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  1. Hello to all, I guess I need some help in choosing between two laptops I found. I'll link the exact models with prices I'm able to get. I've watched reviews for both and still cant decide. If any of you have any insight please share it with me. If any of you have a better suggestion please keep in mind that laptop has to be available in Germany(shipping) or specifically Berlin(retail store). Thanks in advance. Edit1: No more than 850 Euro Asus TUF Lenovo Idepad Gaming 3
  2. Fractal Design Meshify C - 90 AMD RYZEN 5 3600 - 180 EZDIY-FAB Dual Ring 3 fans 120mm x2 - 50 GIGABYTE B550 GAMING X - 140 Radeon RX 5700 - 350 HYPER 212 BLACK EDITION - 40 Trident Z RGB 16GB 3600 Mhz - 87 500gb M.2 NVE - 74 1TB SATA SSD - 140 PSU - 100 Total :1250 So something like this makes more sense?
  3. Budget (including currency): 1200usd Country: US I started picking components for the new build on NewEgg and Amazon with 1200$ max budget. I'll post the configuration and the prices I found. I would like to know if you are able to find better prices and most importantly, is there any incompatibility in the build. I picked the H510i specifically for side mounting of a graphics card. I'm a casual gamer so I really don't need max everything. Wanted a clean and good looking build with solid performance. If you have any comments and suggestions please do tell, thanks in advance.
  4. I used 21" 1080p monitor before and it was good enough. I really need more screen space for multiple tabs and I think UltraWide would be a good choice. Laptop screen is just to small. I have a small room and desk so I think a 29" wouldn't fit to well and it is a lot more expensive where I live.
  5. This is the monitor in question. https://www.amazon.com/LG-25UM58-P-25-Inch-21-UltraWide/dp/B01BV1XB2K
  6. Hi everyone, I intend to buy 2560x1080 25" ultra wide(21:9) monitor mostly for coding and watching youtube/movies/netflix etc. It has 60Hz refresh rate and I really don't need it for gaming. I just play LOL sometimes. I will probably buy a pc in 1-2 years and I will use it with this monitor. I have a laptop with i5 6300HQ and gtx960m. Will my laptop have troubles running this monitor at said resolution?
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. Just to throw this in: http://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-25UM58-P-ultrawide-monitor What do you think about this, is it a good choice considering what I said? Never had any experience with ultra wide monitors.
  8. I really dont care about refresh rate so much. 60Hz is enough for me at this point. I dont do a lot of gaming and 140hz monitors are a lot more expensive than 60-75Hz ones. My laptop has gtx 960m so I think it can handle 1440p.
  9. Hi guys, I want to buy a monitor and I was wondering what size to buy. I need it to connect to my laptop, not pc, but I intend to buy pc in near future(1-2 years). I want a 1080p monitor, with IPS panel, hdmi(DP optionally for future pc). I am I software engineer(still studying) so I really need more space than 15" laptop screen offers and I also watch a lot of 'HD' content on yt/netflix etc etc. My dilemma is between 23"-25" and 27". Just wanted to know if 27" is too much screen for 1920x1080 resolution and If i choose 27" should I go with 1440p(It is a 25-40% more expensive than 1080p wher
  10. I found out that my laptop has 2.0 hdmi but I read somewhere that a Dell laptop with same cpu and gpu somehow can't output 4k @60hz but only @30. This is a ss from the forum,what do you guys think of it?
  11. How do I find out if my laptop has 2.0 hdmi output?
  12. Just a quick digression. I have a laptop with: HP 820D (U3E1) motherboard i5 6300HQ 8gb of ram gtx 960m I was wondering if it is possible to output 4k to external monitor?
  13. So you can stream 4k without dedicated gpu, didn't know that. I kind of think that dual core and internal(cpu graphics?) would be insufficient in a 1 or 2 years so something with a quad core and gpu maybe? Ssd(128gb) would be nice addition also.
  14. I don't want to sound stupid but this was more a hypothetical question rather than me wanting to buy pc soon. I'm interested in a "general" price for something like this. I live in Europe but my county is not in the EU. Prices here are bullshit and everything tech related is pretty much overpriced so I would buy components in some EU country.
  15. Just u quick disclaimer,I'm new to the forum so there is a high chance that I will make a mistake by posting this here(general) or do something else wrong and English is not my mother tongue, so keep that in mind please, thanks. I was wondering,what would be the "best budget" build for a 4k capable pc. The main purpose would be 4k media streaming(so decent fps I guess) along with programming(university level and beyond afterwards). I don't play games at all so I really don't need 4k gaming experience for this build. So the question is, for how much money can you find a motherboard(with ssd