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ODDS and SODS Anything Rgb,ARGB


so im making a post were weird or odd argb or rgb stuff is linked. could be cables, controllers, fans, or w/e that looks cool.

Links may disappear as produces get unlisted and re listed or discontinued.

Prices are not linked at its lowest price so look around the net.

Plz note that not all fan / controllers combos are listed more of a what controller to look for same gos with everything els. so do some research.


my guide to rgb

guide 2

strip guide

rgb chips jargen...


EZDIY-FAB RGB Convertor 12V RGB mb to 5V ARGB device


Solarity Tech ArrRGB DAC converts cosarsair/thermaltake 5v argb to 12v rgb device


gamer storm Deepcool Convertor 12V RGB mb to 5V ARGB device


ARCTIC A-RGB Controller (argb device to argb/rgb?)


uphere RGB to ARGB convertor 12v RGB mb to 5v ARGB device



5v ARGB cables:

Lian Li Strimer 8 and 24 pin 5v ARGB psu extension


XPG ARGB 8PIN/24pin cable


EZDIY-FAB White PSU Extension Sleeve Cable with 5v ARGB Cable Combs 24,6+2,4+4 pin


Moddiy Gigabyte Fusion 5v ARGB 3pin (VDG)(aka 3pin DuPont) to 5v ARGB Male Cable


Generic Gigabyte Fusion 5v ARGB 3pin (VDG)(aka 3pin dupunt) to 5v ARGB Male Cable


Gigabyte Fusion 5v ARGB 3pin (VDG)(aka 3pin dupunt) to 5v ARGB Jst-sm Female Cable


5v ARGB to Jst-sm female cable


Moddiy 5v ARGB to Mini 6 pin (6pin jst-_ _ of some sort)


Solarity Tech Corsair 5v ARGB Lighting Channel to NZXT Aer 5v ARGB Fan cable


Phanteks jst-sm 5v ARgb 3pin male to 2x jst-sm 5v ARgb 3pin female (jsy-sm spliter)


5v argb and 12v Rgb to 1-5 female or male Jst-sm cable


2x strips + 5v argb jst-sm to 5V ARGB + Jst-sm extension + Gigabit Vdg to jst-sm?


12V Rgb Cables:
Phobya 12v RGB 4-Pin Extension 150cm Black Cable


12v RGB 4-Pin to solder black cable


Moddiy 12v RGB to male Lcr1.0 4pin Fan connector (Barrow 3pin ARGB) Do not connector to mb fan header!


Moddiy 12v RGB to Female Lcr1.0 4pin Fan connector (Barrow 3pin ARGB) Do not connector to mb fan header!


12v 5pin RGBW extension cable whight


50pc 5pin male to male RGBW connectors


Phanteks 12v Rgb 4pin to jst-sm 4pin male and female



Pilot Electronics Audio 3.5mm orange led cable


5pin internal usb 2.0 Male to usb 2.0 Male


5v ARGB Fans:

SilverStone Technology SST-FG142 140mm Computer Fan Grill/Guard with Individual Addressable RGB Lighting


anidees AI Aureola Duo 80mm  fan 3pcs 5v ARGB


ARGB Anidees Graphic Card Cooler 3 x80mm PWM Fan


jmmods 92mm 200mm 140mm 5v ARGB fan grill


Phanteks Halos 140mm Digital 5v Argb Fan Frame (jst-sm 3pin)


EZDIY-FAB 120mm 5v ARGB Fan Frame




CR1400 cpu argb cooler with 92mm Argb fan


Alphacool Eiszyklon Aurora LUX Argb(92x92x25mm)


Silverstone Shark Force 160 ARGB


upHere D96C CPU Air


SilverStone Technology Air Slimmer 90 ARGB


ID-COOLING NO-9215-XT ARGB Case Fan 15mm


Awesomeonei NO.12015 ARGB Case Fan


12v RGB Fans:


SilverStone Technology 140mm RGB LED Fan Guard/Grill


SilverStone Technology 120mm RGB LED Fan Guard


Coolermaster MasterAir G200P 12v RGB 92mm fan + low pro heatsink


Scythe Kaze Flex 92mm Slim RGB


Scythe Kaze Flex 92mm RGB


Phanteks  Halos 140mm 12v RGB High Density (jst-sm 4pin)


Black Raspberry Pi 40mm argb fan (non controllable)


Clear Raspberry Pi 40mm argb fan (non controllable)


fans only Clear Raspberry Pi 40mm argb fan (non controllable)


fans only Clear Raspberry Pi 40mm argb fan (non controllable) 2


fans only Clear Raspberry Pi 40mm argb fan (non controllable) 3


fans only Clear Raspberry Pi 40mm argb fan (non controllable)4 pwm


WINSINN 25mm argb flash Fan 12V (non controllable) 


WINSINN 30mm argb flash Fan 5V (non controllable) 


ABKONCORE CPU Cooler with 92mm  PWM (non controllable)

12vRGB/5vARGB Controllers:



ARGB Aquacomputer RGBpx Splitty4 4xCorsairfans 1x nzxt


Aquacomputer RGBpx Adapter For Connecting RGBpx Components To Motherboard Headers

