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    I5 7600k @ 5.0
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    Asus Z270 Tuf Mark 2
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    1X8 GB Kingston Savage 3000 MHZ
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    GTX 1060 6GB Strix
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    DIY J21 W
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    500 GB Toshiba Harddrive
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    EVGA 650 Watts GS Fully modular
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    1 TV unknown brand but its 1080p 70HZ
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    Deepcool captain 120 EX white
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    Gamdias Ares GKC 6011 Mouse and keyboard come
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    cant you see above
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    Kotion Each GS410 Headphones with Mic
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    Windows 10 64 bit home
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  1. Its shit not working again I sent the laptop to the service center its still f*cked up
  2. no but like it used to be at 3.6ghz on all cores while under heavy load I got scores as good as the 7700k :( when i bought it new in july
  3. So after the reinstallation of drives I am able to get 4.1 ghz while idle but during the cinebench R15 it's going down to 2.9ghz which is weird as it never did something like that usually it stayed around 3.6-3.5 ghz I am getting worried might return this thing
  4. Bruh I saw that too on throttlestop although after I have reinstalled windows my processor is going upto 4ghz because it cleaned my C-drive and drivers I won't be updating armoury crate or any asus driver for now until they find a fix I wasted my whole night
  5. Idk bout this motherboard maybe try some asus tuf X570 and go for CL16 ram
  6. But the X series is much more reliable tbh and you can push to higher clockspeeds
  7. I saw a tutorial and I put it to the performance mode also in armoury crate I turned it to the turbo mode but it still wasn't getting better reinstalling windows rn :') I personally think it was because of new armoury crate update as there are many people going through with same issue who own the tuf fx505gt
  8. Go for a better motherboard from the X series of you desire to overclock that 3700x also faster ram 3600mhz should work fine rest looks pretty good
  9. Well I already bought it just in case I get broke enough to not build a PC and I will be pursuing Electrical and Electronic engineering so a decent machine was required but now this piece of $hit is growing on me I can you please help me out?
  10. Don't buy a laptop I am in misery cause of it
  11. Bro I am having the same issue with my tuf fx505gt I am seriously crying I think it's because of the armoury crate update
  12. I just hate how much trouble I have to go through because of this stupid laptop which I bought just because I will go to college next year should've built a gaming rig :))))
  13. Well when it used to work totally fine at 3.6ghz they used to be around 88 to 93 and now I tried to play valorant it was once working at 2.9ghz I got 84°C
  14. I like your choice in PSU you're a man of culture :')
  15. Hey so I have the Asus tuf fx505gt with gtx1650 and i5 9300h so suddenly after the new armoury crate update my laptop has started to act weird it usually gets stuck at 0.79ghz but then I researched a lil on YouTube I used the software throttle stop it was able to lock the clockspeed at 2.4ghz although that didn't work for a long time as it started to lag again and the clock speeds were from 0.79 to 1.25 my processor used to work at 3.6ghz under heavy load or long time gaming and it's dead af now I have put the windows to reset but idk if it will solve the issue help me out man I just started