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    8GB of whatever cheap DDR3 there was
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    970 3.4 gigs
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    stock intel cooler. Who do you think I am? Linus?
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    The grave mistake called MK750
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    The amazing choice of G502 PS

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  1. It'll probably hold, but don't worry about it. SLI is as good as dead.
  2. The cheaper one. You really don't need anything fancy for an HTPC, or for most common use cases, actually...
  3. You shouldn't buy an external SSD either. You should just have two HDDs in raid 1 in your existing PC, and that's it. Linus has a pretty good video on what it means. Honestly though, cloud backup is pretty good and convenient, if you don't feel like the hassle
  4. Maybe the issue is the size of the laptop? We own an hp x360 15", and even with my giant hands my wrists still rest on the metal, nowhere near the edge.
  5. What do you mean? that cable management is fantastic. Maybe I'd take off a few points because that SSD isn't double-sided taped to anything. Otherwise, immaculate.
  6. Maybe things changed when I wasn't hardcore into PC's for the past two years, but in 2018 the consensus was that the motherboard really doesn't impact performance, and you only needed fancy VRMs if you really cared about overclocking or had a very high end system. I'd love to be corrected though.
  7. This is nice! GTX980Ti, unreasonably strong PSU, early age AIO water cooling. I think a fun practice would be to take everything out, clean it (ofc) and reassemble it nicely. Maybe even get a new case if you are feeling like it.
  8. Hmm. It's a bit problematic to buy a computer that will have Photoshop and games with only 500 gigs of storage. NVMe isn't that necessary, Switch to a more generic 2.5'' SSD with 1 TB (could be like 10-$20 more, but definitely worth it.) Kill the fans, and maybe get a cheaper mother board (they don't really impact performance that much). I think that with that you can fit a 3070 in your budget, which is a way better value than the 5700.
  9. How complicated do you want it to be? What's the design part of the system? From what I gather, you are just building a PC. Are you designing your own case? Maybe you can help me figure out what you are looking for.
  10. If you're going all out on the motherboard, wouldn't you want pci-e 4? You could get it on ryzen. Linus has in his current build an amd motherboard that has thunderbolt. Maybe someone sharper than me remembers what it is.
  11. The cheap keys are usually from the grey market. Unused oem licenses from cheaper countries and such. If you don't feel comfortable with doing so, you're welcome to buy the full licence. It's always 99$, unless the box itself is on sale somewhere. As far as I know, you can't get a virus from an oem key. So even if you buy it on eBay (and use PayPal for security), and it doesn't work, you're only out 3$. Imo, the only reason not to do it is moral. And I think you can guess what I think.
  12. Honestly, you don't really have much to upgrade for. You already have one of the best CPUs, even if there are some that are slightly better. If you have a hole burning in your pocket, or you found a good way to flip the i9, you may be able to get a maybe noticeable performance bump. That's just how CPUs are - you don't need to upgrade every generation.
  13. Alright. I should wait. I should not buy it right away. Wait a year, right? Save some money, wait for the prices to go down? I mean, you will have to buy essentially a new computer - everything but the case and PSU. Your ancient i5 won't support it. Just wait and save up a bit. You aren't exactly making big money now either.... But we wants it... Yes... Give us the precious...
  14. I have the mx master, and I love it, but I never had a good gaming experience with it. I'm not exactly a mouse connoisseur either. It's the best productivity mouse by far and it's one of the most premium feeling devices I own, but for gaming, I'd recommend the logitech g502. Doesn't have to be the latest one, you can also go for the proteus spectrum, which was like, 40$ refurbished two years ago.