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Odds and sods Nothing rgb

so i have an rgb link listing so were do i post things that are non rgb and are also coo well here.

Links may disappear as produces get unlisted and re listed or discontinued.

Prices are not linked at its lowest price so look around the net.

Plz note that not all  combos are listed. so do some research.



Prolimatech PRO-GNSS-BK Genesis Black CPU Cooler for 120mm and 140mm Fans





usb to Ethernet (downloadable windows 98se driver)




test bench




cool case idea


Robin III Gaming Computer PC Case


JXSZ 5.25" Cooling Metal Fan Mount


darkFlash Phantom


SilverStone Technology Raven X


Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M


Segotep Prime M N3


Segotep Black Typhon




Generic 011 rip off case


Generic 011 rip off case 1st Player Steampunk SP8


xigmatek Aquarius 011 case rip off


Antec  P120 Crystal xase


RAIJINTEK 0R200053 THETIS Midi-Tower Computer Case


JONSBO UMX4 Window Version Black


Custom Computer Fan Hole Template


ARCTIC P8 PWM PST (80mm fan)


pci 2x120mm fan mount


3d print pci 80mm fan bracket


Vertical gpu mount:

EZDIY-FAB Multi-Angle Adjustment Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket


4 slot gpu Vertical mount #1


4 slot gpu Vertical mount #2


EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics v2 with cable


Mnpctech Stage 1 Vertical Video Card GPU Mounting Bracket (120mm mount)


Mnpctech Stage 2 Vertical Video Card GPU Mounting Bracket (120mm mount with stand offs)


Mnpctech Small Vertical Video Card GPU Mounting Bracket


Mountain Mods 2 PCI Modular IO bracket


Graphics Card Vertical Stand Holder


DIY Metal Graphics Card Bracket Riser Fixed Vertical


diy metal gpu bracket


deepcool gpu riser cable with standoffs


Water cooling:

d5 Water Cooling Pump Cover


M.2 Liquid SSD Cooler


240/360mm Radiator wall mount


Fan Bracket Radiator Mounting


Fan Conversion Adapter Bracket

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1 hour ago, Mnpctech said:

Hi @thrasher_565, the Mnpctech Vertical Brackets are actually 120mm, not 140mm


I appreciate referral. If you or anyone here needs anything, use my voucher code, MNFAN for 15% off your order in our PC Case Mod Store  

ok thx ya the info on was it a 140 or 120 was not clear i was thinking maybe both. i think this is what threw me off *Vertical GPU Mounting Bracket requires cutting hole in your 140 or 120mm fan grill or your PC chassis for the monitor cable(s).

Edited by thrasher_565
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