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    I peeled a Banana once..
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    X470 Crosshair VII (Wi-Fi)
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    FlareX 3400c14
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    Asus Strix Vega 56
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    Phanteks Entho Pro M
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    500gb 970 EVO M.2 / 512gb SATA SSD
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    EVGA G3 650 Gold
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    32" 4k Acer
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    Corsair K55
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    Logitech G602
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. RAM, temps, PBO, etc.. Can all effect its performance. Set a custom fan curve. Voltage is higher when idle, nothing to worry about..
  2. 3700X is a great choice, too, if you're worried about money.. 3800X won't be noticeably better..
  3. I had mine in the top slot (same board) and performance was as expected (SX8200 PRO 1TB)..
  4. Edits registry to increase power/frequency limits imposed by AMD.. For instance I think the most power you can add to stock is +20, after PPT (power play tables) you can +99 power limit. I also don't think you can go to 1300MHz on the memory without it.. I used this one (scroll down until you see quoted text below).. Hellm I think created these ones and they work very well..
  5. My R7 could run 2100MHz+ core and 1300MHz memory playing Apex and CSGO.. I didn't really test many games but I never saw a problem unless I dropped voltage too low.. I used a Bykski waterblock and power play tables on mine..
  6. 3700X + 5700XT.. I had a 9700K and 2080 and I like my 3800X and Radeon VII build more.. I also like AMD Radeon settings A LOT more than Nvidias.. I see absolutely no point in buying Intel right now unless you need iGPU or have a specific software that benefits from Intel CPUs..
  7. I had both of those and like the MEG ACE more..
  8. Whether the preformance is worth it FOR YOUR, is different from person to person.. I like getting the absolute most out of my system so I would personally get samsung b die DDR4 at either 3200c14 or 3600c16 and overclock it to create a decent balance between frequency and timings.. If I was building a new Ryzen system on a budget I would aim for 3600MHz frequency for RAM. Then depending on budget I would look for the best timings that I can afford.. You have to consider the fact that you can usually lower the timings as well.. So if you get a 3600 c17/18 kit you can probably lower
  9. Increase voltage and/or power all the way and increase frequency/memory little by little and run benchmarks until it crashes.. When it crashes turn it down a little and try again until you're stable. In case your PC turns off make sure you somehow record/remember your adjustments.
  10. The formula is a joke. They took the Hero and put a waterblock on the VRMs and gave you a piece of shit LCD (LED?) screen that you don't need for an extra $300+!!! The only boards I'd consider at that price bracket are the Godlike and Aorus Extreme.. I had the VIII Hero but switched up to the MEG ACE and am super happy!
  11. That's not an NVMe, it's just an SSD with the M.2 form factor.. They are both called M.2 drives but can either be regular SSD or NVMe.. NVMe drives should say NVMe or PCIe 3.0 x 4 (or 2). The read and write speeds will also be above 1000 mb/s.. My SX8200 Pro advertises 3500/3000 MB/s while the SSD variant of the M.2 form factor is about the same speed as is 2.5" variant..
  12. My 3800X boosts to 4.4GHz while playing Apex.. For gaming, I would not use a manual OC.. I mean I can OC manually for 4.4 but that's as high as I can currently go and then I lose my boosting to 4.5GHz for lighter tasks.. Trade off isn't worth it I don't think.. I haven't really looked at benchmarks lately but I'm pretty sure you should be able to boost higher than 4.2 while gaming..
  13. Overclocking the 3900X to 4.2, IMO, is pointless and may only see improved results during benchmarks but the opposite in real life tasks.