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Sharing raw video content to clients

Hello everyone,


I have a question which is, what program or software do video editors use to send videos to their clients and back?


For example, I was hired to edit some YouTube videos for a client (overseas). What would be the best method for both of us to use that won't affect losing video quality and so on? Is google drive the best option to use so far?


I would like to know your opinions about this. 




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I ususally go to the place with an external SSD, (400mb/s) transfer, as my internet is slow, it would take ages to download the 300gb of footage, otherways use whatever has enough storage for you and you like to use.

Make sure to use a file sharing platform, not a video sharing platform, as they tend to compress the footage.

EG use Google Drive, not Youtube


Mega.nz, Google Drive, Onedrive are all good options, but require buying the premium account for large files.


But with google drive you can do so that the client uploads the footage into your google drive, so it doesn't use up their space, and they can just use the free account.

I only see your reply if you @ me.

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