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Hello to all,

I guess I need some help in choosing between two laptops I found. I'll link the exact models with prices I'm able to get. I've watched reviews for both and still cant decide. If any of you have any insight please share it with me. If any of you have a better suggestion please keep in mind that laptop has to be available in Germany(shipping) or specifically Berlin(retail store). Thanks in advance.


Edit1: No more than 850 Euro

Asus TUF

Lenovo Idepad Gaming 3

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The Lenovo is cheaper and your getting double the RAM


Everything else is pretty much the same


No brainer


DESKTOP: CPU: i7 4790k @ 4.4GHz COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO GPU: RX Vega 56 MOBO: MSI Z97s Krait Edition RAM: 16GB 2400MHz (2x8 DDR3) PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G3 1000W 80+ Gold  STORAGE: 256Gb Samsung SM951 SSD + 250Gb Samsung 840 + 2Tb HGST 7200RPM CASE: AZZA Titan 240X DISPLAYS: Samsung U24E590D 2160p 60Hz + Acer ED242QR 1080p 144Hz OS: Windows 10 Pro x64


LAPTOP 1: MODEL: Dell G7 7790 CPU: i7 9750H GPU: RTX 2060 6GB RAM: 16GB 2400MHz (2x8GB DDR4) STORAGE: 512GB Toshiba NMVe SSD + 1TB TC Sunbow SSD DISPLAY: 1080p 144hz IPS OS: Windows 10 Pro x64


LAPTOP 2: MODEL: Asus GL503VM CPU: i5 7300HQ GPU: 1060 6GB RAM: 16GB 2400MHz (2x8GB DDR4) STORAGE: 256GB Samsung SM961 + 1TB SSD DISPLAY: 1080p 120hz overclocked to 131hz

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