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#server #nas #nassolution #linux

Hello guys


I am looking for help in sphere of home server solution. After 6 month of using WD Home duo I decided to try build something better. This WD nas solution is very slow(I mean very very slow) and software is what it is. I have no problem with building server PC but I am looking for the best software solution or better say, how to achieve that :D


My conditions are:

1) have access not only from home network, but also from everywhere where I will have internet connection

2) have access directly to server from File Explorer (windows10) - SCREENSHOOT-1

3) have option at right click on folders in Win10 for "synchronize" with server (after sync with server, every added or deleted file from this folder in pc will be automaticly added or deleted from server - SCREENSHOOT-2


Thanks in advance for all your help.




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How many tb do you need?


A box running freenas or unraid can do this and is pretty simple to setup. Make a low end desktop and install one of those oses. For WAN connections, either use something like nextcloud or a vpn.

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