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How can i replace the MX Switch on my CM Masterkeys Pro L?


The Keyboard (same thing, but with MX Blues instead)- https://www.amazon.ca/MasterKeys-Mechanical-Keyboard-Intelligent-Switches/dp/B01ITE93OM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1544984507&sr=8-1&keywords=cooler+master+masterkeys+pro+l+white


Hello There!


I just noticed that a key on my Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L keyboard is not moving up and down freely, the click of the MX Blue is completely gone and after cleaning it with air can and trying other methods i have decided to replace it on my own. (Yes, it's out of warranty).


The keyboard is the non RGB version, it has white led's. I just wanted to know how i can prepare to replace the damaged key on my keyboard? 

Please give me the list of all the parts and tools i need! It will be really helpful!


Thanks for taking your precious time to help me! :)


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Just whatever you need to disassemble the keyboard, a soldering iron, a replacement switch and possibly a replacement 3mm LED. 

Disassemble the keyboard, get access to the back of the PCB, desolder the LED and the switch, remove the LED, then the switch. Then just add the new switch, solder it on, and undo the previous steps. 


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