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  1. Its gonna limit your ram speed, but that shouldn't make a huge difference. But id save the money and get a 10400f here, much cheaper, not that much less performance.
  2. We don't know about future games and what hardware they will require. You look up past gpus to see how other generations have aged with new game. You can play current games at current settings as long as you want.
  3. Thats expected. Its showing it as a 2c 4t cpu due to how its layed out with modules, and the cores not really being full cores. Msconfig shows logical cores or threads, not hardware cores on the cpu.
  4. Normally a pc psu will only show continuous power, not peak in the ratings. The reddit post is about distribution amount the rails.
  5. What devices do you want to connect to each other? Do they need to access the internet outsite your home? well your could get anouther isp. But your gonna need a isp to connect to the internet. Also your isp limits your speed, so its really pay your isp more or find a different one.
  6. Any os should work here, so use what you like. Id probalby just use a linux distro like ubuntu as I like that but truenas gives you a nice web interface for it. Truenas doesnt really need any faster of hardware than other oses do. Id use software raid here.
  7. Reinstall windows and restore backups? You can copy the files off the drive if needed.
  8. You don't need a managed switch, but I like to get them as you newer know when you need the features. What switches are you looking at? Id probably get something from like mikrotik.
  9. the switch would handle all the traffic between devices on you lan in this setup, so the router won't affect the speed of lan transfers. Id just get a gigabit router unless you have over gigabit from your isp.
  10. Do you care about the bigger display, the extra ram and storage? Its really up to if you want the bigger screen and if you need the higher end specs(more ram, more store)
  11. HOw much space are you using? This really depends on how many files you have and where you put them(cloud/local/nas) Id probablly go with 256gb as a minimum, and go 500 if it isn't much more.
  12. Got a sounce on that, this reviews shows a pretty small slow down, and about the same as the 860 evo Id get the cheaper drive, but if there the same price, the sn550 is normally faster, and gives you the advantages of nvme like the lower cpu overhead.
  13. There about the same grade of drive, so id get what is cheaper, the data central drive really won't matter here But just keep an eye on the price, and buy it when they get cheap.
  14. fairly often, keep your eye out, normally at least every few months. I got a 14tb wd for $190
  15. The bigger ones do >10tb are the ones id get. THe 8tb and below are smr, and Id avoid them.
  16. When you open the game you get a launcher, click open, scroll down, then run benchmark
  17. Thats not really the scrub of death. Normally you want your backups in anouther location incase the server gets stolen, or destoryed. Those are barracudas and smr, id avoid those. Starting with a 8tb mirror and adding drives isn't a bay way to start.
  18. cause good bakcups protect you from much more, like user error, fires, theft. Redundancy still has issues as all the drives try to act as one, and something can easily take out the whole array. Its noramally not much of a hassle, Ive done it a good amount of times. Most servers don't have the 3v3 rail anyways, so that won't be a issues. How much space do you need? What server are you planning on using? Id set a goal size. Maybe something like 4 drive raid z1's and add more as needed.
  19. How many tb usable do you need? If you want cheaper drives id shuck externals, 12tb external hdds are about 200 now, and often go on sale. Id just get a few of those. If you want to keep your data safe id focus much more on backups than redundancy.
  20. Yea you can connect to multiple network with different adapters without a issue. The subnets have to be different, so it seems like your setup will work fine.
  21. Ive worked with a good amount of used drives, and there noramlly ok, but Id probably try to get fewer newer bigger drives. Then you use less power, and can use fewer bays, and cheaper chassis.
  22. Yea Id stay away from 10 and 15k drives these days. Its really up to how much you trust those used drives, they likely have a good amount of hours on them.
  23. You probably have internet over the coax then. Id probably try to use your own modem, but if you can't, setup the g1100 in bridge mode, and plug your routers wan port into the lan ports on the g1100
  24. How much are you getting 10/15k drives for? New pricing is about the same as ssds. And if your using 10/15k 3.5in hdds, there probably pretty old and I wouldn't trust them.
  25. the g1100 is connected to the ont via ethernet, they don't use coax for fios. The coax port is for Moca. But you can unplug it if you want. plug all the ethernet devices into your netgear rotuer.