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Everything posted by Meganter

  1. Meganter

    cat thread

    Her watch hasn't ended.
  2. Meganter

    Total cost of the pi tablet so far: roughly 250…

    Don't you dare use stuff like you intend to TNT!
  3. Meganter

    Update on the previous SU. I get super warm, at…

    I've had the same symptoms for the last 4 days but covid test came back negative so I guess it's a flu for you too ?
  4. Meganter

    Are you and Den a couple? 👀

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    2. FakeNSA


      11 minutes ago, Eschew said:


      You don't think LDR could work out? (ง •̀•́)ง

      Let's just say they aren't for me.

      Best of luck to you, should that be something you are pursuing!

    3. Meganter
    4. Moonzy


      I would be surprised if they aren't


      Den x schew was the topic in one of my DM briefly 👀

  5. Still alive, got a new job, a new keyboard, son is doing good!





  6. That's what they said. Nice spam though!
  7. Meganter

    when your phone plan is $12/mnth and you accide…

    Those plans still exist ? *Concerns*
  8. Congratulations to the ones who made the event and everyone who participated !
  9. I've been cited come on little Vega, you can do it !
  10. Meganter

    Here's a thought: if you don't know the answer…

    This should be pinned at the top of all posts.
  11. Meganter

    Ahhh, snow melting weather!

  12. Meganter

    MacBooks are bad and Apple succs. (also, new le…

    One Apple a day keeps your money away.
  13. Meganter

    Has there been any good games with WW2 story li…

    Wolfenstein The New Order though it's an alternate post WW2 world. The sequel which act as the prequel is during the war, it's not as good and with zombies, I can't even remember the name lol.
  14. Meganter


    Jus de lime ? What kind of French is that
  15. Meganter


    Yes, more specifically about ordering them
  16. Monthly "I'm still not dead" status update.

    1. Mateyyy
    2. Velcade


      I wonder how many forum members die each year... I think a few that use to regular the forum might have.

  17. Meganter

    Cute slep.

    So tiring to watch birbs.
  18. Meganter

    What is this superb owl that everyone seems to…

    My kind of owl :