Aquacomputer RGBpx Adapter For Components With Motherboard Header

ARGB Aquacomputer Farbwerk Nano (Internal)

ARGB Aquacomputer Farbwerk Nano (External)

ARGB Aquacomputer Farbwerk 360


ARGB Aquacomputer Farbwerk 360 v2 (with 4 standerd argb conetors)


ARGB aquacomputer OCTO fan controller for PWM fans

ARGB Corsair Commander Pro


ARGB Commander CORE RGB & PWM Fan Controller


ARGB CORSAIR Commander CORE XT controller

ARGB Corsair Node Pro



ARGB Corsair iCUE SP140 with Lighting Node Core (hub and node in one) (controller)


ARGB ASUS Addressable RGB Controller with Four-Ports Aura Sync Software

ARGB Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 RGB 120mm Software Enabled Circular 9 Controllable LEDs Triple Pack

ARGB TT Sync Controller TT Premium Edition



ARGB Ek loop DC do not buy


ARGB Airgoo Computer Fan Controller Commander - Speed Adjustable 3-pin or 4-pin fan - Include Strip PC Software


ARGB Zalman Z SYNC, ARGB Controller Do not buy


ARGB Razer Chroma Addressable RGB Controller


Argb Lian-Li UNI controller SL (older)


ARGB Lian Li UNI controller AL


ARGB Airgoo (commander) controller (not worth the price imo at $65 can...)


ARGB Cooler Master Addressable Gen 2 controller



RGB Aquacomputer  aquaero 6 PRO 5.25 bay

RGB Aquacomputer aquaero 6 PRO 5.25 bay silver

RGB aquaero 6 XT Black/Blue 5.25 bay

RGB aquaero 6 XT Black/red 5.25 bay

RGB Aquacomputer aquaero 6 LT

RGB Aquacomputer aquaero 5 LT


RGB Aquacomputer RGB Splitty3

RGB Aquacomputer farbwerk USB

RGB Aquacomputer Farbwerk LED Controller USB | Bluetooth Version


RGB Thermaltake  GB Tt Premium Edition 140mm Software Enabled Circular RGB Led Ring


RGB Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120   (controller)


Both 12v rgb 5v Argb:

RGB ARGB Lamptron SM436 PCI RGB and Addressable RGB Fan and LED Controller (Silver)

RGB ARGB Lamptron SM436 PCI RGB and Addressable RGB Fan and LED Controller (black)

RGB ARGB Lamptron CE420 RGB Fan and Light Controller with Touch Screen and Remote


Coolermaster is crap! but they have both rgb and Argb Software Enabled controllers (controller)


SD rgb/argb controllers:

Addressable Programmable K-1000C(T-1000S Updated) Controller with SD Card (dont recommend them as the software is junky,may contane viruses, no guides)


NZXT Cable Comb hue 2


EZDIY-FAB RGB Cable Combs-2X 24-Pin and 6X 8-Pin


jmmods Rgb, argb 4way


Phanteks NEON 5v ARGB  Strip (jst-sm)


ARGB 5V width 4mm 5mm 7mm LED Pixel Strip WS2812B narrow width WS2812 3535 5050


Alphacool Aurora Rigid Digital RGB LED Strip (2.5mm Width) 2pcs - 40cm


Darkside 12" Ultra Thin Rigid RGB LED Strip - ModMyMods Exclusive (DS-Mini-RGB)


5050 argb single


rgb strip channel defuses


RGB ARGB Powered Hub:

sata 5v argb hub


Lamptron SP103 SYNC 10-Way 12V 4pin RGB Hub, Compatible with ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light


Lamptron SP101 10-Way 5V Digital Addressable RGB Hub (Black)


Psu Argb grill


jmmods SSD cover Argb


Vantec M.2 NVMe PCIe x4 Adapter with ARGB


jmmods Gpu Argb backplate


5V 3pin ARGB Graphics Card vertical conversion bracket


ARGB EZDIY-FAB Vertical Graphics Card Holder Bracket black


Alphacool HardTube 16mm RGB Modding LEDs

XSPC 5V 3Pin aRGB LED Blank G1/4" Plug, Matte Black


XSPC 5V 3Pin aRGB LED Blank G1/4" Plug, Black Chrom


Soft Tube ARGB Vest


Corsair Dominator Platinum Airflow RGB LED Memory Fan Cooling


Thermaltake Waterram RGB cover


rgb switch


freezer rgb strip for cpu block


CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO Light Enhancement Kit (Memory not Included) – Black


Aquacomputer RGBpx PCI Slot


Corsair [QL/ML/LL/SP/HD] ARGB fan lighting hub


ARGB ATX PC Case Motherboard Backplate 5V 3Pin



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I have dyslexia plz be kind to me. dont like my post dont read it or respond thx

also i edit post alot because you no why...

Thrasher_565 hub links build logs

Corsair Lian Li Bykski Barrow thermaltake nzxt aquacomputer 5v argb pin out guide + argb info

5v device to 12v mb header

Odds and Sods Argb Rgb Links


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