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  1. so if your mining imo moding the gpu cooler and adding a pc fan to it would be better and you can preserve the gpu fan when you go an sell it. be quieter, cooler. but it would depend on your gpu and how complicated the heat sink is. i added 120mm fan to rx 470 but the original fans were broken because of mining but the heat sink was easy to take apart.
  2. so im watching j2cents rtfm shown and they talk abit about rgb and brought up some good points on why company's have different convectors for there rgb stuff its because of warranty. if you plug something els not corsair on the there controller and fry it they dont want to be held responsible for it. and to market adapters and stuff.
  3. well lookes like thows might be remote controllers? that canb hook stadnerd 3pin, corsair, and jst-sm fans to it for the 5v 3pin argb one. same for the 4pin 12v one but for rgb. no idea what the case fans connector on them look like if they match it should work if not then you need an adapter and make your own.
  4. ammazon open box you can get deals but you will have to look for em every day...
  5. Phanteks Enthoo 719 can do 2 but not the Phanteks P500a or at lest not stock. you can mod it your own and mount an itx in there. Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 can do it as well https://www.amazon.ca/Phanteks-PH-ITXKT_R01-Upgrade-Chassis-Compatible/dp/B07M8YYQCB/ref=sr_1_106?dchild=1&keywords=Phanteks+P500a&qid=1618199195&sr=8-106
  6. btx only supports btx mb eatx mb may or many not fit and if it dose it might not have all the screws mounted on the left side still can be use just got to be car full putting in the 24pin and ram.
  7. not true weather they work nor not i dont no but to say the dont exist is not true. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/PCI-Express-PCIE-To-PCI-Adapter-Card-Asmedia-1083-Chip-Riser-Extender-32bit/224419404156?hash=item344070597c:g:XowAAOSwm8teggwO https://www.ebay.ca/itm/PCI-Express-PCI-e-to-PCI-Adapter-Card-PCIe-to-Dual-PCI-Expansion-Card-USB-3-0/383647797022?hash=item595330cf1e:g:O~kAAOSw0kxfGdIM https://www.ebay.ca/itm/PCI-to-PCI-Express-x16-Conversion-Card-PCI-E-Bridge-Expansion-Card-PXE8112/193390728838?hash=item2d06fc5686:g:IF0AAOSwZ2ledczJ https://www.ebay.c
  8. cheap case use the thub screws the more expensive case have hinged side panels
  9. sime cheap led/rgb fans use the fan power to light it up and the light cant be changed. so you would have do find were the leds attach to the fan power and disconnected it.
  10. they would have to be probably acrylic and some how shine the led at it. most cases now dont have much thumb screws.
  11. i haven't looked in to it but there links to 2 somewhere might be more too i dont no Corsair Lian Li Bykski Barrow thermaltake nzxt aquacomputer 5v argb pin out guide + argb info
  12. no thats normal this guy buy and tests some of em https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj9IJ2QvygoBJKSOnUgXIRA
  13. ya that's probably about right the i7-4960X would off better multi core and ram speeds but the i74790k is faster quad core.
  14. x79 is the last of xp but you can probably install xp on anything. and a gtx 970 is the last official drivers for xp but there are un official drivers as well. but if the pc is too fast you most like will want to play it on an new pc any way. on;y real reason to make an xp pc is to play slower games and older dx or games that will only work on xp. i just build an 98se build and well i dont think it went well other warned me about it but i did it anyway... another thing is different gpus can do different games and an old gpu may run and make the game look better then the fastest gpu
  15. 5v device to 12v mb header
  16. i watched a bit of the video and safe to say its hooked up to icue. since hes using corsair fans, corsair cpu water block, corsair gpu block, corsair case, corsair ram... he also is showing footage from other rgb builds you tubers do this they read a script and put w/e footage over it even thow its not what they may be talking about.