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  • CPU
    dual Xeon e5 2680 v2
  • Motherboard
    Intel s2600cp
  • RAM
    32GB DDR3R
  • GPU
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    Phantex enthoo pro
  • Storage
    4x 100GB SSDs + 6x 2TB HDDs
  • PSU
    850 EVGA g2
  • Cooling
    Deepcool IceBlade 200M
  • Operating System
    Fedora 29

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  1. Well your googled the max ram for the gpu, if you wanted to see the max ram for the laptop, id google the laptop model instead. If your goal is to play games, stay away from this gpu its pretty slow. Id probably get a laptop with the xe graphics or amd apu instead, or go to a gtx 1650 or above if you want better gaming performance.
  2. I think your confusing vram and system ram. You can have upto 4gb of vram with that gpu, but you can have as much system ram as you want.
  3. Yea those will work fien, and will run plex. You can'd do dvd ripping on a synology, you still need to use your pc for that. You can rip copyrighted dvds in handbrake with libdvdcss2.
  4. Yea those pending sectors are a bad sign, id strt looking at new drives.
  5. Well some of those slots are pci, so your not running a gpu on those. Your limite to 5 gpus. But they should work fine for mining. Might have some weird issues though with those x1 slots.
  6. Celerons, pentiums, and the i3 9100 support ecc on supported boards aswell. They also have low power xeons, basically rebranded xeons. Used parts are also a good idea here. But id probably drop ecc support for this system personally, likely won't matter here. But look around at what boards seem to support it. I have had good luck with asrock boards and ecc, so id give those a shot.
  7. check if you can get a sata 500gb in your budget, those would be nice, otherwise get the mp510
  8. thats gonna be a problem here, they don't support ecc. Either go ryzen 3 3100, or go with a pentium here. For home backups you probably don't need ecc. You gonna need unbuffered ecc dimms here. If you want full ecc support, get a fully supported platform, then you don't have to deal with these issues.
  9. Those temps shouldn't affect it. Where there background apps running, that might lower the clock.
  10. what re temps? But it doesn't seems tht off, there re. lot of factors, and that seems to be the expected all core turbo
  11. Can you run cables? you will get a much better experience? That distance is a good amount for most of those adapters, and your limited in terms of resolution and video is often compressed. Why not just make the desktop make less heat? or just remote into it over the network using something like parsec?
  12. How many is a lot? larger it suppliers have volume pricing oftem, but if this is a very large amount, talk to the manafacture.
  13. What size for both? Id aim for 500gb if you want a os and some games Id probably go corsair aswell, its a higherend drive.
  14. Are you running single or multithreaded cinebench? You will only hit that speed on single threaded workloades.
  15. software raid would be done in the os, so storage spaces in windows 10. Software raid is generally more fleable, about the same speed, and easier to move between system.