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  1. It's gonna be GX Red. What's the price of the G412? And
  2. Most likely no, as the pcb and plate doesn't use the common tray mount 60% screw layout
  3. https://mileendofficefurniture.com.au/product/chairs-seating/task-operator-seating/tune-high-mesh-back-chair-black/ This has a lot of customization for your ergonomic for a pretty competitive price imo. Dunno if this retailer is a reputable one in Australia or not tho.
  4. In my opinion, I don't think so. The purpose of a "ergonomic" chair is to guide your body to sit with the right posture, and what @Brok3n But who cares?said seems like the opposite. Based on that, I would not recommend the Secret Lab chair, its your typical flat back racing seat knockoff on a wheelbase. Even though there is a "lumbar support", you can only adjust the depth of the support, you can't adjust the position of it on your spine. For around 400 usd, Autonomous's ErgoChair 2 is my recommendation: https://www.autonomous.ai/office-chairs/ergonomic-chair
  5. Where is that rating exactly, I'm interested in this point.
  6. Most likely because the cost of maintaining the support staff (which I think only knows how to replace the broken one with a new one) is cheaper than actually improving the quality of the chair. I agree with previous responses about not buying gaming chairs. If you take a side-by-side comparision between a "gaming" chair and an actual racing seat, you can see a lot of similarities, with the "gaming" chair being worse at every design factor. A racing seat keeps your body in place, not moving around when you are in an high G-force accident, which is why the chair has those edges that limit
  7. Every switch does this tbh. The real way to have silent switches is to buy those that comes with rubber dampeners where the stem hits the bottom housing. That way, you can have silent keebs like this one:
  8. For prebuilt boards, Leopold and Varmilo are my favorites. Leopold is the prime example of cutting off all the bling and put that money into the build quality of the keyboard and not fl3xing about it. Varmilo boards apparently have pre-lubed swiitches on em recently and feedbacks from people in the community is pretty positive so far. My only gripe with both brands is that they only have Cherry MX switch options, which are medicore in every caterogy of switches they offered. Don't see anything controversial with that.
  9. This is my prebuilt option: https://mykeyboard.eu/catalogue/leopold-fc750r-pd-garypurple-mx-silent-red_3340/, the board comes with Cherry MX Silent Red, which although not the best silent switch out there on the market, it will make your board becomes dead silent. Even tho the board looks boring, the build quality is miles ahead of almost all gamer boards out there. https://candykeys.com/product/va87m-cmyk-ansi. This is an alternative, apparently they pre-lubed the switch for you and reports from people in the mechanical keyboard community indicates Varmilo did a good job lubing it. For
  10. Do you willing to build your own keyboard? Will only involves putting switches into a socket and then putting keycaps atop.
  11. What is your budget and where are you from?
  12. It still does. If you buy switches that are not manufactured by Outemu and want to swap those into your Redragon, you will have to thin down the pins in order to fit those in as your board uses Outemu hot swap sockets on some batches. Otherwise its a soldered board and yoh will need to desolder your old switches out and solder your new switches in. If your board comes soldered, you won't have to worry about switch compatibility.
  13. Yes, this is normal. 2 examples: That's just the power delivery for the LEDs inside the keyboard/mouse doing its job as @kelvinhall05 said in the first post.
  14. I would like to add the Kemove Snowfox/ Shadowfox on the list as well: its what the Anne Pro 2 offers with hotswap sockets so that you won't have to buy a brand new keyboard when you want to try out other Cherry MX style switches. Here's the Amazon listing for the Snowfox: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Mechanical-Keyboard-Wireless-Backlit-Red-switch-White/dp/B08372LKVV