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building my first pc - need feedback

Hello guys and girls, i have been a big fan of LTT for a while now, and i have decided to build my first pc. But since it is my first build, i can really use some help, feedback, tips,...

Below you can see what i am aiming for.


1. Budget & Location

- i am from belgium so the currency is euro
- my budget is around €1500-2000 (case, motherboard, ram,...  everything) (since it is my first build, i have to buy everything new, i can not reuse older stuff)

2. Aim

- gaming: assassins creed, steep, need for speed, grid, tom clancy,... (so most of all story, racing and shooters)
- cad drawing: autocad, revit

- some office work: internet, word, excell,...

3. Monitors

- i don't have a monitor, so i can really use some help here
- i would like an ultrawide

- the monitor is not calculated in de overall budget of the build, because i dont know what kind of budget i need for this (but certainly not more then €1000)

4. Peripherals

- i have been using laptops for the past 10 years, so i can really use a keyboard and mouse

- os will be windows 10 home

- office will be office 2019 home & student

5. Why are you upgrading?

- i want a good gaming pc, because gaming on my laptop is not that great

6. part selection


7. Summary

- €1500-200 for everything (except monitor)

- starting from zero

- a recommendation for an ultrawide monitor

- feedback on my partsselection

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