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    dual Xeon e5 2680 v2
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    Intel s2600cp
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    32GB DDR3R
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    Phantex enthoo pro
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    4x 100GB SSDs + 6x 2TB HDDs
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    850 EVGA g2
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    Deepcool IceBlade 200M
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    Fedora 29

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  1. Yea Id aim for fewer bigger hdds, easier to upgrade. Id just stick with usb external hdds then. What raid software/hardware are you using? really depends on your exact config here.
  2. Id focus on the backup first. Since you only have like 7tb of stuff, id get a 8-12tb external hdd and backup to that. With big arrays, like 12+ drives, 4 hdds isn't that much. Depends on the nas model But for a nas you don't need much, like a celeron and 2gb of ram is plenty for a basic nas. What exact parts are you using? Really depends on the exact setup.
  3. you can use a normal hdd for a nas. I have done this many time, and it works fine. Just make sure you have good backups. Won't really matter with that few drives, id just get normal hdds here
  4. Most of the first gen mobile core i chips should work in there. Do you have a dgpu? I think the quad cores from that gen don't have a igpu so you will need the igpu.
  5. Well its not on the approved cpu list(and like doesn't support secure boot or tpm either), so it doesn't meet the system requirements. But you can probably get around the limits if you want to.
  6. What do you mean by shutdown? Id stay away from usb hdds for a nas. Thats probably power management on the external hdds. For a gigabit nas, you really don't need much, almost anything in the last 10 years will be fine. Your gonna be limited by gigabit networking unless you want to pay for 10gbe. Get a faster network? Or do you mean backup software? A nas is always gonna have more overhead as there is more layers between the storage and your program Where is here? Most retailers sell 16tb hdds around here.
  7. Yea Id just stick with local storage for games. Ive played with network storage for games a good amount, and never got it to work well. WHy not replace the hdd with a ssd in the laptop? Much faster, not too expensive. This isn't a huge issue in my experience, esp with good backups Id setup a old pc or nas for media and low speed storage that needs to be shared, and local ssds that needs to be fast.
  8. If your goal is to store games, a NAS is pretty bad, some games don't like being stored on a nas, and its just a lot of setup for a slower game storage system Put a local ssd in each system for things like games. Then have a nas/cloud storage for files that need to be shared. If you want a lot of storage for media, Id just get a single big hdd in your PC, get something like a 16tb drive here. Then you can setup a network share on your PC if you want other systems on the network to be able to use it.
  9. Yea the model and software limit the raid you can use. Look at the specs of the model. But don't assume you can move the raid array to a new nas. Id just put new drives in the new nas and copy the files over Whats your workload when you see these speeds? A nas is normally gonna be slower than local storage, Id only go nas if you need multiple clients. Speed isn't what a nas is best at. Get a ssd in the laptop. It will make it so much faster, and will be cheaper than a nas too(and much faster)
  10. This depends on the model, but most premade nas boxes are using linux software raid Thats in Bytes. Some hdds can do about 250mB/s peak External ssd? Depending on the ssd, can easily hit 2gB/s, much faster than any home nas.
  11. get backups incase that happens. There are lots of ways a while raid array can die, so don't assume the raid is perfect. Most premade nas units use software raid on linux, and can be read on any linux pc. What external drives are you using? I have used many external drives that are extremly fast. For most workloads, a NAS isn't gonna be the fast solution. HDDs should be able to get about 150mB/s on sequentical speeds, so you either have a old hdd or fragmented one, or running a random workload.
  12. What do you no like about the iphones video quality? Id use the iphone here if you don't need anything special. Hard to beat for $200.
  13. your gonna want a router with support for multiple subnets. Something like a edge router is cheap and can do this. Or go unifi as you have other unifi stuff. Depending on how this is setup physically, you either need that main switch to support vlans, or to have a direct link from the rotuer to the Gramps and mayar3 zones.
  14. Id run this in a container or vm. Then the version the nas is running doesn't matter, and its much easier to migrate to anouther nas later on. Id just make one big raid volume in the nas. Id assume the new nas needs a new raid setup, some can use the same array, but its not always true. Why get a SSD? the speed won't matter in a nas as its gonna be network limited here anyways. You can use someting like lancache to cache downloads on the nas. Id keep the game installs off the nas though. Local ssds will be much faster and much less hass
  15. Id stop that rebuild now, and send it to data recovery, that could be rebuilding bad data. HOw much is that time worth? Id send it to the pros now if you don't want to rerip all the files. Won't be cheap, but gonna be your best hope now by far. Or make a image of all the drives now.