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  1. I´ve tested right now and my TV only blinks ( it doesn´t artifact) Yes , i guess it may be the monitor I´m going to use until it fails since i don´t have warranty anymore Thanks
  2. I still have warranty for my GPU but it is a hard situation since it works really good outside of this bug I´ve ran intense benchmarks and it is always stable Tried aida , occt , heaven , 3dmark , firemark , cinebench Almost all benchmarks available (most demanding ones) and it never fails My monitor doesn´t have warranty anymore but i still don´t know Not sure if it is worth replacing the gpu Thank you
  3. I don´t really mind , i´m worried if there is something wrong My monitor was already replaced due to dead pixels but i´ve never seen this before because i´ve always used my PC connected through the tv and the monitor and the TV was always the primary screen so i´ve never saw this before I´m seeing this now because i´ve changed my PC to another room and i´ve only connected the monitor Also , if i enable csm the issue stops ( both legacy and uefi support) I don´t know what else to try Already tried hdmi , dvi differente cables , fresh install with latest drivers Th
  4. bump , anyone knows what could be it? Thank you
  5. I´ve tested my monitor at 50hz (as well as 59.40hz) and the issue doesn´t appear Could it be my monitor? Thank you
  6. Sorry what is tdr also? What kind of error should i expect in the even viewer? I have 8 PerfDiag logger errors idk if this is it Thank you
  7. The windows dot doesn´t last as long as the video I don´t get any artifacts in whe login screen also It is very fast , between the transition from the red dots to the login screen Some people say that it could be my monitor? Since this doesn´t happen on my TV connected through hdmi at all But i´ve tested my monitor with a hdmi cable and the issue still persists ( i have artifacts with both hdmi and dvi cables) Thank you
  8. I´ve tried a hdmi cable and the same issue persists But this doesn´t happen on my tv connected through hdmi
  9. I would rma if there is something wrong Can monitors cause artifacts? It is weird because these artifacts doesn´t happen anywhere else , even heavy benchmarks doesn´t
  10. Hello I´m having a strange issue When turning on or restarting the computer , i get a flash of artifacts ( it is the same always) that is very fast and then it stops It is like 1 frame , it is very fast Playing games or using the PC this doesn´t happen at all I have a galax 1060 6gb and the latest drivers No OC Is it normal or is there a problem? I ran most of the benchmarks available ( heaven , occt , aida) and no issues ( bsods , freezes) I´ve wanted to know if this is a problem or a glitch I´m using windows 10 This doesn´t happen when g
  11. I´ve just plugged and it worked It came with a cd for the drivers but this is only if it doesn´t work These csr dongles are always generic too but this one is working fine during gameplay No bsods or hard crash , just ctd
  12. Hello I´ve been having some CTD during games that didn´t happen before buying a bluetooth dongle 4.0 It is a csr one and i use it to play with a dualshock 4 wireless I don´t know if this is coincidence or if the dongle can cause issues I´m using steam native dualshock support , no third party programs So can it cause instability or it is just coincidence? The dongle itself works fine Thanks
  13. Hello I currenlty own a crucial 2666mhz 1x8gb 16 18 18 1.2v I´m searching for another stick and i´ve found a hyperx The new stick has the same voltage and timings as well as frequency ( both 8gb too) The site does not listen the rest of the timings but it says that the hyperx is cl 16 Will they work fine or am i prone to instability? I plan to run them on stock settings My motherboard is a tuf b360 gaming plus I could not find another crucial so i´ve found this one instead Is there something else i´m missing or this will work fine? Thanks
  14. Matpc

    HDMI issue

    I don´t have this tool to test But i remember that the sparks were very very minor Depending on the angle you look you couldn´t even see it Everything is working fine but i´m worried if it damaged something It is like this video here