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    dual Xeon e5 2680 v2
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    Intel s2600cp
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    32GB DDR3R
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    Phantex enthoo pro
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    4x 100GB SSDs + 6x 2TB HDDs
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    850 EVGA g2
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    Deepcool IceBlade 200M
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    Fedora 29

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  1. What nikon camera and lenses do you have now? What do you want to take pictures of? What features matter to you in a camera? Do you want new or used? Do you want a dslr or mirrorless?
  2. 1. You can set priority of the program the vm is using is your best option, but I don't know of any software that will change vm resources on the fly for cpu. You can also limit cores. 2. Virtual box should work fine, but give hyper-v a shot, its also included with windows. Probalby can't share gpu power, or its gonna be a pain to use the GPU power.
  3. Do you really need the 4k textures? id just use lower res textures when your doing this, You can put a high res texture in later if needed.
  4. Thats probably gonna be cheaper and easier than getting a second gpu. What are the full specs on your pc? If its just for basic office work, you can probably get a second pc for basically free(well I have gotten many pcs for free if you know where to look)
  5. This is for all nvidia cards(well modern semi high end ones, not just quadros) What was obs settings? Might as well try the cpu
  6. Id really try to get aster here. How much is it for you there? Should be much cheaper than a good vm setup would be.
  7. The hd4600 should be faster than a 710. Id save up a bit more for a faster gpu.
  8. We really don't know what direct storage will need. But likely the chipset sharing lanes will be plenty of bandwidth for direct storage. Those other devices like usb and network are normally not using much bandwidth most of the times.
  9. I have one of these ATT internet connections too Set the ip to on in the usable ip range, set the subnet mask to /29 or, and set the gateway to the one they give.
  10. Budget? BUt a 3600 would be a good bet if cheap, 5600x is a bit better.
  11. Yea it will run fine. But if your goal is a MC server, a used desktop like a optiplex will be faster, use less power, and be cheaper
  12. Those are read only usb sticks, so you can't update the image on them. Just use any other usb stick and use that for the installer.
  13. This is fully expected. This is how turbo on basically all modern cpus work. The CPU basically never runs at the base speed, and will boost as high as it can.
  14. The charger is the cheapest way to charge it. Or just use your phone. If you have a reasonble phone it will probalby take better pictures, this camera was never that great it seems.