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M.2 shows in bios but not windows.

Hey guys, having some problems installing win 10 to a new m.2 drive. Been searching for a fix for hours but no luck.


Basically the M.2 shows in the bios but in windows disk management it does not show. Also when removing all other drives and trying to install windows to the M.2, it does not show in the list of places to install, the list is blank...

Previous to going for a fresh install on the M.2 I had the drive installed as a storage drive while another standard SSD was my OS disk and it was working fine. 

I've tried a bunch of different bios settings but nothing will allow me to install to the drive or access it from windows. Infact it even shows in device manager but nothing is accessable on disk management.


Any ideas? Thanks.


i7 9700k

Asus Z390-E Gaming

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M.2 is the WD black SN750.

Update: So I changed the nvme settings in bios to auto, rather than pcie or data and windows detected the drive so I installed... comes to reboot to finish install and drive cannot be booted from. Still showing in bios but non-bootable.


So I put my sata ssd back in and greeted by a windows boot error... so I reinstall windows on that and now that drive can no longer be selected as boot drive. So now I have 2 drives with unfinished windows installations. Neither can be booted from after multiple attempts to reinstall. My computer is literally a brick right now.


Actually losing my mind. What the actual fuck.







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Update 2: Removed M.2, fresh install windows on sata ssd. Plugged M.2 back in and windows disk manager now recognises it as E drive and is perfectly fine to use for storage.


Changed some things in bios, enabled CSM when all solutions were saying to disable and now M.2 can be selected in install location for windows AND selected as a boot device BUT it cannot boot to finish installation on the windows install. It's basically an install loop.


I'm at a loss as to what I can even try now. Either snap this thing in half or refund. 



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