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I'm in need of some help finding a good backup solution for my homelab. Currently I'm running a TrueNAS Core server with about 10 TB of backup storage available. I used to backup my Windows machines using Acronis True Image, however I want to get away from running the backup directly on the workstations and move that workload to the server if I can. So, a server to client approach would be nice, tell me if I'm crazy for wanting this in my home lab.


Currently, I have one Windows 10 workstation, one Linux workstation that is being used as a Minecraft server, and a VM running Linux for my NextCloud environment and a Jail for Plex. I do plan to be adding more VM's and Jails as I get the priority services up and running in my homelab. I primarily like to use Ubuntu as my Linux server of choice if that helps sway the thought process.


I've looked into different solutions such as running VEEAM on a Windows server 2019 VM in TrueNAS, however VEEAM must not like the bhyve environment because it will always fail during the SQL install and I can't figure out why. I've looked into the Asigra plugin and simply didn't like it because it felt unintuitive and the fact that it was using Java, no thank you. I've looked at some of the other backup plugins in TrueNAS and wasn't really impressed, but maybe that's what you get with free?


If anyone has any sort of suggestions or can point me in the right direction on how I can approach backing up all of my servers and workstations to my NAS, would be greatly appreciated. In the end, if it makes more sense to just run backup software on the workstations and servers themselves then what kind of good Linux back solutions are out there that I could use?



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What are the vms running in? Are you using hyper -v?


HOw about running veeam as a vm on the host, and then just backing up to the TruNAS box using the nfs/cifs share?

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