much resources as x264. Recent Windows and OBS updates has brought fixes to the GPU allocation issue that plagues some FPS game like Apex and PUBG.
  10. I would say no. Even though it does reduce the noise in the downstroke, it doesn't reduce the noise of the upstroke, while adding the extra mushiness when bottoms out. If anything you should swap the stock optical red with silent optical variants. https://x-bows.com/products/gateron-optical-switches-110-pc
  11. How about the ID-Cooling SE 224-XT? The main reason I would not recommend the OG 212 or the refreshed 212x is because of the pathetic X mounting bracket, its so hard to mount with that.
  12. The closest size to that would be boards that follow the Cherry G80-1800 layout like the Leopold FC980M
  13. This is flat out mis-leading. Even if gaming switches with 0.1 ms response time and shallow actuation point are faster, any competitive gains you make with it will be denied by other mediums the signal from a switch must go through. As other people has mentioned above, the switch choice is totally dependant on your personal preference, there is no definitive "best" switch. One person's best switch might be too loud, too light or too heavy, too tactile,... for another. Try out both switch in real life if you can before making your purchase.
  14. Yep. No wonder. Besides switches that Gazzew involved in the manufacturing process, Outemu basic switches are not great in terms of reliability.